Wedding photos or weddings

Ah, the wedding, the wedding.How much of this word for the heart of the young come together.Wedding, full of emotion this first family holiday to promise a new way for a loving couple who will soon become full-fledged husband and wife.However, the ladies this wonderful holiday was marred by any unpleasant incident, should take responsibility for its organization.Moreover, planning and testing of the plan to conduct a wedding in advance.And if you do not miss any important details - the wedding will turn out bright and will long be remembered.

But how to make sure that all elements of the wedding were made with a bang, as toastmaster, wedding photos and other staff did not disappoint, and the wedding was filled with vivid emotions and impressions?This will be discussed in this article.

Step One.The timing of the wedding.
first thing to do is very clear and clearly describe all the stages of the wedding, starting with the fees and make-up of the bride and ending with a walk and a wedding celebratio

n in a restaurant.The best option would be if there is a list of all stages of the wedding on paper.That list and it is on paper.Each of the stages should be described here in detail and provide the time frame for each: ie how much each phase should begin in the end how much and how long last.

If possible, it should be broken down into each stage of all components with the same time frame.This will give an idea of ​​the newlyweds spent time at each stage, and a wedding photographer, equipped with this program will definitely know: that he shoot at every moment of the wedding.

will be very helpful if the couple "rehearse" pre-wedding.What does it mean?This means that there will be no harm if the couple will travel around the route of the wedding, decide for yourself - which route is better to move, try to decorate the entrance - in order to understand how much time it will take, try in test mode to carry out the redemption of the bride.

Step Two.Service staff.
is often required for a wedding toastmaster, wedding photographer and a limousine (ali other mechanical means of transportation).They must choose and make sure that they are at the right time will not fail.

wedding photographer should always meet with the newlyweds in advance to give them your portfolio, learn about the wishes of the couple and the peculiarities of the future wedding.Tamada as a wedding photographer, must undergo the same procedure.

Both comrade, wedding photographer and toastmaster should like newlywed not only in terms of professionalism, but also visually.This is very important because these people have to keep in contact at the wedding, and the newlyweds and guests, as well as to unfold in front of them for best effect.But

wedding photographer and toastmaster - not only staff at the wedding.There is such a very important thing - as a vehicle for the newlyweds.Regardless of which vehicle is chosen: to be very scrupulously treat the drawing up of the contract between the couple and the company, representing the vehicle.The agreement should be spelled out precisely: mark of the vehicle, its number, model, etc., as well as the time for the car and the time of service.This ensures that the wedding will come exactly a vehicle that was selected newlyweds.

data some simple tips to help avoid misunderstandings during the celebration of the wedding.Sincerely, wedding photographer Leonid Starikov.