Wedding Photographer or a place for wedding walk

It's no secret that wedding trip - time of the wedding, which could bring a wedding photographer for the newlyweds the most striking and artistic photographs.Photos on wedding walk off limits no formal registry office nor the walls of the restaurant, or buyback program.Regulation no, there is only a creative idea, which together gave birth to the couple and the wedding photographer.

, however, important not only creative ideas, but also the place where the wedding will be carried out walks.Let's talk about where to hold the wedding walk most bright and colorful.

first place.Tsaritsyno.
Tsaritsyno - one of the most colorful and vivid places on the territory of Moscow.After the restoration of this remarkable place at the beginning of XXI, this manor house has become especially popular among Moscow residents, and among honeymooners.I think that as a wedding photographer with practice I not modern, that one in four wedding walk held in Moscow in Tsaritsyn estate.

Tsaritsyno is in the south of Mosco

w near two metro stations: Tsaritsyno and Nut.Opposite the metro station Tsaritsyno palace is part of the estate, which is decorated with a very rich architecture designed in the style of antiquity.

contrast Orekhovo Metro Station is park of the estate, which is famous for its romantic alleys, bridges, and the beautiful waterfront.

In short, in this manor wedding photographer will be able to implement most of the creative ideas and ideas for the newlyweds.Optimally, a walk through of the manor - 2.5-3 hours.This time will allow you to spend a truly expressive walk and get a wide variety of artistic photographs.

second place.Arkhangelskoye.
Arkhangelskoye Estate Museum is located in the north-west of Moscow, in the Moscow region.It has a fairly extensive territory in which may be found as the brightly decorated antique malls, and big set of amazing in its beauty of architecture.

place for its beauty is not inferior to Tsaritsyn Manor and even has on its territory a small church, where it is possible to marry nicely, but there are downsides.On the Riga highway very often traffic jams, especially on Saturday.In this manor, and it is not close, especially for those who live on the other side of Moscow.

Another shortcoming is that shooting in the territory paid, as well as the entrance to the territory.And therefore, a professional photographer with your wedding should be staffed ticket entry and photography.

third place.Kuskovo.
Kuskovo is in the east of Moscow.The size is several times smaller than the Arkhangelsk and Tsarina.It consists of a park area where there is a pond and the palace.Wealth park is different, but a series of romantic and artistic staff it is quite possible to do.Palace area, albeit less than in Arkhangelsk and Tsarina, but at least the subject is very rich.In principle, a very good option for a wedding and walks wedding photographer can make quite beautiful pictures.

Less: cost of rights to wedding photography 500 rubles in addition to the entrance to the territory.

fourth place.Kolomenskoye Park.
Kolomenskoye Park is pleased to extend its open spaces in the south of Moscow, almost in the same area.It has both the palace and the park area, the slope of the Moskva River panorama opens up quite a vast field for the photo shoot.The area is large enough, plus the fact that is closer to the center of Moscow than the Tsarina.

is unique, because the territory of the park considerable, it is desirable to wedding photographer and the couple have made the program in advance of your stay in this wonderful place, in order to most effectively carry out photography and not spend more time than necessary.

This is very important, especially given the fact that a professional photographer working at the time, and its ability to make beautiful shots depends on the situation and the schedule of the wedding.

These four parks the most colorful places in Moscow for a wedding a walk, but there are still about two dozen beautiful places where the wedding photographer will be able to spend honeymoon bright photo session.In the future, I will try to describe them.

Bright wedding You and big love.Sincerely, wedding photographer Leonid Starikov.