Summary: "The Black Monk" Chekhov AP by chapter

In 1893 there was a product of APChekhov, the idea of ​​which he dreamed.Genius and megalomania - these are the main issues that concern the author.We offer a summary of the story of Chekhov's "The Black Monk".

1 chapter

Magister Andrew V. Kovrigina doctor advised for spring and summer to go to the village to calm the nerves.At the same time I received a letter from the daughter of an old friend and mentor of Borisovka, who called for a visit.Reaching to his native Kovrinku hero went to his teacher, the famous gardener Pesotskaya.So begins his work "The Black Monk" Chekhov.Summary does not include a detailed description of the house and garden Yegor Semyonitch.We only note that the selection and care of plants Pesotsky devoted his entire life.The result became a magnificent garden, where from morning to night workers swarmed.Yes, and the owner gave him all the time, rarely venturing even for a short departure from the estate.Great help my father in his business provided an unmarried Tatiana.

Kovrigin first night spent with the girl in the garden: frosts are expected and there lit bonfires.They talked about a past life, about the future.And Kovrigin suddenly thought that over the summer, he can fall in love with Tatiana, who knew a little girl.

chapter 2 in the village hero slept little and never stopped working.One night he heard a serenade a girl with a sick imagination - it played Pesotsky guests.When the music stopped, Kovrigin went with Tatiana to the balcony.He told her he had heard once legend, the hero of which was, as noted by APChekhov, the black monk.Summary it is such.A thousand years ago the monk walked the earth in a black ghost.He was seen in many places.Then he came out of the limits of the atmosphere and set off to wander through the universe.However, recently the ghost must appear again on earth.

After talking Kovrigin alone reached the field.And suddenly he appeared before him a tall, moving pole.Soon the hero saw clearly outlines - it was the black monk.Chekhov - a summary of the legend coincided with the fact that he saw the hero - drew attention to the gray hair, black eyebrows, bare feet mirage.Worried Master returned home and the whole evening was in sublime condition.

Chapter 3

After the departure of the guests between Andrei Vasilyevich and Pesotsky conversation.Here is his summary.Black Monk - Chekhov, he is also very worried - everything was thought Kovrigina.However, the host spoke about the future.The fact that the garden after his death would not last a month.What the old man's daughter is afraid of marriage - a stranger to easily pass the trees in the rent - and all is lost.And then confessed that the only man for whom one could safely give Tanya - he, Andrei Vasilievich.Concluding the conversation, Pesotsky expressed the hope: maybe even all of the slides?

Chapter 4

Once Tanya and Yegor Semenovich strongly quarreled.They did not talk all day and Kovrigin assumed the role of peacemaker.He gently tried to convince the girl that flared up and the two need to discuss everything.At this moment Andrey V. came to think Tatiana liked and Pesotskaya - only his native people in this world.Soon Yegor Semenovich and Tanya talked quietly in the garden, and Kovrigin went to the park.

Chapter 5

Evening shadows reminded the hero of legend.Immediately from behind a tree he appeared a familiar person.It was - on the description of the offer of conversation and its summary - black monk.Chekhov as a doctor, worried about the state of a person with mental disorders.The conversation began with the recognition that a monk - it was a ghost, the result of an excited imagination.Kovrigin said quite expressive face interlocutor and the fact that he looks at Andrew Vasilyevich with delight.The answer was simple monk.Master - the genius, and this proves his ability to see ghosts.Kovrigina seemed monk reads his thoughts, and he offered to talk about the eternal truth.However, the vision was to dissolve in the air, until he was gone.This was a new meeting of the hero with a mysterious ghost and its summary.

«The Black Monk" Chekhov goes on to describe the conversation Andrei Vasilyevich with Tatiana.They met when Kovrigin returning home.Happy and bright-eyed from the experience, he admitted Tanya in love and offered to become his wife.

Chapter 6

The house Pesotsky reigned joyful and disturbing atmosphere: getting ready for the wedding, and then there's the fruit ripe.Kovrigin tried not to notice the commotion began.He worked hard, fueling inspiration in the relationship with Tanya and meetings with a monk.Now it was the last two-three times a week, and Andrey V. finally sure of his Chosen and exclusivity.

And after the wedding of the Dormition Fast, after which the young people left the city.

Chapter 7

One winter night Kovrigin enthusiastically talked with the monk, laughing and gesticulating.Behind this busy and caught him accidentally awakened Tanya.The wife said long noticed oddities Andryusha: he says to himself, barely sleeping, strange smiles.And at that moment Kovrigin understood how dangerous his position."I was crazy," - he said to Tanya and guests have Pesotskaya.And in the morning he was taken to the doctor and began to treat.

8 Chapter

the summer of nerves hero recovered, and he no longer saw the black monk.Once in the village, Kovrigin once went to a field where they held the first meeting.For the year Andrew V. changed: the gait became lethargic, his face pale and fuller medicines and milk.Now it all annoyed.And back home, the man accused of the test and his wife that they ruined his life.Previously, the hero pursued megalomaniac, but he was cheerful and happy.Now it has become mediocre, but anyone that does not help.

Eventually relationship Kovrigina Thani and very spoiled.As she did not ask him to be nicer to his father, nothing has changed.Instead of past happiness were hostility and mutual reproaches.

9 Chapter

Kovrigina gave his pulpit, but in December, or in January of the lecture did not take place.Andrew V. seriously ill.Now he was living with a woman, I was spreading over him like a child.Hoping to improve their health Kovrigina, went to Yalta.In Sevastopol, where we stayed for the night, the hero decided to print a letter-Thani, which was even before the departure.Now he thought he had married her in vain, and so happy parting.He suddenly remembered how ugly acted when told that Yegor Semenovich asked him to marry Tanya.Finally, Kovrigin read the letter.His father died, garden dies, and the soul burns Thani pain and hatred - this is his summary.

«The Black Monk" Chekhov's story ends with the death of the hero.After reading the letter, he tore it into pieces, and experienced anxiety, like fear.It seemed to him that now the door again will she indestructible force that in two years has brought him and his family so much trouble.Trying to work failed.Andrew V. went to the balcony and saw the approaching column.Soon, a monk standing in front of him and asked why Kovrigin not believe in their exclusivity.And suddenly the hero again experienced former happiness and all called Tanya, a luxurious garden, a beautiful former life.Kovrigin morning "was dead, and his face frozen blissful smile" - completes the product "Black Monk" Chekhov (a summary of the chapters you read).