Vladimir Kiselyov "Girl and ptitselet": a summary of the chapters

Ukrainian Soviet writer Vladimir Kiselyov was the front.Grozny finished military school, commanded the mortar battery on the Stalingrad front.Were seriously injured, permanently left the memory of the battle - a splinter stuck in his chest.

book for young talented

whether a person was he?An affirmative answer read his novel for young people "and ptitselet Girl."Summary of the book can not replace it with a careful reading.She filmed.The author deliberately departed from the standard soulless positivist cinematic standouts.His character gets and the "troika", and even "two."Olga Alekseeva - the soul of the class.It is friendly to his classmates and fast friends with the guys.She tries to be fair and always has his own opinion.

about the difficult adolescence heroine writes the author of the novel "The Girl and ptitselet."Summary fully can not display the Master Image creator purely youthful mood swings Olga, her frustration, disappointment, comfort, complex relationships with their parents, which

won the love and understanding.

comparing the book with the American novel "The Catcher in the Rye"

By diving into the world of the author's youthful mentality is similar to the Fitzgerald's masterpiece "The Catcher in the Rye," a book by Vladimir Kiselyov "Girl and ptitselet."Summary of the work, however, distinguishes it from said American classics.

This is evident when reading.Olga and her friends Victor Serdyuk, Eugene Ivanov, Kohl Galega once more social and more friendly than their American counterparts in the novel American classic.Our young people more directly.They are addicted to science, jointly carried out with serious inquiry.And with all that they have something that is not the heroes Fitzgerald Friends.That it motivates Olga Alekseeva in the implementation of its good deeds.

beginning of the novel.Family incident

The novel begins with the spiritual crisis of a teenage girl who was locked in her room, crying, he spares himself.She is upset: her stepfather (whom she loves and calls the Pope) could not resist and gave her a slap in the face after Olga said she did not talk to whom and for how much to sell a home camera.With such a psychologically difficult situation begins the novel "The Girl and ptitselet."Summary of the episode with the loss of the camera requires additional clarification.Parent conference took place on the birthday girl, when the guests had gone.

And it was not the only disappointment, delivered Olga parents that day.After the stepfather has offered guests photographed after they were unable to eat my mother cooked the cake.After all, it was a carbide (reagent girl, which she kept in the kitchen in the bottle).About how my mother, having no idea about the presence of this substance in the kitchen, shaking the bottle by accident, the reaction was initiated near the test.This misunderstanding of the writer tells us Kiselev ("Girl and ptitselet").Summary of the book introduces us to the psychology of the child.

She was crying that day, sentimentality a lesson from the story of Russian literature teacher Elizabeth Karlovna about the biography of Mikhail Lermontov.

Why Olya has decided to sell a camera and what happened

Olya sold a home camera not because selfish motives.Its intention is that, in order to get money to buy the children of chemicals.About scientific researches children Kiselev writes in the book "The Girl and ptitselet."Summary of the book certainly contains a description of the episode.He's the key to understanding the readers, for what respected girl classmates.She donated this thing in order to get along with his teammates to make experiments in chemistry together amateur labs.

money for reagents are not enough, and they earn slowly.Although the guys tried together, the amount was meager.

Victor Serdyuk contributed to the fund amount to 2.18 rubles, and the other guys are glued paper bags and sold at 1 ruble.

about how Olga was the victim of fraud, says the book "Girl and ptitselet."Summary of what happened to her of the incident is that the short, middle-aged alcoholic zheltozuby-rascal just grabbed the girl from the hands of the camera, thrusting her hand trehkopeechnuyu coin wrapped in a ruble.But before you jump on the tram and hide, he fooling girl and her friend, accusing them of stealing and threatening to "surrender to the police," where they will certainly be punished according to paragraph A of Article 179.

This was not reported to his parents Olga,because with the guys vowed to keep secret these joint research.

However, soon tact parents and especially goodwill stepfather paternal loving girl who leads the family to reconcile.

leitmotif of the book-dream

After such emotional ties scene Vladimir Kiselyov presents us her main idea, the leitmotif, to determine the name of a romantic and memorable works.Exciting fantasy scene hovering above the city, and our machines displays a summary."Girl and ptitselet" chapter by chapter, how the steps, introduces the reader to the world of youth extremism and the desire for self-realization.

keynote speak about the work.Once friends, classmates went home to Vita Serdyuk.His dad, professor, chemistry guys interested.First, he suggested that they set fire to sugar.

The guys did not work out.Then the scientist showed them how the presence of a catalyst (such sugar served cigarette ashes) combustion takes place.Then, the professor told the children about the promising researches: polymer films, due to compressive and tensile catalyst.His original idea was fascinated children: Made of heavy-duty elastic polymer films likeness of muscles that control the flapping of birds' wings.Under the influence of the catalysts of the film, the muscles begin to shrink and stretch, carrying the dream of ancient people.They will be able to fly like a bird.Impressionable Olya immediately imagine a picture of how huge a bird machine, ptitselety fly gracefully, gently waving his wings on the monument of the Glory and the Mariinsky park.That's it then present the children there and there was the dream to create your own lab to look for the right catalyst for flights mechanical miracle bird.

friendship with Nicky Galegov

Stories about how children learn, make friends and try to find the right flight for the catalyst contains a summary of the "Girl and ptitselet."1 head of mission - to acquaint the reader with a vivid and interesting life of the youth.The subsequent chapters are increasing the overall dynamics of the narrative.The story of children's novel captures the reader all his new twists.Any incidents occur at school.Children grow ... Teacher trying to act adequately to the situation.One of the teachers saw kissing Tanya disciple Nechayev with 8-B Borka Safronov.Immediately the teacher of Russian literature Elizabeth Karlovna conducted with children and talk about the girl's male pride, referring to works of Anton Chekhov and Nikolai Ostrovsky.The reader of the book Kiseleva constantly feels the pulse of the living school life.

Meanwhile Olya Alexeyeva among classmates has a new friend.For some reason she was approached by a long and awkward Kohl Galega.In the classroom, he was considered an outcast.His father Bogdan I. worked as a policeman and my mother stayed at the Elena Evdokimovna disability.Her health was undermined by the ordeal of the Great Patriotic War.Being a nurse on the battlefield, she saved more than 70 wounded.Long staying under stress, Elena Evdokimovna began to suffer heart failure.The episode tells how Olga came to the house of Galegov contains a summary of the "Girl and ptitselet."According to the heads of the work will continue to develop the theme of friendship escalating Nicholas and Olga in youthful romantic love.

As Olga helped Nicholas

Affably met a girl Elena Evdokimovna.Olya tasted wonderful tasty borscht.Colin's mother complained that her son is not got on with their studies, and my dad asked "to take it in tow," as previously called for tuition assistance.As a guest of Colin parents, the girl noticed in some tiny and uncomfortable house they live.On his impressions from this visit, she later told her parents.

Knowingly Galega went to Ole.Kind and sympathetic girl in first class noticed that Nicholas, aloof company classmates, really suffering from his loneliness and would like to improve relations with fellow practitioners.The fact that Kolya soon there have been dramatic changes in the novel says Vladimir Kiselev "Girl and ptitselet."Summary tells us that friends Oli Galegov soon took to his company.Insulting nickname Boxwood Nicholas stopped call.Improved his business and with his studies.The boy began to regularly do homework.There had excellent grades.These changes are noticed and teachers.They finally realized that quiet modest girl Olga Alekseeva is a leader in the classroom.

Besides school life, even one event in the book says Vladimir Kiselev "Girl and ptitselet."Summary tells the remarkable act of Nikolai Olga's stepfather.He worked as a journalist, learned from the story of adopted daughter, in which poor living conditions of the family lives of the heroic nurse, was able to raise the issue of the provision of family housing Galegov.Soon Kolya, his Mom and Dad were going to move into a new house.

tragic event

However, the Pope was not to Koli Bogdan Iosifovich view the new housing.The tragic events of the book tells us "Girl and ptitselet" Kiselyov.Father Olga's school friend died, hit by a train.Chronology of that tragic day began in the afternoon.Bogdan I. went on business, but had to return home to 19-00, as by this time it had to come to Yuri M. neighbor.But at the appointed time, Colin Pope did not return.At 23 o'clock Elena Evdokimovna reported this to the duty of the police station, where her husband served.And at night they were awakened by my father's colleagues, telling the terrible news.

Olya and dad went to express sympathy and Elena Cole Evdokimovna.What happened between Olga and Nikolai mutual misunderstanding was dropped.Nicholas again trusted her more than anyone else.Perhaps that is why he has shared doubts about the official version of the death of his father.His firm decision to start its own investigation into the story "Girl and ptitselet" Kiselyov.

decision Nicholas

Kohl believed that the pope was murdered.It seemed to him inadmissible official version of what his father, drunk, hit by a train.Especially in his pockets, investigators found a pack of cigarettes.The father did not drink and did not smoke from the front.

Roman Kiselyov "Girl and ptitselet" later tells us humble and courageous man like Colin's father.

During the Great Patriotic Bogdan I. commanded the regimental intelligence.As you know, the soldiers at the front were given daily "narkomovskie 100 grams."Once Bogdan I., drinking vodka, lost his usual vigilance.Scouts nearly died.Fortunately, everyone was able to return alive, but this time, Colin's father did not drink a single gram.


policeman's funeral Bogdan Iosifovich police band played.Colleagues have spoken heartfelt speech.A large bald man by the name of Sokolov told how, together with Bogdan Iosifovich went to investigate.Some young woman burst into tears.Only the widow Elena Evdokimovna did not fall from the eyes no tears.Heavily she suffered the death of her beloved husband.Even rave beginning.Kohl worried mother.

Guy began his search by talking to Dad's colleague, uncle Semyon.Coley has attracted the attention of a pack of cigarettes, which does not belong to his father, but who, along with his belongings transferred to the law enforcement family.Uncle Simon said that the name motorman, knocked down, was Stetsenko.He was an experienced railwayman.After meeting with him, Kolya learned that in the darkness of night saw three figures shmygnuvshie through the rails into the darkness.The train came down from the hill, it was impossible to brake.But, according to observations Stetsenko, the body on the tracks were already fixed.And the head of Bogdan Iosifovich hung from rails.That is the train knocked down, his head hurt itself could not.Nevertheless, it is on the head were found seriously injured.

investigation Nicholas

about how Nicholas together with Olga went for advice to the chief specialist - Goods Tobacco Factory, described in the book "The Girl and ptitselet."Vladimir Kiselev, shows the reader the whole course of the investigation conducted by the guys.Zavodchaninu specialists able to determine on cigarettes from his pocket late Bogdan Iosifovich two circumstances.Firstly, they were produced in the current month, and secondly, tobacco therein was Chernigovsky.Kohl went to Dad's colleague - Sokolov war veteran, bald man who previously said moving speech at the funeral.Man man expressed doubt that his father used the alcohol, so most likely, it still killed.

Suddenly he noticed in the hands of his father Sokolova folding knife with green handle.He asked his interlocutor, where he had.However, Sokolov said that he and the boy's dad bought the same knife in the same store.He pulled out his and gave the boy.

Sokolov suggested that the still version of the death of Bogdan Iosifovich under the wheels of the train to drop is not necessary.The more so because his father could meet front-line friend, and they could drink together.Kohl asked about their common father colleagues.Sokolov called Colonel Romanenko living in Cherkassy.

Kohl Galega to clarify one day went to Cherkasy.However, Colonel Romanenko was no longer living.

As a true investigator Nicholas soon identified another direction search.He clearly has the ability to operational work.Summary of "The Girl and ptitselet" chapter by chapter contains evidence of his logical mind and ingenuity.A guy wearing a jacket of his father, found in the inside pocket notebook.Kolya's attention was drawn to one of the last records, "Titan."The so-called workshops, where he worked as Uncle Sokolov.According to Coley, should organize workshops for surveillance.He turned to the boys.Those approved his plan and agreed to help.

surprisingly novel ends Kiselyov "Girl and ptitselet."Summary of the story suggests that the criminals were looking not only classmates Oli.The children also learned about it after Kohl Galega overseeing workshops, suddenly found himself in a gray "Volga" with tinted windows.He simply pulled into the car came out of a burly man in a hat.The guys who have seen it all from the other side of the intersection, gave chase.More precisely, Jack persuaded the other driver "Volga" to catch up with the stolen classmate.The one at the intersection blocked gray "Volga" and ran to her with a wrench.However, to meet him came a man in a hat and presented a certificate.He appeared as a prosecutor.

Criminals caught

From the story of detective guys find out how the investigation.On the specifics of police work told Kiselyov novel "Girl and ptitselet."The content of the investigation was to determine the whole gang of criminals.Conducting the investigation the prosecutor's office kept secret.The official version of the accident turned out to be undercover to flush out criminals do not.And the children themselves, doing amateur search, criminals were seen.Therefore, the investigator and the Kohl pulled into the machine.After all, the boy risked his life without knowing it!He could at any moment provoke bandits.

At the time of the conversation with the investigator guys gangsters were already caught and arrested.Investigator told this version of the offense Cole and his comrades.

criminals provoked I. Bogdan.He found that the shops located near the "Titan" shop does not hand over the proceeds to the bank.Workshops sewing shop sold leather goods.He supervised criminal craft bald man Sokolov.He suggested Pope Kolya bribe him not to investigate the activities of the underground workshop on.However, a former intelligence officer was a man of honest and principled.He did not go on about the criminals.