Citation characteristic Chatsky.

ASGriboedov decided to write his satirical work "Woe from Wit" for various reasons, and different people from his own community become stereotypes invented them heroes.So, as for the main character Chatsky, some have argued that this character is very strongly reminiscent of another Griboedov - Peter Chaadaev, who sharply criticized the state system and which also once because of differences of opinion with the community declared insane.But it is believed that this hero was the prototype of the author, who also laid the shadow of insanity, and also due to the fact that it went against the opinion of established views in society, and so it was sent to serve in East Asia.Now with the great interest I want to deal with the theme of "citation Chatsky characteristics" and to know that it was a man who took over the company madman.Maybe this is the truth ...

citation characteristic Chatsky.The appearance of the hero

All brilliant people a little crazy, as often in another look at seemingly the most ord

inary things and circumstances.These crazy probably attributed to Pushkin and Lermontov, with their freedom-loving poetry denouncing contemporary mores and rulers.

As our theme "citation characteristic Chatsky" ("Woe from Wit", 1), now it can begin to open from the explanations that Chatsky - a nobleman who returns to Moscow from abroad to quicklyMeet Sophia Famusov.He had not seen her for nearly three years.As a child, they were friends, then their relationship grew into love, but Chatsky suddenly left without even notifying the Sophia.And in the first action, it appears in the house Famusovs and hurry to see Sophia, but she meets him very cold because they do not forgive him, and now very keen Molchalin.

Molchalin - antipode

Loves Griboyedov oppose heroes, and, of course, the exact opposite Chatsky, especially if you compare them on the character, outlook and position in society, it Molchalin.He is a typical representative is gradually becoming obsolete famusovskogo era.Molchalin to work in communion with the people she gentleness and education, but it is the epitome of selfishness, servility and flattery.This character - a faceless demure about whom they say that he can reach the degree of popularity, "because now like dumb."He is ready to fawn and bow before anyone, if only for the sake of their own selfish purposes.Career and getting high rank for him above all else.The concepts of honor and pride, he does not have.He is always ready to adapt to the powerful of this world, and even the notes that in his years "should not dare to have its judgment."

Molchalin - double-faced young man, he is deceiving Sophia, and when no one sees uhlestyvaet servant for Lisa.However, Griboyedov still diluted its many flaws moderation and accuracy.

new generation

citation Chatsky characteristics very different from the characteristics Molchalin.Chatsky - represent a new emerging society and, on the other hand, is very open and confident young man.He's a true patriot, but who retired from the service, because it did not see much good in it.Chatsky in the service is not good for the nation and people, but if he just wanted to, I could make a good career, "he was a small-headed," "nice and writes, translates," that is, know languages.As you can see, the characteristic citation Chatsky Molchalin and speaks for itself.

Chatsky - Decembrist plan for man, he believes that Russia is on the brink of dawn, where there will be unhappy and oppressed people, and strongly condemned serfdom.He is confident that the company sooner or later wake up.As for the service, he throws a replica that is ready to serve the state, not individuals.Or another of his famous phrase: "to serve would be happy," but as the saying goes further, "fawn sickening."

citation characteristic Chatsky ("Woe from Wit") - the philosophy of the new lifestyle

It is unfortunate, but people like Chatsky almost never any friends, he is alone, even the person whom he loved, become indifferent to it.Communication with others it is built on conversations and monologues that cause disputes and conflicts, and they are addressed in the first instance not to the opponent, but to society as a whole.

Griboyedov specifically opposes the two heroes to brighten reveal their essence and character.He presents them as two philosophies and two life science current and past centuries, but like, and fully endorses the views and opinions Chatsky - intelligent, educated and honest man.


Secular society at that time a large number had like Molchalin and FAMUSOV, but it no longer has the power to clamp ears away from truthful speeches of people like Chatsky, who still managed to stir proportionedLife Moscow masters.This means that he was the victor.

That's about the subject, you can open works "characteristic Chatsky citation."But the argument may be quite different, because everyone has their own point of view.