Wedding Photographer Photographer errors or invalid

wedding photographer working in the wedding celebrations, which not only is very dynamic, but also saturated with various events, both planned and unplanned.This means that any error of wedding photographer, even the smallest, can lead to what is a very important time of the wedding will not be captured in photographs.

A serious error made wedding photographer, can lead to quite serious conflict and disappointment of the newlyweds.Therefore, wedding photographer - as a miner - has no right to make mistakes.

Let's look at the most common mistakes that can make a wedding photographer, and how to resolve them.

terrible mistake number 1. Denial of a first date.
first date, which should lead to the future husband and wife wedding photographer should be organized on a mandatory basis.Wedding photographer before the wedding should ulitsezret bride and groom, to understand how they work and how to remove them, and find out all of their wishes for the future of photography.

Disclaimer organizing a per

sonal meeting between the couple and the wedding photographer - a very grave error, which can lead to collapse of the entire wedding photo shoot.

terrible mistake №2.Killer unknown.
very terrible mistake does a wedding photographer that believes that orient in place - and that he will be at the wedding ceremony.Wedding - event dynamically changing event, and therefore wedding photographer may simply be unable to navigate the site and to miss an important point.

Therefore, it is important that the wedding photographer has studied the place, which will follow the wedding.He studied in as much detail as possible.This will give him an idea: how to shoot a wedding in each of these.

terrible mistake №3.Unprepared photographic equipment.
Tool photographer must always be ready and wedding photographer should prepare it in advance.Otherwise batteries can sit at the wrong time, photos remain blur due nepotertogo lens and on the memory card is not enough space because of advance information is not transferred.Wedding photographer, be attentive to your instrument, and only then he will not fail!

terrible mistake №4.Feeling guest.
wedding photographer should not feel like a guest at a wedding. Wedding photographer - professionals to keep the memories of the wedding, therefore, should not waste time on unnecessary conversations, the frequent smoke breaks, and especially not to drink alcohol.Otherwise, wedding photography will be doomed to failure.

terrible mistake №5.Wedding photographer, to impose their views.
Wedding photographer in any case should not impose your opinion newlyweds.Even if absolutely sincerely believe that they are wrong.If the wedding photographer feels wrong its customers, then the best option would be if he would withdraw the wedding and in his way and manner that they want the couple.In this case, the couple in any case, will be satisfied.

These errors - the worst and most stupid of those who can tolerate a wedding photographer.At the same time avoid them - simple.Good luck to you career, gentlemen wedding photographers.Not dopusayte stupid mistakes.Sincerely, wedding photographer Leonid Starikov.