Characterization of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark

When studying Shakespeare's works, the play about the Danish prince always receives attention.This is one of the most famous works of the genius of the British, but also one of the most difficult.Characterization of Hamlet - a display of his great soul, its complex nature, which has faced serious challenges.It is thought this character reveal the full depth of the human being, affect the philosophical questions about the meaning of life.The fate of a young man - it is a tragedy that can pounce on everyone when his world is crumbling.

How it all began?

Feature Hamlet filed by us below, will not be understood by the reader, if he does not know the content of the work.So we digress for a moment and told about what happened in the gloomy castle of Elsinore.It starts the play so that the guards saw the ghost, which they reminded the king, Hamlet's father, who died suddenly.A friend of the prince considers it a harbinger of changes that are waiting for Denmark as a neighboring ruler is going to go to war a

gainst them.Believing that the ghost to speak with his son, he is excited to announce the vision of Hamlet.

first characteristic of Hamlet Shakespeare gave us at the time when he learns that his mother Queen Gertrude, not long after walking into widows, marries his uncle.Prince said such a thing wrong mother, treacherous.On hearing the news about the visions, he decides to spend the night near the site.Ghost King tells him that Claudius killed him to take the throne, and demands revenge.At the same time, Ophelia, in obedience to the will of his father and brother, parted with Hamlet.Prince pretends crazy to better deal with what is happening.

The play continues

Feature Hamlet will be filed later, but for now we will tell you what happened with Prince on.By rigged meeting with King Ophelia he realizes that the prince is not distracted by love, and his thoughts are busy with something else.And he hired an acting troupe, invites the king and queen of the show.Actors murder scene embodied the former king.By the reaction of Claudius, Hamlet realizes that the ghost had told him the truth, so decided to take revenge.

The protagonist of the play tells the mother the truth, but, considering his patients, he does not believe.But I am sure that he will always support it.During the conversation, the Prince kills the father of Ophelia, hiding behind a carpet to eavesdrop.King sends Hamlet to England, the servants giving secret orders to kill him.But he miraculously escapes and returns to Elsinore.But here it is waiting for another trap: Ophelia's brother, who had gone mad, wants to avenge the death of his father and sister.In collusion with Claudius, he is the prince to a duel.Chance to save Hamlet No: Laertes rapier sharp, lubricated with poison, poison mixed in a cup of wine.


Brief description of Hamlet can not convey the complexity of the soul of the character.The sudden death of Ophelia made Prince a different look at life and death, he recites the famous soliloquy "To be or not to be."At that time his name to a duel, saying that you can not refuse: the audience bettors.During the fight the Queen, celebrating successful attacks son drank the poisoned wine.Laertes wounds Prince poisoned sword, and then hurt his Hamlet, exchanging with him a rapier.Dying, the son of Gertrude warned that drinking poison.The main character kills the king, then dies Laertes.The last dying Hamlet, Horatio asked to tell people what had happened.

Hamlet: characterization of the hero

So the fate of the Danish prince, masterfully invented and described by Shakespeare, we know.What was his inner portrait?Hamlet - Prince of young but educated.By faith in the Creator, he added belief in the human mind than has marked the emergence of a new generation of people, a new round of development of civilization.Shakespeare, describing medieval Europe, touched the eternal truth and eternal values.This is the secret of popularity and play, and the central character in the modern world.

How else before us Hamlet?Characteristics of the hero can not fit in a few words.The character first appears certain thinker, then he tries to act, and in the end product becomes a philosopher.His will was tempered hardships: the death of his father, the betrayal of friends and his girlfriend, a lie.He comes to the conclusion that the whole world was plunged into darkness and evil, so is thinking about suicide.But then he stopped thinking about that, whether it is worthy of a Christian, and you change something and what will happen after death?

tragic fate of Ophelia

Characterization of Hamlet (Shakespeare) would not be complete without a portrait of the beloved hero.A girl of noble blood prince sincerely loves and believes in its reciprocity.But father and brother advised her to end the relationship with Hamlet, to marry him because she can not.She submits to their will, refusing his happiness.When the father dies, and Prince said that he had never loved her, her mind can not cope with their grief.

Feature Ophelia from Hamlet to better understand the depth of the tragedy of the central character.Shortly before the tragic denouement Prince learns of the death of his beloved.Whether she threw herself into the river, whether it was an accident - the author does not specify.Young man greatly saddened by the death of Ophelia, his tortured remorse, but the change was nothing he could.


characteristic of Hamlet (Shakespeare) we finished.The hero of the play before us a strong man, who managed to overestimate the value to cope with the storm of emotions.Nevertheless, he did not find the answer to the question: "To be or not to be?"And because it is open, the author offers the viewer or reader to understand and make their own decisions.