Japanese writers Ryunosuke Akutagawa, Haruki Murakami and Murakami Ryu

now very popular Japanese writers such as Haruki Murakami Ryu Murakami, but modern readers probably do not know that the history of modern Japanese prose began in Russia is far from them.Its origins were the works of Akutagawa Ryunosuke.On these three personalities, we'll talk in this article.Since the first can rightfully be classified as "modern Japanese writers," the first is to discuss the work Akutogavy and his two works: "Life is an idiot" and "Gears".

Akutogava Ryunosuke.Prose as "purple flash.""Life Idiot»

For those who are more or less familiar with Japanese literature, is not news that there is not the main story takes place.Such, for example, the poetry of Basho.In fact, this is only rhymed certain way of observation.And if we discover, for example, "Life is an idiot," then come across exactly the same prose.The book consists of stories, very melenkih sketches.Only after reading all of them formed in the reader's mind the whole picture.Focus works Akutagawa that are equally valuable and

sketches of themselves, and the big picture.

Akutagawa and Dostoevsky."Gears»

What is the relationship between prose and Ryunosuke Fyodor Mikhailovich?Firstly, Akutagawa well-known and loved Russian literature, and secondly, the Japanese writer, as well as Russian, portrayed human existence in extreme and borderline situations where life is in contact with the madness and death.Horror "Gears" in the fact that they are autobiographical.

«Gears" and "Life is an idiot" - a sample suicide prose writer.He died early, at age 35 took a lethal dose of "Veronal".In the literal and figurative sense, they lost their nerve.But this does not mean that his prose is interesting only to psychologists, psychiatrists and doctors, not at all.Prose Akugatavy appeal to all those who care about the true, the good and the marginal literature, "accursed" questions of human existence.And now the time has come to talk about the topic of "Japanese modern writers."

Haruki Murakami: "Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World»

modern Japanese authors while retaining a certain national identity, but have become very "Western": their works are mostly story that is reflected in our story.

«Wonderland ..." like a prolonged fall down the rabbit hole.The protagonist - a specialist in encryption of a special kind, called shafflingom.The essence of the method is that the text is encoded through the story, which exists only in the head Schaffler, and it happens unconsciously.However, Professor and inventor of the method found that all the experts, except the main character died during the experiment.And the book scientist trying to save him.To do this, they go down to the underworld in the passage that opens in the closet professors meet with terrifying creatures, distributing chilling fear, fleeing the flood slowly overtakes them, climb the ladder in the high tower.

And the main character decides to stay in the inner world of his own head, and that means the death of the body.This story unfolds in each of the second chapter of the book and at first it is not related to the main plot.

In my head there is a hero of the city around it - a high wall.Local residents have a custom: each incoming cut shadow.The hero gets a job in this town librarian.Its main function - read old dreams, placed in the skull of the dead animals.

No one can leave the city, because the wall is high, and the shadow lives separately from the person not more than a week.But the protagonist, even finding out, unable to leave the closed world, which will disappear if he stays alive.

These are strange stories here prefer modern Japanese writers, then everything will be more "chudesatee and curiouser," as L. Carroll.

Ryu Murakami."Coin Locker Babies»

Perhaps the most famous work of the author.A novel about two children.They were lucky to survive after their mother left the newborn babies in the storage chambers.They're almost the same age, are very similar and are experiencing the same psychological problems: claustrophobia and related difficulties.

Once these people treated the sounds of the heartbeat of the pregnant woman, but then in the confusion of their lives they forget that sound.But all his life he sought.It took a lot to go through in order to remember it.One brother had to live in the affected part of the city, where the touch of the red colored objects and surfaces promises to slow and painful death, and still find a poisonous gas "datura" and poison their big city, wreak havoc.

Second had to go a long way: to become a superstar, cut off his tongue tip, go mad, accidentally kill his own mother, and go to jail.And all this just for knowing that a mother gives her child a promise: "Live! My heart beats for you."

Books Japanese writers: one - for reflection, others - for entertainment

For the reader, far from the frills of philology, only one important question about who choose to read in the evening.The answer suggests itself: depending on what one wants to get acquaintance with the Japanese prose.

example, contemporary authors presented here, can be read on weekdays, after a busy day.Despite ornateness story, their works do not require intellectual effort from the reader.Accordingly, Akutagawa better move on the weekend, when the head of the reader will be fresh and receptive to the beauties of style.In an extreme case it is possible to have a notebook (or a sheet of paper) on the cover of which is written: "The Japanese writer and chart reading of his works."If a person is difficult to decide, let him try to observe the system in his self-education.