"Case of Kukotskiy": summary and analysis of the product

works about the doctors have always aroused the interest of people.It is not surprising, because, on the one hand, Aesculapius are the same as we are, on the other hand, the doctor - it's magicians and wizards, using only your wits and some skills, but at the same time are creating a real miracle of healing a man.The reader is invited to meet a wonderful person and physician Paul Alekseevichem Kukotsky - the protagonist of the book Ludmila Ulitskaya "Case of Kukotskiy."Summary it is presented below.

protagonist of the novel

Time of the novel relate to the period of the dawn of Soviet power.About largely I had to take care of the young government, and especially the health of its people.The protagonist of the book "The Case of Kukotskiy" (summary of it in front of us) - a doctor Kukotsky Pavel, a very talented man who truly loves his patients.Since Kukotsky - gynecologist, he has treated women only.He leads the pregnancy, takes delivery, calms fever after miscarriage.He died at the hands of the vic

tims of clandestine abortions.This man knows everything about women's health, because he sees the mud and single unheated little rooms in which the poor uneducated pregnant seamstress huddle, trying to feed has four siblings, and children freezing to death due to malnutrition.PAKukotsky knows of the fair sex, which does not care about hygiene and the fate of its own.

And, of course, Pavel keeps statistics.It is necessary both to the state and to the doctor.Kukotsky not only treats, but genuinely cares about his players.In those days, people were sent for an abortion in the colony, but the doctor knew very well why a woman decides on such unseemly act.On the scale of a large country was a clear need to make up the loss in human terms, but each individual family had their material capabilities and their motives, so do not always want to go on about the state needs, and regrettably, a woman cut out of himself a new, nascent life.And, of course, Cherenkov was important to understand that his actions saved lives and the patient, and her other children (who rarely eliminated their first child), because it die or go to jail, do not know what would have happened to minors.About homeless children and one never really cared, and the children's home is not a place where really wanted to get at all times.That is why, probably, the doctor never put in the medical record, "illegal abortion" if the woman survived.This diagnosis was only unfortunate, as a result of the terrible surgery without anesthesia she was dying.

«Case of Kukotskiy" (summary in no way refutes this observation) - a novel that focuses on acting man with big and warm heart.

course, he was an avid supporter of Kukotsky legalizing abortion.Using his influence among some members of the medical elite of the time, he tried every way to get permission for abortion in the hospital.In the course were the arguments and examples from life, even drugs - terrible, truthful, vivid examples of folk treatments for unwanted pregnancies.

easy to understand in our description of that perfect image of a doctor led to his novel Ulitskaya."Case of Kukotskiy" (summary brings to this) - the story of a real doctor.

history Elena and Tatiana

addition to the undoubted training Kukotsky possessed the gift: saw the damaged organs, human disease through the skin.He is called the "inner vision."Specificity (continuous direct contact with women) Mutes this ability, but there was a girl, the closeness with which it does not interfere.Elena - Kukotsky wife, a former patient of his.

During the Great Patriotic War, the doctor himself removed her uterus and her baby (Tatyana) took as her, and never regretted the absence of their own children.Another doctor took with him very long family assistant Helen - a former nun Vasilisa.However, during one of the usual family quarrels wife crossed the line: his wife scolded her husband for his desire to legalize abortion, and Pavel reminded Helen that she was barren.Their relationship is then boiled down to talk over lunch.As can be seen from the description, the protagonist of the book "The Case Kukotsky" (summary of it slowly unfolds before the reader), not enough tolerance and sensitivity in family life.

However, this did not prevent them to the family of Tamara - the daughter of one of the patients Cherenkov (female janitor).She died of an unsuccessful's seventh abortion.

Tanya and Tom

writer consciously oppose each other two characters: a beautiful Tania, which everyone loves, and ugly and timid Tom, who lives out of pity "hand to mouth" in front of people.Tania was invited to a party for her beauty, that - in addition to her sister.Tanya - loved that - suffered.

recognizable and close to a lot of history, "encased" in a book Ulitskaja."Case of Kukotskiy" (summary also a bit about it), but also that some like to just "beautiful eyes", while others have yet to earn the love and recognition.Of course, in the long run, this is only for the benefit of those others, but does not reduce the pain at the moment, when you suffer and do not even hide it.

Tanya once and made for themselves moral choice: decided not to associate life with biology, as advised by her father.There were two main reasons: firstly, the lust of some university professors.They sleep and see how to seduce another fresh one freshman;secondly, the callousness of health workers, who are forced to maintain a healthy psyche not to take to heart the human grief.In other words, they belong to the person as to animate objects, the object (as an excuse for doctors is to say that such an attitude is a necessary condition for the treatment of patients).So one day she came out of the doors of the institution and to give to the first comer.Such was her initiation into the world of bohemians.Tamara also diligently studied (her book is devoted not so much space), I became a biologist, married, earned a reputation as a successor of Kukotsky.In other words, I live a little boring, but a good life than Tanya.

Pregnancy and death Thani

same, so that everyone likes (Tatiana), I do not love anybody.When she became pregnant by one of the brothers Goldberg - twin sons associate and associate Cherenkov, then married on the calculation that the husband was not drafted into the army.Being heavily pregnant, she fell in love with the musician Sergei.Tanya finally found a man with whom want to live life.After the birth of first daughter Jenny, the heroine wanted a child from a loved one.But the desired pregnancy resulted in the death of an ordinary illness.Of course, the adoptive father of illness in any case would not allow, but he daughter watched as Tatiana and her new friend, the musician went to the Crimea.

Cherenkov never changes the shutter.Even when it comes to the hospital, where she died of his adopted daughter, Dr. primarily produces prevention, aimed at to protect other women from the same sad fate which befell his child, and only then gives vent to feelings.

Meanwhile Elena withdraws into himself and slowly going mad.She sees an unusually vivid dreams about the past and the future, of rebirth and deciding the destiny still alive.This second part is devoted to the dreams of the book Ulitskaia.At first glance they appear to be in any way bessvyazanym delirium.However, it is hidden deep mystery of human suschestovanie.

That description of the tragic events fascinates and keeps the reader in constant pressure novel "The Case of Kukotskiy", summary of the book can not hide the dramatic events taking place in it.

final book

completing a book a small story about the fate of all the characters: the brothers Goldberg, Tamara, musician Sergei, Eugene.The last character of each week visiting his native grandmother Helen, despite the later stages of pregnancy.And all these people are connected to each other recollection of Cherenkov and Tanya.It's almost all about "Case of Kukotskiy": a summary of the novel. "We just have to share with the reader his concluding observations.

Why book Ulitskaia called so

Sudbicheskie incidents (contradictions, discrepancies, paradoxes) Kukotsky following:

1. The idea of ​​legal abortion has become the basis for a break with my wife, but it was drugs (visual patterns) this doctor led some officials to consider and finally adopt the law.

2. Doctor saves the life of women and their children, lost his dearly belovedadopted daughter is from a failed pregnancy.

3. Finally, Vasilisa, more than twenty years he lived in the house of the famous gynecologist, she suffered from uterine prolapse, but the patient and never said a word, and generally interested only in their economic responsibilities.