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is no doubt that one of the best works of modern Ukrainian literature is the "Aeneid" Kotlyarevsky.However, the talented poet not only have that culture in Ukraine, and literature in particular, gets a new stage of development: to replace the Church Slavonic language come alive, the people who spoke.He made the word of art interesting, fun, everyday.

Kotlyarevsky wrote for the people and for the people, so it was one of his good image."Natalka Poltavka" - a truly unique piece.The first set in the Poltava theater in 1819, it is popular to this day.

The plot

First we look at the story works, and then study in detail the characters, analyze each image."Natalka Poltavka" - a play about the life of the Ukrainian people in the nineteenth century.In a simple village live two lovers: Natalka and Peter.Their dream is to get married, but the poor guy, so he knows that the girl's parents do not agree to the wedding.In addition, it has his eye Monsieur race.

After a bad matchmaking Peter goes to work.Four y

ears waiting for his bride is true, but there was a change in the family.My father died, and Natasha with her mother forced to work hard to make ends meet.To woo the girl a lot of guys who could become a profitable party for her and save her family from poverty.But Natalia refuses all while remaining true to her heart.

Girl - this is the main, central image."Natalka Poltavka" is full of colorful characters.His mother persuades her to marry, to cope with poverty, so she agrees.However, Natalia strongly hopes that all the young men, whom she refused, will not return.But Vozniy not abandoned their intention to come to woo.Related promise to his mother, she is forced to tie it with a towel.


image of Natalka-Poltavka interesting from all sides.When Peter returns, she says fuss, do not marry him, despite the fact that matchmaking was successful.Seeing Natasha really loves another, he acts nobly: police officer refuses to permit the bride and married to Peter.

Natasha appears to us beautiful, intelligent and dedicated woman, faithful and loving.She truly loves his mother and is ready to sacrifice a lot for the sake of it, but not ready to give up his happiness.Therefore goodness it disarms even hated the groom.

mainly plays

Also girls there is another way."Natalka Poltavka" tells the story of Peter - beloved Natasha.He is noble, prone to self-sacrifice, kind and hardworking, but, unfortunately, poor.It collected the image of ordinary people.He does not want to abandon his beloved, so going to work to prove to her father that his intentions are serious.True, the guy does not differ boldness and decisiveness: knowing that the girl woo, he sacrifices himself and tells her to get out of the race.

In contrast, Peter put his friend Nicholas - an orphan, Burlacu, but funny and smart guy.It helps someone to fight for his love, and then want to go to Zaporozhye.

Written cheerful, full of satire tongue "Natalka Poltavka".Image Vozny also collected, as it shows how the authorities behaved in those days.The official is a predator in the business, so in love.He wants to own Natasha, although it seems good-natured and rustic.Although these people are capable of noble deeds.


The play ended with a happy end.However, it shows the realistic social injustice, the real life and attitudes of ordinary people and the authorities.The author sympathizes with the poor, that is, all commoners, and condemns officials.The characters vivid, typical Ukrainian.That is also the language of the narrative.Rich, full of proverbs and phraseology, it is a real treasure trove of folk wisdom and creativity.The play is to check out all those who love fun work and Ukrainian culture.