early death of the author, albeit tragic, makes readers, you might even have to say a generation of lovers of literature, such as in a special refers to works whose creators are gone too soon.Sadly, but one of them, and AVVampilov."Duck Hunt" (summary) - the theme of this article.

funeral wreath.Action first.Scene One

People usually ends up a wreath, while Zilov from it all began.The protagonist of the play awakens from a telephone call with a terrible headache.Zilov picks up the phone, but there is silence on the other end of the connection is terminated.

He struggled to rise from the bed, touching the jaw (which he hurts), goes to the kitchen, he takes a beer from the refrigerator back into the room and starts to do exercises, not letting go of the bottle.There was another call, but history repeats itself exactly: at the end of the line again, unwilling to talk.

Zilov finishes his beer and dials already own.It turns out that he calls his classmate Dima, who now works as a waiter in a cafe, "

Forget-Me."In the latter usually she likes to visit Zilov.Dmitri surprised that he calls Victor (the name of the protagonist), as from their conversation it becomes clear that rumored Zilov died.Hero laughs and says that he was alive and well.And he tells a classmate's commitment to go to the duck hunting with him.Also from the same conversation Zilov know yesterday was a terrible scandal in the cafe.He is not missing the moment, asked: "And in the face no one beat me?Very jaw hurts. "What gets a negative response.The conversation ends, it interrupted by a knock on the front door.

boy arrived with funeral wreaths, which he sends directly Zilov.But what is interesting is the protagonist of the play, and he is dedicated.In the process, on the one hand, Amusing enough, on the other hand, a little bit strange and terrible dialogue with a boy young man (a ZIL 30 years) can not find anything really.

That's exciting work begins AV Vampilov."Duck Hunt" (summary presented in the article) - a very intriguing piece.

he forgave the boy and the first is (dreams) as it would have killed for a wife (Galina), "new bride" (Irina), my friends, if death was genuine, then he remembers the events of recent days.

Cafe "Forget-Me»

Lunchtime Zilov Sayapin decided to refuel and wine, you can not say that it was their habit - to drink during breaks at work, just at that time was an occasion - Zilov got an apartment.Friends decided to "warm up reds" in anticipation of the main action - the evening celebration on the occasion of housewarming.

On "warm" and they called their boss - Vadim A. Sash.But before he came to faith - Zilov mistress.Victor said that their boss - a man of high morals and no such hazing does not accept, so it's best to pretend she classmate.Girl playing and verbal teasing Zilov, agrees.

faith does not change the frivolous manners, what attracts Sash and inadvertently gives him some hope.A recent Sash (very handy) held his wife in the south and now temporarily free.

Even relying only on summary Vampilov play "Duck Hunt", one can say that the work is very pleasant to read.

Zilov would not want to face in the same room (though the new apartment), his wife and mistress, but nothing can be done, we have to invite him to housewarming and Faith, too, that in some sense the expectations of the boss.


Scene housewarming remembered above all by the fact that there are all drunk as Remarque's novels, ielots and tasteful.Also, there are new characters: the wife Sayapina - Valeria, another comrade Zilov - Kuzakov.It gives young couples on holiday garden bench.Everyone laughs, all fun.Faith brought a soft plush cat.A Sayapin and his wife gave Zilov equipment for hunting: wood ducks, cartridge belt, a knife, much to we respected master of the house, because he is very fond of this kind of leisure.

also the first picture of the first clumsy steps memorized and at the same time, attempts cheeky chef - Vadim A. - to seduce a lover Zilov Faith.

first scene ends with a conversation between Zilov and his wife, the subject of which - the child.She wants to, but he does not want.At the end of the conversation uses Vadim Andreyevich upset and says that loses faith in the literal, physical sense: it was out of his field of vision.

begins his narrative rather benevolently Vampilov."Duck Hunt", a summary of which is presented here, it keeps some mystery and intrigue that vaguely guessed the reader.

Crown continues to awaken memories.Act I, Scene II

It is important that Zilov Sayapin and sit at work.They need to take a report, but they have nothing.They work in some central bureau of technical information.Zilov offers Sayapin "stacked the deck" superiors and write a report "from the bulldozer", but he hesitates for a long time and can not be solved.Zilov offers to throw a coin toss comrades, it somehow falls, but they do not yet know the fate of the decision, because at the very moment when the coin lands to him in the office part of the girl Irina 18 years.She wants to print an announcement.She believed that he was in the newspaper or magazine.Zilov just does stand as a hunting dog, and tries to arrange her to him.Then it comes to the Sash and spoils everything.He asked about the report and the girl said that she was not here Editorial, she offended, leaves.Zilov pops up behind her and, apparently, the time to agree on a meeting.This hero has given the features of this womanizer Vampilov."Duck Hunt" (summary may not contain all the details) will only wins.

picture is completed by Galina call her husband to work and the news that she is pregnant.Zilov not very happy about the news, so the wife hangs up.Flashback ends.Zilov again in his room.Two of them - he and wreath.

Zilov early arrival home.Memories of the "youth" Viktor and Galina.Act II.Scene Two

word "youth" is in quotes because the heroes of the story at the time 29 and 26 years respectively.About any age can be no question.

Zilov still there - in his new apartment.First he calls the Meteocentrum, trying to find out something about the weather (the rain, and rain should be), then decides to just talk with the voice on the other end.He refused.He hangs up and begins to remember.

Zilov comes home early in the morning to find that his wife had fallen asleep at his desk on notebooks (it is a school teacher).The arrival of her husband wakes up.Zilov begins to lie, I was on a business trip, but my wife can stop the flow of lies and says that yesterday he had been seen at the grocery store, and so he did not go anywhere.

Then he launches into an explanation of the standard unfaithful husbands who caught saying that you have to believe me, but not to other people, we have the same, even a child.Galina says that no child will be gone.She was in the hospital and had an abortion.Zilov feigned indignant, threatened that the next time she steps without his words will not do.Galina says: "Do not play, it's all over between us."

Zilov in order to save the situation, trying to recreate the very beginning of their relationship.Galya and Victor have again "love to play."At first all goes well, then it turns out that the bad Zilov remembers what it was six years ago.Spitting at all, he tries to force his wife to close, but she sees and cries.

Flashback ends.Zilov lying on the couch.

unattractive character created Zilov Vampilov ("Duck Hunt").Summary of the chapters of history leaves it feeling.Although, of course, in the play, there is no chapters are only the actions and pictures, but the narrative itself has a reference point.Their probation and may be called heads.However, you still think that Zilov conceals some personal tragedy and sadness that is expressed in its chaotic behavior.

Evidence loneliness hero

When Zilov is again in a dull and rainy this (although we can not say that the past of his spark of joy), he calls Dima to "forget-me" and tells him that he was all alone, and that the waiter for his only friend.Zilov suddenly realized that he was abandoned by all.

talk briefly distracting the owner of a new apartment, but then again he is floating on the waves of my memory.

death of his father a hero and evidence of infidelity Zilov

Next memories and concerns all at once: work, family, and Victor.They sit with Sayapin.These states Kuzak and shakes them to the parties than workers decided boss "stacked the deck" (Report of the linden Porcelain Factory).Vadim Andreyevich more ruined.Zilov takes the blame on himself and Sayapin denies this report, they say, has signed without looking and that's that.Kuzak Zilov threatened with dismissal, and that anyway.

Then there Sayapina wife, she is trying to alleviate the situation and takes the chief of football.Zilov Sayapin and remain in office.A friend and colleague of Viti justified because dumped all the blame on him.Zilov not listening.At this time, comes a telegram and the hero learns of his father's death.He quickly gathered and left the office.Pre Zilov course Galina phoned and told her the sad news.They agreed to meet in the "forget-me" because Victor had to drink before you go to the funeral.

Café between spouses scene happens again: Galina says that all over between them and talks about his long-time fan letters.Victor bristles, although a date has appointed Irina today in this place a little later.Then they put up, and then goes Galina.The cafe includes Irina.Zilov confesses that he is married and his father had died, so the next week, they will not see.For this explanation of young people finds Zilov wife (she brought her husband a raincoat and briefcase on the road).Not saying not a word, the wife of the hero comes out of the institution.

Zilov decides to go tomorrow.Flashback ends.Zilov again in his apartment.

conversation with his wife.Painting a third of the same action

Zilov Irina calls the hostel - she left, then calls to the institute, and he said that she left.But the main thing is not happening in the apartment of the hero, but in his head.Next memories on the way.

Galina goes to the family and puts things.Zilov in another room collects tools for hunting.Then the wife goes away, he said he would be back in a month.Zilov calls immediately Irina and invites her to visit.

Suddenly Galina returns and recognizes that it is not going away to stay with relatives or a month and a "former love" forever.Here Zilov enraged, she calls her last words.He chases after her, but she manages to lock him in the room.He falls into the abyss of sweet for a Russian self-exposure, he said that no one but he has no Gali and that besides her he did not need anyone.He promises her "golden mountains and rivers full of wine," but it turns out, the idea was not for Gali, which has long left the apartment and opened the door of the room even Zilov and for Ira.It was she who released him.

We almost completed the review of the play (by AV Vampilov) "Duck Hunt."Summary of actions is very close to its end.

moral decay Zilov reaches its climax.Action recently

The play casually mentioned that the main character - a bad shooter, but he Buzoter exposer and first class!At the beginning of the reader sees that Zilov going to hunt, and in full uniform, he remembers his last boorish behavior.

turns out that yesterday was a holiday in which he assembled all his friends and "new bride" - Irina.It became Zilov blurt the truth in all directions indiscriminately.Over the fact that he drank himself senseless, the waiter "light up" on his jaw, and friends are gone.However, after a while they came back (their male part) and carried him in her arms.Then the idea to send him a telegram and a wreath, because he - the same as the dead (dead drunk).

Here's a chronicle of life Zilov turned to his awakening at the beginning of the first act.A brilliant master of dialogue - Alexander Vampilov."Duck Hunt" (summary, we hope, give it to feel at least a little) - a masterpiece of world drama.

Remembering all this, Victor decides to bring the case to the end and to commit suicide.Previously he calls to friends and invite them to the wake now and says that he does not go hunting.

He prepares all for suicide, and even wrote a suicide note.Everything is as it should be.Friends have time to save him.Then, after much wrangling, leave him alone.Zilov falls on the couch for a while and shaking all over.He was crying or laughing - can not be understood.At that time the phone rings periodically.The hero goes to sleep in the same position, then wakes up.Suitable for phone calls and Dmitry says he still keep him company on the hunt.

What this play, if you look over the rows or inland?

We reviewed the play, which was written Vampilov, "Duck Hunt" (summary).Analysis of it boils down to stating the fact that it is an essay on the tragedy of human loneliness.For Zilov was important only one thing: to be understood.He did not want no love, no friendship, he sought only the deep, spiritual connection with another person, and because they do not find it, try to replace the need for his rudeness and debauchery.

So to get an overview of the play, which gave the world A.Vampilov."Duck Hunt" (summary of actions and events) was dismantled by us in detail, maybe even too detailed for a brief retelling.