" Monday begins on Saturday " : a summary.Fantastic humorous story Strugatsky

Discover one interesting product, which is called "Monday begins on Saturday".Summary of it you will learn by reading this article.The authors of the works - Arkady and Boris Strugatsky - wrote it in 1964.The genre is the story "Monday begins on Saturday".Summary is divided into three stories.It begins as the work itself, the following events.

fuss about sofas (first story)

Alexander Privalov, Leningrad programmer vacation travel by car.He goes to the city Solovtsov, in which he planned another meeting.Privalov picks up on the road two employees of the organization Research Institute of Witchcraft and Wizardry (NIICHAVO) and drives up Solovetz them.Here they are satisfied with it for the night in the museum of the Institute - the hut on chicken legs (IZNAKURNOZH).

Privalov slowly starts to notice a variety of strange phenomena.For example, it is striking similarity with Baba Yaga, Naina Kievna Dragon, museum custodians.He sees the talking trees, a mermaid on it, a huge cat who recites songs and

stories, and a book-shifter with always changing content.Privalov morning catches pike from the well.It grants wishes.As you have probably realized by genre of this work - a fantastic comic story.The protagonist thinks that everything should be subject to unusual any system.

history with fiat dimes

Strugatsky brothers describe further the strange story that happened with the main character.He is walking around the city during the day, irredeemable penny.Privalov begins to experiment with it.He buys different things on it.Police interrupt the experiment.Privalov taken to a room, forced to pay damages.A irredeemable penny withdraw and give in return normal.The police in this case was not surprised by such a strange thing.

Loss couch

Privalov, returning to IZNAKURNOZH rest, finds that the couch was gone, standing still in the morning.Then come to him one by one strange individual, showing amazing abilities.They become invisible, fly, walk through walls, and somehow lost interest in this sofa.Privalov casually learns that this piece of furniture is actually a magic translator reality.He kidnapped Victor Korneev, an employee of the Institute, for his research work, since it was not possible to request a sofa from the museum is officially due to bureaucracy Kamnoedova Modest Matveyevich administrator.The scandal over the kidnapping of the morning gets out of control.Privalov to the aid of the one he threw to the city - Roman Ojra-Ojra.He persuades him to go to work NIICHAVO programmer.Privalov agrees - it interested in what is happening.

Vanity of vanities (second story)

about six months after the events described in the first part of the second action unfolds.Alexander Privalov, who is now in charge of NIICHAVO Computing Center in New Year's Night is on duty at the institute.It takes the heads of departments at the keys.A series of colorful characters who created the Strugatsky brothers, passes in front of it - magicians Cristobal Junta Hozevich and Fedor Kivrin Simeonovich, hacks and opportunists Vybegallo Ambrose Ambruazovich and Merlin, director of the Institute Nevstruev Poluektovich Janus, which also comes in two incarnations - as a scientist, and the U-JanusAnd as an administrator, Janus, and others.

Privalov tour begins with the building of the Institute vivarium located in the basement.It contains mythological and magical creatures.It then passes through a floor of the hotel Universal transformations, eternal youth, defense, magic, predictions and prophecies, knowledge of the Absolute, the meaning of life Linear happiness.Ends bypassing the lab is still working Vitka Korneev.Privalov trying to oust him from the room, but with a keen Practices magician can not cope.He finds coming from the lab Vitka that a lot of employees at the institute, who chose to return to the place of service, instead of celebrating the New Year at home.These people all had one motto: "Monday begins on Saturday".Summary of its meaning as follows: they saw the purpose of his life in the knowledge of the unknown and the work.Celebrate the New Year, all of these people have returned to their studies.

Model unmet human gastrointestinal

Vybegallo In the laboratory, the professor, this time from the autoclave "hatched" a model of unmet human stomach.This is a copy of Professor that can only devour all that is edible.Employees gather in the laboratory Vybegallo.Next, describe the appearance, accompanied by journalists and professors of the Strugatsky brothers ("Monday begins on Saturday").According to his theory, the path to spiritual growth and personal development is primarily through the satisfaction of its material needs.The model is an intermediate stage on the way to the creation of a model perfect person completely satisfied.She has successfully demonstrated its ability to have a lot of, more and more.The model finally burst from overeating, thus throwing Vybegallo correspondents and content of the digestive system.All odds.

decision on field testing

Privalov some time pondering over what's happening, and then goes to sleep.Following the events described in the product Strugatsky brothers ("Monday begins on Saturday").After waking Privalov currently trying to create with the help of magic breakfast, but instead becomes a witness to the meeting taking place at the director of the institute.It discusses the dangers of the next model.Vybegallo longs to experience it in the Institute, and other experienced magicians offer to spend a few kilometers from the city of field testing.Nevstruev Poluektovich Janus, director of the institute, after a heated dispute decides to hold them at the site, as considerable damage will be accompanied by an experiment.Nevstruev makes Roman Oyre-Oyre "provisional gratitude" for his courage and resourcefulness.

test model of an ideal man

Privalov attends the trial.Model Perfect Man has the ability to use magic to satisfy all material needs.She came out of the autoclave, transfers all material values ‚Äč‚Äčthat are within range of its magical abilities (including items bystanders) to himself, then he tries to minimize space.Roman Ojra-Ojra prevent the cataclysm.He throws the bottle the genie in the ideal consumer.The genie, escaped to freedom, destroys the model.

sorts of vanity (third-story)

proceed to the presentation of the third story, which is described in the product Strugatsky ("Monday begins on Saturday").Broken computer "Aldan" - the machine on which operates the main character.While her mending, Privalov walks at the institute.It falls into one department (absolute knowledge), which at this time is shown invented by Louis saddle machine.It is possible to get in the future or fictional fictional past.

Privalov sent ahead

Travel Privalov in the future - an interesting episode, which is included in his work Strugatsky."Monday begins on Saturday" has gained the most truly epic scope.Privalov sent to the future by agreeing to the experiment.He sees at first a strange world with similar on ancient human ancestors inhabitants.Then Privalov is among people of the same, as well as his contemporaries, apparently.However, their world has come travel in spaceships to distant planets.After that Privalov is in the era returns.It flown away to distant stars and planets they returned to Earth.He notes that the iron wall in this world, and learns that the world is afraid of the future for her.Once behind the walls, Privalov sees the war, murder and blood.

from residents accidentally encountered them, the protagonist learns that robots enslaved part of the world behind the wall.Another part was invaded by aliens.The Communists, minerals, plants and parasites enslaved still some areas.There are aircraft rained bombs.The protagonist moves to the opposite side of the wall.The world is called the Humane World of Imagination.Then he returns to reality, but the car disappears.

history with a dead parrot

Privalov comes to Oyre-Oyre and sees a dead parrot in a laboratory, lying in a cup.Approached Poluektovich Janus, director of the Institute, calls this parrot Fotonchikom.It burns in the furnace of his corpse, dispels the wind and ash leaves.Novel surprised because he found the day before in the stove burned green feather.As it might appear if only this was burned parrot and others of the same color was not there, it remains a mystery.

Privalov the next day with witch Stella writes poems for the wall newspaper.Suddenly he sees the same green parrot enters the room.It flies, but not mean it is healthy.There are other staff.They wonder where this parrot.Then all received for his work, but suddenly noticed that the parrot is dead.The inscription "Photon" and the ring with figures could be seen on his foot.It was the same at the foot of a parrot, who was lying dead in the last cup.All are puzzled.Artist Drozd accidentally puts the parrot in a cup.

computer the next day fix.The protagonist begins to work.Then he calls novel and says that a cup of parrot gone and was never seen again.The protagonist of surprised, but then, hard at work, stop thinking about it.Roman later calls again and asks Privalov come.When he arrives, he discovers a living green parrot, which could be seen on the foot ring.

parrot responds to words of employees in other words.Unable to establish a conceptual link between them.Then the parrot called names present and it briefly describes each: primitive, old, rough, and so. N. Employees can not understand how he knows all this.

Who is actually Janus Poluektovich

curious Approaching the final, which concludes the book "Monday begins on Saturday".Friends come to the idea that the parrot belongs Janus Poluektovich, even more mysterious personality.This one in two persons man never appears at midnight on humans.He also can not remember after midnight, it was up to her.Janus Poluektovich also accurately predicts the future.

Scientists guess in the end what is possible countermotion, in other words, during the time in the opposite direction of the conventional wisdom.If the parrot was kontramotom, then he can be alive today, and yesterday, after his death, he was placed in a cup.The day before yesterday it was burned Janus, when he found it.And the day before that was left of it in the oven burned feather found Roman.

Roman tries to explain what happened to the Tunguska meteorite concept countermotion.This was in fact the spacecraft.Finding in it the aliens were kontramotami.They lived from the future into the past by the standards of ordinary people.

two incarnations Janus Poluektovich

Scientists have unraveled the mystery and Janus Poluektovich.He studied science in the face of Janus-A as long as he discovered the idea countermotion.Then he realized how to implement it in practice.And in a year, which is still far in the future for employees NIICHAVO living now, he turned himself, and Photon, a parrot in kontramotov.After that, he went to live on the timeline back.And now, at midnight director goes into today from tomorrow.He lives in the form of A-Janus, like ordinary people, that is, from the past to the future, but in the form of a U-Janus - on the contrary, from the future into the past.Both embodiments thus remain one man.They are combined in space and time.

Meeting with U-Janus

Privalov during lunch-meet at Janus.He asks, courage, can go to him tomorrow morning.He says that Privalov in the morning cause Kitezhgrad therefore go will not work.Then he adds that the future single for all does not exist.There are many, and some of them creates every human act.

This ends the story "Monday begins on Saturday".Summary, as you know, transmits only the main events in its general form.After reading the text of the work, you will learn many interesting details.

"Monday begins on Saturday" the feedback is positive the majority of readers.Fans of comic fiction of this work will have particular taste.Tale Strugatsky brothers - a very exciting and interesting, and this - is no exception.Creative writers today is very popular.Perhaps, with full confidence we can say that one of the most famous stories is the "Monday begins on Saturday".Quotes from this work, and especially its title, one can often hear from fans of science fiction.