Ernest Hemingway, "The Old Man and the Sea" - an analysis

first three associations when we hear the name of Hemingway: wine, gun, "men's prose."The latter definition is very important, because now in vogue "patsanski prose", and so Ernest Hemingway - is the author of "male".A man is always a man, even in old age.This essay and tells us the American classic "The Old Man and the Sea."Analysis of his hurry with the utmost agility to appear before the bright eyes of the reader of this article.

plot story about an old man Santiago and his fight with a huge fish.

small town in Cuba.Elderly fisherman stopped luck, he had almost three months did not know the sweet feeling of satisfaction to catch prey.Halfway disappointment with him was the boy Manolin.Then junior partner parents reported that Santiago is no longer friends with fortune and their son is better to look for another company to go hiking in the sea.In addition, it is necessary to feed his family.The boy succumbed to their parents, even though he did not want to leave the old fisherman, he was very f

ond of him.

And then came the day in which, as the old man felt, everything must change.And indeed, as it happened in Santiago I managed to catch a big fish on the hook.The man and the fish fought for several days, and when production was defeated, the old man dragged her home, tied to the boat.But while they were fighting, the boat swept out to sea.

On the way home, the old man has mentally counting the profits from the sale of the fish, when he spotted a shark fin on the water surface.

the first shark attack, he parried, but when the ship was attacked by a pack of wild beasts, the fisherman is not sdyuzhil.Predators left the boat at rest only after almost completely eaten "reward" the fisherman (from fish caught by an elderly man was only a trophy - a huge skeleton).

The old man did not bring in their catch of the village, but it has proved its worth as a fisherman.Santiago, of course, was upset and even cried.First met on the shores of his faithful companion - Manolin, which the old man tore his only parent mandate and the need to provide food for his family.He consoled the old man and said that he never leaves the lot and learn from him, and together they will catch many more fish.

We hope that the reader has not seemed incomplete retelling proposed here, and if he suddenly asked: "Why is the content of the work (" The Old Man and the Sea ") brief?" "The analysis also takes place, dear reader '- we answer it.

It is for this not too convoluted history of Ernest Hemingway received the Pulitzer Prize in 1953, and in 1954 - Nobel Prize for Literature, which was noted all the work of the writer.

Let the reader does not get angry for a long prelude to the investigation, but without a plot story called "The Old Man and the Sea" is difficult to carry out the analysis, since it should be based on the facts presented at least briefly.

Why the story is called "The Old Man and the Sea"?

Hemingway - a wonderful writer.He was able to write a story so that delighted the professionals and more than one generation of readers, but it's worth it.The works of writers raised the eternal theme of man and the elements."The Old Man and the Sea" (the analysis carried out in this article, confirms this conclusion) - a story primarily about combating decrepit, old man, and forever young, strong and powerful element.The story is important not only fish, and nature in general.It is fighting with her man in this fight is not lost.

Why protagonist selected man?

study of the book "The Old Man and the Sea" (analysis of it) suggests an answer to this, in general, the obvious question.

If a fisherman was young, the story would not be so dramatic, it would be a thriller, like "Have and Have Not" by the same author.In the product-winner of Hemingway managed to squeeze out of the reader avaricious man's tears (or uncontrollable sobs and loud female) on the sad fate of the old sea dog.

Special techniques Hemingway, immersing the reader in the atmosphere of the story in the book

American classic is not exciting developments.The work is almost no dynamics, but it is full of internal drama.To some it may seem like a Hemingway story boring, but this is not true.If the writer did not pay so much attention to detail and such detail is not painted torment an old man in the sea, then the reader will not be able to fully experience the suffering of the seafarer's own gut.In other words, if it were not for this "viscosity and stickiness" text, "The Old Man and the Sea" (the analysis of the product that proves) was not so pathetic writing.

Santiago old man and the boy Manolin - story of friendship of two generations

addition to the main theme in the book, written by Ernest Hemingway, and there are an additional reason for reflection.One of them - the old man and the boy's friendship.How touching worried Manolin for Santiago, he encourages him during failures.It argued that the elderly and children get along so well because some recently emerged from nothing, and others soon to fall.This common homeland, where some come, others are about to leave on an intuitive level, unconsciously brings them together.

If we talk specifically about the two heroes, it seems, the boy just feels that the old man - a master of his craft, the mother of a sailor.Manolin probably thinks that he does have a lot to learn, and while he is alive, do not miss this opportunity.

It remains in the novel "The Old Man and the Sea" (the analysis of the work is almost finished) to consider only the question of discrimination.He hardly cared Ernest Hemingway when he wrote a masterpiece, is very topical at the moment, but the story of the American writer gives food for thought in this regard.

discrimination and "The Old Man ...»

at all times to children, the elderly and the disabled was made to treat with indulgence: one can do little more, others are not suitable for something serious already, and the third set is the very nature of the ordinaryframework.

But do not think so, Ernest Hemingway."The Old Man and the Sea" (the analysis in the article, confirms this) he says that all written off by society people still have hope for salvation and fulfillment.And even children and the elderly can be combined in a great team that is able to outdo many.

experience and old age of the fisherman in the story of American classics are presented as advantages.Indeed, imagine if the fisherman was young and full of energy, he will most likely would not survive the fight with Rybina and fell to unconscious.Young - yes, the old man - no, never!

I have thought a lot about the heroic figure of the fisherman Ernest Hemingway himself."The Old Man and the Sea" (analysis confirms this) - a monument of human courage.

«Man can be destroyed, but you can not win»

for the old man is not just a job.For him, the struggle in the sea - is a way to prove to themselves and the public that he is still in the holder, and therefore has no right to "shut down" because of hunger and thirst, the sun and even numbness in the limbs, and even more so to die.

Yes seafarer drove their fish at this time, but he still accomplished the feat.And we firmly believe that some other old man (optional conqueror sea vistas) certainly will have an opportunity to get even with the same fate as his brother, and to create something extraordinary.

wonderful and popular author Ernest Hemingway."The Old Man and the Sea" (analysis nevertheless by its nature can not convey all the charm of the work) - a multi-faceted work and bottomless.