George Bernard Shaw, "Heartbreak House": a summary of the chapters, actions and events

theme of this article is the most prominent piece of the founder of the British social drama Bernard Shaw's "Heartbreak House."Summary it is impossible to convey in one sentence or in the same sentence as multifaceted and classic works.The authors believe the story about the customs of pre-war Britain, the main mission of his drama.

original creative method, turning it into the most popular playwright, George Bernard Shaw himself borrowed.His teacher was the main theater innovator beginning of XX century, Anton Chekhov, who made the main focus of his drama in the world of the senses of man, his spiritual image.In this work of Bernard Shaw is not perceived as a rip-off.His "firm" irony and humor are unique.Answering this question in an interview, he said that almost all written by him, it turns out funny because the faithful representation of reality.

ironic emptiness of British social life

The unusual play "Heartbreak House"?Summary of the product - meeting the characters in a unique building, it

s shape reminiscent of a ship.This unusual meeting in a strange house with people tore the mask worn by them in everyday life.As a result of this action turned out that all the characters except the owner of the house, the double standards practiced hiding under the guise of deanery mendacity and indifference to others.Critics argue that this play by Bernard Shaw is a creative sentence for British higher and secondary light, formed on the eve of the First World War.Playwright managed delicately and with humor to show that the whole social life of the country - the Queen of the Seas was the thoroughly permeated with lies and deceit.It is no coincidence phantasmagoric Shatovera captain's house, where all the action of the play takes place, its shape resembles a ship.

amazing house of a retired captain

What else, apart from the similarity of the ship, unusual home where the whole affair stems play "Heartbreak House"?Summary of the work, as well as the play itself, answers this question.Indeed, the house has a unique ability to force occupants to openness.Prudish Englishmen, accustomed to "keep the skeletons in the closet" in Russian suddenly bare his soul.What leads them accustomed to careful, streamlined phrases, open, in Chekhovian start giving succinct, sincere characteristics of themselves and others.Bernard Shaw all the force of his talent is trying to convince us that the whole secret lies precisely in the special aura of the house of a retired captain.

significant, outstanding phenomenon of the English classical literature is a play "Heartbreak House."Summary of the drama, in principle, can be summarized in one paragraph of text.But this, of course, is not enough to feel the power of talent Bernard Shaw.Our presentation will be more detailed.

about the characters of the play

father's house Hesiona eldest daughter (Mrs. HUSHABYE) invites guests:

  • his unmarried girlfriend Ellie Dan with her father Mazzini Dan;
  • millionaire Mangum.

Why is she doing this?Out of boredom, she had the idea to upset the emerging marriage the couple: young girls Ellie untenable with a rich man of sixty, once saved her father from bankruptcy and poverty.Obviously Hesiona considers it his intention generous.In addition to her father and, in the house he is also her husband Hector HUSHABYE - man with beautiful, regular features age 45.

However, not only these characters includes the script of the play by Bernard Shaw ("Heartbreak House").Summary of the product also contains other images.Accidentally at the same time in his father's house comes to visit a younger sister Hesiona - Ariadne Eteruord recently against the will of the father who married Hastings Eteruorda.The latter is not involved in the play, but only mentioned.Apparently, his father, Captain Shatover, annoyed unauthorized wedding Ariadne, so takes her stressed cold, like who has come by chance intruders.

among the actors present plays and minor characters: Hector's brother Randall and maid Guinness, the former nanny Hesiona and Ariadne.Also in the house-to-ship during the term breaks entirely unexpected guest, a thief Dan Beal, who is the former husband of the nurse and former Guinness boatswain host.

Hesiona and its naive desire

How Hesiona going to realize his plan?Obviously, she had arranged for his performance with his father.Mrs. HUSHABYE picks candid conversation with his girlfriend Ellie to dissuade her from the idea of ​​an unequal marriage.Meanwhile, her father, Captain Shatover, as frankly talking to Mangan industrialist, urging him to abandon the idea of ​​marriage.About the consequences of an idle idea Hesiona, says Bernard Shaw ("Heartbreak House").Summary of the play it will convince any reader that each of the guests of Captain Shatovera in fact would be a hypocrite, snob, a deceiver, detractors.Each character plays a withholding unsafe for other purpose.Special holiday makes these people confess their secret sins, but sincere repentance they still did not come.

trick against trick

Being in a strange house and talking to Hesiona, Miss Ellie Dan (despite the fact that he was going to marry Mr. Mangan) unexpectedly recognized that love with Mr. Mark Darnley, with whom sheI met recently and was fascinated by his tales of adventures experienced.But when during the conversation friends in their room included Hesiona husband Hector, Ellie pales and loses the thread of the conversation.The secret is simple: it is - a lover Ellie.Invalid husband in search of the love of entertainment under a false name met with the girls, trying to turn a trick they head.In the past, Hector was a charismatic man, but stay in the marriage made him a liar, and henpecked.

further the plot works husband Hesiona recklessly flirting with the younger sister of his wife, that he behaves match.

Note that the response is not only impartial Hector contains a summary of the play "Heartbreak House."As Ellie responds to learn about cheating man she loved?

girl begins its more insidious game.Now girlfriend Hesiona rate of trying to marry a rich man.It is not lingering long, starts a conversation with Mangan, lulling the vigilance of his imaginary his enthusiasm of his generous act.Millionaire is influenced by unusual home and keen confidential conversation, he recognized his authorship ruin her father.

How did this happen?Ellie's father Mazzini Dunn was not a rich man, but had a talent for business.And he had a real chance to get rich.However, this did not mean the wiles of the master, his "friend" ...

Mangan Mangan and Ellie

word - not a sparrow!MANGAN recalls, but too late.His desire to marry disappears.But he laid his cards.Now pragmatic Ellie begins methodically to blackmail him.In hysterics rich falls on a chair, and Ellie "pulls out his secret trump card", hypnotizing him.Then she calmly walks away, leaving him alone.Now a millionaire is in an altered state of consciousness.This appearance it resembles a sleeping person, but in reality, hears and understands.

«Friends»: Mazzini and MANGAN

the room to his father enters Ellie Mazzini Dunn with Hesiona.She convinces him not to marry the daughter of a business partner of gratitude.However, his reply convinces the reader to the richness of the plot of the play.Indeed, the author completely linear, and with a lot of intrigue and plot twists wrote "Heartbreak House."

Summary of the heads of the play contains ample evidence that Mr. Mazzini's not easy!He's built his own game of chess against Mr. Mangan.

Communicating with the millionaire father of Ellie strongly expresses his respect for him.But now, (is influenced by the miracle of the house), he candidly tells Hesiona that actually despises the rich man, as a human being incompetent and not far away.Regarding the future marriage of his daughter with him, Mazzini considers it pragmatically as an opportunity to seize the property millionaire.He is convinced that Ellie married, "it will create a regime."The story of the father of the bride rather cynical, but staying in a hypnotic trance MANGAN hear it all.

When Ellie displays which became rich from the hypnosis, he is furious, respectively, increases the intrigue of the play "Heartbreak House."

Summary of actions unexpectedly (again in the play!) Reveals a different way of Mangan.It strange house quite suddenly revives him extrinsic human emotions: resentment, frustration, anger.He even cries.Hesiona, who had not expected such an expression of feelings of moneybags, comforts him.Interrupts the scene shot ...

leitmotif of the work: a house with an unusual, amazing aura

Mazzini under the barrel of a revolver lead thief, detained them in the house of the captain Shatovera.At the same time, all the characters in the scene, again behaving uncharacteristically for such a situation.Again feature affects wonderful home.

Everyone is trying to do and say in good conscience.The thief does not want to run, and says he wants to get into the hands of justice, after penetrated Heartbreak House.Summary of actions and events of the play contains also a wonderful example of the generosity of family and guests of the captain.Thief unwilling to let go back home, providing cash in an amount sufficient to learn a new profession.However, the captain finds in delayed his former bosun Dan Beal, robbed him earlier, and locks of the room.

In the further course of the play are woven motifs irrationality and apocalyptic.

all the costs.Remain captain Shatover and Ellie.The owner of the house tells the girl of his difficult life, the dream to reach the seventh degree of contemplation, and advises her to still marry a millionaire to end their poverty.

guests gather outside the house.All elated unusual, condusive to revelations of spirits.Suddenly Mangan admits that he is not the owner of the money, which owns and is the only manager in the service of the hosts.

Ellie suddenly declares its rejection of marriage with Mangan as Shatoveru like the captain, his spiritual father and husband.Heard this recognition Hesiona endorses the decision girlfriend.

apocalyptic motif in the play

The house phone rings.Police warn about the danger of bombing and asked to switch off the light.But the captain Shatover goes contrary includes all the lights and curtains tears.All but a thief and Mangan, remain in the house.The two mentioned characters are hiding in the pit with sand.They do not know that there is the captain hid the dynamite.

Dive home German aircraft drop bombs.That falls into the pit, dynamite detonates.MANGAN a thief and killed.The plane flies.However, on the face Hesiona and her husband - disappointment.

They themselves want to die from a bomb hit the home.The eldest daughter of the captain feels crazy enthusiasm.She wants tomorrow bomber returned and certainly true of her father's house bombed, killing her ..

Instead of conclusion

not ends in Chekhovian cherry garden play Bernard Shaw ("Heartbreak House").Summary convinced that there is in pre-war Britain that hope that is felt in pre-revolutionary Russia.On the contrary, gathered in the house of the captain of the middle beam covers not repentance and a desire to commit suicide.

Therefore, the appearance of German bombers, marks the beginning of the war, the heroes of the play are met with morbid enthusiasm, believing that air attack would deliver them from the meaningless life.