Wedding Photographer or very bad advice

Wedding Photography - currently very affordable form of earnings.This is due to the fact that people get married, they get married and get married, and many couples for a wedding wedding photographer needs , able to capture certain moments of the first family celebration - weddings.

As you know, demand creates supply, but the current trend is that the cost of entry into the business of wedding photography is not very high.Pretty good camera can afford almost every second, and the Internet is replete with plenty of lessons and master classes both in photography and processing of images.

Some people who have taken up the camera, get the day off earnings (referring to photographing weddings, as undermining), some do photographing weddings its main income.But few reach significant heights in the activity.

This is due not only to the fact that this road is very difficult, but also to the fact that every third wedding photographer infected with great pride, and said that as he picked up a camera and go

t first skill, but now they would give him an Oscar for bestbrilliant wedding photos.Polish-on training is not necessary.There is only shaking fotomoschami and regalia.

Only one wedding photographer , who spends a lot of time on their own learning and analyze their own mistakes eventually succeeds.But it is terrible when a wedding photographer does not deal with either the first or the second, sincerely believing that he will experience and talent enough.While for all, a lot of these photographers, in fact, can shoot very well and if the change of policy in its development, it will be able to achieve quite good results.

order to change their policy behavior, I tried to write an article in a somewhat non-standard way.We all remember the bad advice Grigory Oster, that were written for kids who did everything in reverse and did not obey their parents.This effect, would like to believe it will work in this case.So begin.

bad advice №1.Viva wedding photographer, viva.
wedding photographer like you admired, and every service you ordered a wedding photographer in advance to be sure the fact that you will film a wedding perfect.Consequently, there is no point to meet with the customer in advance to find out their wishes and the details of the future wedding.And to show his work as an example - a great folly.

Harmful sovet№2.Wedding photographer - King holiday.
you wear the most magnificent in the whole world title: wedding photographer.A wedding photographer - the king and god of any wedding.This means that you are allowed to miss the celebration.Moreover, the delay can be absolutely anything - without you would not start and will be waiting for your appearance until it stops.

Despite the fact, that the wedding photographer - king and god of any celebration, clothes do not necessarily have to be the king.The king (and the more god) has the right to come to the celebration in every outfit.Including in torn T-shirt and sneakers.You are allowed, and everyone will understand.The more you - wedding photographer, so - subtle and creative nature.And the clothes - a reflection of your subtle nature, but it can not be disturbed, since it is possible it can injure.

bad advice №3.Photographic equipment on the verge of science fiction.
you as a wedding photographer, so smart that picked up the photo equipment currently equipped with artificial intelligence.A more plausible, he made it, just as the Jedi Knights made their swords.This means that before capturing photographic technique itself will take care to clean the lens matrix for correct exposure settings and flash power, as well as for charging the batteries.

bad advice №4.Education - a waste of time.
you as a wedding photographer with a level of intelligence is not less than 220, and let's go do - how and what you shoot at any time.For you and professional photographer .This means that the training for you - a waste of time and effort.

I hope that the professional photographer, read data line, take note of them and will allow for the future.Sincerely, wedding photographer Leonid Starikov.