Ibsen "A Doll's House": a summary of the analysis

Henrik Ibsen - one of the most famous European playwrights of the XIX century, famous for his invention of a new drama.Writer and poet, the greatest impact it has had on the theater.Today we have seen a completely different setting, if not innovative ideas that brought Ibsen."A Doll's House" (a summary of this work and will be our main theme) - his most famous play, which in their entirety reflected the author's concept.


author began work on the play already in 1878, then there were the first sketches.Seeks to express the problems of modern reality, clothed them in the classical form of tragedy, Ibsen.

«A Doll's House" (summary will be presented below) was released a year later.The basis of the play was based on real events.The prototype Standards writer chose Laura Keeler, Norwegian writer.That Ibsen told her to take literature from this and began their friendship.Girl after her father's death she married Victor Keeler, a good man, who was the only drawback - greed.After a while, he go

t sick and had to be treated abroad.There was no money, and Laura took a secret from her husband a bank loan.They went to Switzerland, Victor recovered.It was time banking payments, but the money still has not been, and Laura told her husband the truth.Under the influence of his friends, he demanded a divorce, which took place shortly.The woman took the child, and very recognized insane.But soon returned to her husband, the marriage was restored, and Laura start writing.That is the life of this woman became the starting point for a play.

Ibsen "A Doll's House": a summary.Home

action takes place in Norway, in the apartment Torvald Helmer, worked as a lawyer, and his wife Nora.Eve Eve.Nora comes, returning with lots of gifts for the children and husband.Thorvald affectionately greets his wife and jokingly says she spendthrift.Nora argues that there is nothing wrong, since the new year heralds its increase.

Thorvald removed to his office to look after Nora, and that after three births looks great.Included Fru Linde, an old friend of Mrs. Helmer.Since the last meeting friends took eight years.Linde during that time managed to bury the wife and children in a marriage she did not appear.


Nora Nora comes the turn to talk about his life.Even in the first year of marriage Torvald became ill, and he had to change the climate.Then Nora took the money on receipt of one master, and my husband said that the trip gave his father.Now she always pays the interest, and the money for that secretly takes from Helmer.

Norma offers help Fru Linde - the husband can take her to work.Right now, he dismisses his attorney Krogstad, which means the place is released.It turns out that Fru Linde bit familiar with this person.


so unusual realism of the modern reader immediately attracts attention.Moreover, to portray the reality - that the main task set before him, Henry Ibsen."A Doll's House" (summary can attest) - not just work, seeking the truth, and a work based on it.

So Thorvald dismiss his attorney.The reason - once they committed fraud related to cash transactions.The court acquitted Krogstad, but Helmer does not want to have anything to do with such a person.

rapidly twisted intrigue in the play "A Doll's House" (Ibsen).Summary of actions relates that Krogstad - is precisely the one who lent the money Nora.Now he asks for her intercession before Torvalds.Besides, he had proven themselves in the bank, and the reasons for dismissal, in fact, not.

Nora execute the request, but her husband is not valid.Helmer she refuses, since quite take seriously.Upon learning this, Krogstad threatens to expose.But Nora is not only a victim of blackmail his former attorney sent a letter Torvald, which threatens to tell everyone about the misconduct of his wife, while banking career come to an end.Nora does not know how to do it is now.


very realistic and natural Ibsen portrays his characters."A Doll's House", a summary of which we continue to describe, draws perfectly natural human reaction.For Nora, afraid of the future exposure and shame, at first wanted to commit suicide.But the idea that her name be dishonored after death stops her.

decision is unexpected, it appears that Fru Linde and Krogstad once linked the love, but the woman had to marry another to improve the financial position of the sick mother and little brother.Now she is free and ready to follow the dictates of the heart.Krogstad glad it renounces its blackmail after all and so found true love and happiness in life.The only problem - a letter has been sent Helmer and got into his mailbox, the key to which the owner always carries with him.


comes to its climax play, written by H. Ibsen ("A Doll's House").Summary describes the scene reading the letter Helmer.At first, he just can not believe what they read, and then covered his anger.Had his dear beautiful wife a criminal ?!And now, because of her writings reached such an increase is threatened.Thorvald decides to take away the children, Nora also leave for decency in the house, but they will live separately.

But then bring a new letter.It is from Krogstad, which refuses its claims, and returns the borrowed securities Nora.Helman immediately enthuses: Now everything will be as before.But Nora does not agree with this, she's going to leave the house.Torvald, has always been perceived as a toy wife, impressed by her independence.Nora is disappointed in her husband, he behaved like a coward and not the man.Now there are more than nothing in common.

Despite the surprise, Helman understands the seriousness of the words and intentions of Nora.He tries to convince his wife that from now on will treat it differently, but the woman does not believe him anymore.Nora does not deviate from your selection.


main theme of the play - the attitude of society towards women and their social status.It is to this issue sought to draw the attention of Ibsen."A Doll's House" (summary by chapter illustrates the problem) is seen by many today as a hymn of feminism.However, this is not all the problems of the work.The author wrote about freedom of man as a person in general.And it does not sound basic attacks against men, but rather to address the society 70 years of the XIX century.Dead laws obdurate installation and norms of the bourgeois world - that's what I wanted to convict Ibsen.


Dollhouse Doll House - the main symbol of the work, and it is connected with the image of the heroine.So, the puppet world of Nora is well manifested in the scene playing a woman with their children.Hide and Seek accompanied by laughter and merriment, and Nora are portrayed as old as their kids.This idyllic world pulls her toys Parish Krogstad that threatens tell HELMER a loan.After that the woman can not re carefree fun, it overwhelmed the thought of impending trouble.

Gradually collision with cruel real world destroys doll house in which he lives, Nora.And thanks to this woman gets independence, the ability to see the world as it is.This is an idea that has invested in the play Ibsen ("A Doll's House").Summary, analysis and reader's observations suggest that this work is about freedom and about how to obtain this freedom.