Wedding Photographer Or Do I need a second to the wedding photographer?

wedding celebration, as we know from practice, can not only be modest in its scope, but also very broad.And in this particular case, a wedding photographer can not physically handle.However, there may be also cases where even a very broad second wedding wedding photographer simply do not need.

But the young couple must decide: whether to attend the wedding of their second wedding photographer or not.Let us try to understand this.

Charges the bride and groom.
second wedding photographer may be required if the couple have the desire to capture charges not only the bride, but the groom.Typically, these two processes occur simultaneously.Accordingly, wedding photographer , which is not endowed with a special module presence in two places at once, alone with this problem simply can not cope.

If the couple is ready to take a picture only limited duties of the bride, one wedding photographer is quite cope.

Vanity of vanities.
Sometimes, even if limited to a young couple taking a picture of the brid

e only charges one wedding photographer can not always cope.This is due to the fact that the bride is brought into a must for the bride form create a beautiful wedding hairstyle, clothes in a wedding dress, made a beautiful face even more beautiful with the help of make-up, posing next to a friend, etc.etc., at the same moment in time happens entrance decoration, wedding car decoration, the arrival of new guests and so on.If these points are important for taking pictures, then the second wedding photographer is that magic wand that can receive data frames miraculous moments of celebration.

guests left, the young right.
very common case of when the wedding the newlyweds walk away behind the scenes.Wedding photographer retreats for taking pictures with the newlyweds and guests remain when the couple returned - a holiday already being celebrated without them.And this festival remains behind the scenes.

second wedding photographer can capture the guests and their festivals, when the couple retired a walk to take pictures.

Latitude celebration.
assume that marriage, or rather its celebration in a restaurant, promises to be extensive both in its program, and the number of invited guests.In this case, a wedding photographer, busy photographing everything that happens with married couples may not be able to capture everything that happens with the guests.In this case - the second wedding photographer - the very solution that can help.

However, there are rarely cases, even when there is a large number of wedding guests, the celebration program is not rich with bright events and everything that happens - happens around the newlyweds.In this particular case, the second wedding photographer - it is a waste of money supply of a young couple.

short, to take a decision on the fact how necessary a second wedding photographer, the couple must come from the richness of their wedding day.This decision entirely, wholly and completely dependent on the wishes, goals, and desires prepochteny newlyweds as a future wedding, and wedding photography.Sincerely yours, always yours, wedding photographer Leonid Starikov.