Wedding photos or preparation for photographing Basics

major success wedding photographer is the careful preparation of each photo shoot.If the wedding photographer is not paying enough attention to the preparations for photographing weddings or other celebrations, the most banal problem can doom a photographer at a photo session crash, loss of customer earnings and put a stain on the reputation.

Therefore, if wedding photographer has the desire to be popular and successful, and not to ruin their talent because of a banal error to each photographing it should be prepared very carefully.But what is, at least approximately, may contain elements of training a wedding photographer?Let's analyze them.

Element preparation №1.What do customers want?
first thing in detail, complete and most particularly should find a wedding photographer, it needs, wishes and preferences of a young couple that intends to order his services to the photographer.And wedding photographer greatly benefit if the newlyweds will see in advance and find out all the features of th

e upcoming wedding.

This gives wedding photos in hand understanding of how the couple looks, especially their appearance and characteristics of the organization of their wedding, and the estimated route of the wedding.Clarify that relies on his psychic abilities should not be.It should be understood - what to expect from the couple of pictures.As they say, better to once again ask what then look a fool, or a cheerleader.

This element of preparation will minimize the organizational errors of photography, as well as enable to think in advance the future photography.Not to mention the fact that the wedding photographer, not being psychic, know all the wishes of the couple and bring them to life to be sure that the wedding photos like.

After a personal meeting do not be lazy to make a few test calls to the customer.This saves them from anxiety (what if a wedding photographer will not come or whatever), and you - from unpleasant an occasion giving up photography.It seems obvious, but the move is also part of the preparation for photographing.

Element preparation №2.The study of the battlefield.
will not be superfluous if a wedding photographer in advance examine the places where the wedding will take place.Explore the place to the last: the place where will be held the dowry, the wedding space walks, restaurant.It is desirable if wedding photographer try to make the add locations a couple of shots.This step will give it into the hands of an idea: how to shoot in these places without spending too much time configuring and reconfiguring the camera.

Element preparation №3.We handle tools.
Naturally, a wedding photographer must pay attention to the preparation of his photographic technique and its attributes: charge the batteries for the camera and flash unit, cause the camera settings to the optimal position (not to agonize over settings on photography), wipe and put in his bag lenses, as well as variousfilters.

Only three of the above cell preparation ninety percent guarantee that a professional photographer to shoot the wedding, will not experience trouble because of the annoying bugs, which could be avoided, thoroughly prepare for taking pictures.

Therefore, as a professional photographer with the experience, with full responsibility: preparing to take a picture - it is half the success.I can state with full responsibility: the phrase "prepared by the wedding photographer" is synonymous with the phrase "successful wedding photographer."

Lord professional photographers who shoot weddings and other celebrations!Do not be lazy to prepare for each and photography wide success and popularity provided to you.Sincerely, entirely your wedding photographer Leonid Starikov.