Guy de Maupassant: a short biography and creativity Photo

One of the most famous French writer, author of the world's masterpieces, whose popularity is timeless - Guy de Maupassant.Biography of the character, as well as the fate of his characters, full of violence and truthfulness.This man was not afraid to portray human vices, possessed himself.

happy childhood on the coast

his homeland become Upper Normandy, which is located in the northwestern part of France.Novelist was born August 5, 1850, at the castle de Miromesnil, which is in the vicinity of the picturesque town of Dieppe.

Father masters came from an impoverished noble family.As his wife, he took the girl by the name of Laura le Puatvenom, whose family belonged to the class of the middle bourgeoisie.The couple madly in love with each other, and the first years of married life were very happy.

fun and carefree childhood spent Guy de Maupassant.Biography boy was closely associated with the sea.He often played with the peasant children on the sandy shore, quickly learned how to swim skillfully an

d even fished out in sailing.It is because of these memories were later written works such as "The Hand", "rope", "The peasant court", "drowned."

clash with reality

In 1856, the family had another boy.Herve brother Guy, from birth suffered from a mental disorder.Similar problems were also the mother of the writer.Laura was ill with neuroses and depression.

In subsequent years, the atmosphere in their small house changed.Permanent wild life of his father led to the divorce.Woman with children moved.At that time there was a particularly close bond between mother and son.Laura became the man who unquestioningly obeyed by Guy de Maupassant.

brief biography tells about the years of his training.At the request of my mother the boy went to the seminary.She believed that such trade could provide her baby a comfortable future life.But there's a guy behaves like a bully and lazy, constantly criticizes not only the education system but also religion itself.For bad behavior he was expelled.

Literature as the purpose of life

At this age, he took the first steps to verbal art and wrote simple poems.His mother supported his hobby.Laura was a fan of literature, I read a lot and talked with pen geniuses of the time.It was she who helped his son get acquainted with Flaubert.He became a mentor and sparked the style in which he wrote Guy de Maupassant.Biography and work of the writer were closely associated with this person.

Then the young man goes to the high school of Rouen.It spoke of him as a gifted student.The guy is interested in literature, he is involved in the play.

After graduating in 1869, at the urging of his mother went to Paris to study law.But being a lawyer he was not destined.In 1870, it recorded in the volunteers and is serving on the Franco-Prussian War.

ground for failure

Invincible France fell under German pressure.One year later, the young man returned to the occupied homeland.The local working class has long rebelled against the established order, and the new government brutally cracked down on them.All these bloody events saw Guy de Maupassant.Brief biography pays little attention to his mental health, but if you dig deeper, it becomes clear that the man was worth a lot of effort not to go crazy.

tendency to nervous breakdowns, depression and psychosis was passed to him from his mother.The real miracle was that Guy had not lost control of himself and was able to live a normal life, unlike his brother Herve, who spent time in a mental hospital.The man struggled with the disease exercises, which he carried out in order to maintain physical health.

Political changes are not allowed to obtain a law degree.Staggered and financial situation of the family.Romantic young man disappeared, but instead appeared a cruel cynic Guy de Maupassant.His biography shows that in order to support the family, the man got a job as clerk.Later, in each of his works he presents this part of life.


At this point, he worked for ten years long.In 1872, in a conversation with his mother Ki admits that his official routine hardships he misses literature.Laura responded sympathetically.The woman decides to help his son Gustave Flaubert.Writer-realist was a good friend of her late brother.He cordially took introduce young talent in the hard world of literature.

Flaubert himself had a lot of negative habits.Subsequently, they took over and Guy de Maupassant.Biography (photo two geniuses of France can be seen in the material), the writer has since been closely associated with his famous teacher.

Maupassant and Flaubert

is worth noting that the people there were many stories about the relationship of the writer with the aforementioned family.Most of them were negative.People said that Flaubert and Laura were secret lovers from meeting that was born Guy.Also gossiped about love old writer to the young genius.But none of the rumors were not confirmed.

Under the guidance of a mentor Maupassant worked passionately.He gave the works a few hours a day and every week met with the teacher to report.Flaubert was ruthlessly criticized, corrected faithfully and skillfully ferried all written student.Old instructor did not allow to be published as long as the work will not be perfect.

Later, more and more works appear in newspapers with the caption "Guy de Maupassant".Biography began his career in 1880 with the publication of the novel "Doughnut".

Rise in literature

first work brought a real success to the young talent.The story tells of a French prostitute pyshnoteloy.It is extremely good and the innocent.The road crew breaks.A woman and her neighbors in the carriage stopped at the inn.There's bun admires Prussian officer.Lady refuses.

Friends of the crew welcomed patriotism women and strongly support her spirit.But as long as she resists, delayed departure.It turns out that the officer has forbidden to let a frivolous girl, and together with her and her new friends.Under pressure from fellow crumpet spends the night with the military.The next day, she suffers from condemning the views of their former comrades.

theme of human depravity revealed in this work the author.Each written character - is himself.His characters still attract audiences inherent ambition and lust for life.Sincere and honest with the reader was Guy de Maupassant.

Biography dates described later in this article, but for now move on to the final stage of the writer's life.

emptiness and death

In 1880, dying best friend and mentor Maupassant - Flaubert.Next prose works independently.

Known for his passion, Maupassant had numerous mistresses and three children who were never acknowledged.Man travels on a ship called the book of the same name - "Dear Friend."From these travels, he brings a new, exciting product.Increasingly, the master retires.His tormented madness and syphilis, which he contracted as a young.Having made a suicide attempt, he finally loses common sense.Writer died July 6, 1893.



1850, August 5



to light a brother Herve


When parents divorce, the family moved to the town of Etretat


studies at the seminary


went to Paris to study law


recorded in the army


worked under Flaubert


infect syphilis


start writingproduct "Life".He worked on it 6 years


writes a story about the hypocrites who succeeds dirty way - "Dear Friend»


Creates "Mont Oriol" -complex story of love and loyalty


Publishes a novel in the style of traditional French literature "and Jean Pierre»


continues to reveal the secrets of contemporary society in his work "Strong asDeath »


shows the full depth of human psychology in" our hearts »


attempt suicide

1893, July 6

dies in a hospital for the mentally ill

this table, we have summed up the life of a writer like Guy de Maupassant.Chronological Table (biography it is not fully represented) will trace the main stages of his life.