The novel "The Day Lasts More Than a Hundred Years" - summary and analysis

Our article will be dedicated to the novel "The Day Lasts More Than a Hundred Years," a summary of the analysis and which will be the center of attention.This work was the first creation of a large form for Aitmatov Chingiz Aitmatov.Although the writer before the publication was widely known not only in the Soviet Union, but also in the West.

about the book and the title

novel was published in the journal "New World" in 1980.As the name chosen line from the poem "The only Days" by Boris Pasternak Chingiz Aitmatov."The Day Lasts More Than a Hundred Years" - is the penultimate line very glad poems about love, but a completely different tone, it gets in the novel.Eternal day becomes not the time, lit up with happiness, and the funeral of a close friend of the protagonist.Thus, the famous line of love turns into a deeply philosophical, and reasoning here being the eternal solitude of man in the vast world.

¬ęThe Day Lasts More Than a Hundred Years": summary

Venue - Toretam railway station, located

near the Baikonur cosmodrome, which are regularly held by the train.

Iron fabric on both sides surrounds the great steppe, desert Sary-Ozeki.Nearby there is a siding Boranly Boer, which employs Yedigei switchman.The nights he spends on the change in a small booth.In one such duty he comes to him and his wife Ukubala tells about the death of his friend Kazangap.

Thirty years have passed since demobilized Edigei forty-fourth year after a concussion.Then the doctor promised him that he would recover in a year, but at the moment any physical work for him was daunting.Then he and his wife decided to try to get to the railroad, suddenly there is a place janitor or guard.

then that Kazangap with whom the couple happened to meet, called them Boranly-Buran.When they arrived, Yedigei did not know that all the rest of his life will be held in this desolate, sparsely populated and dry place.And all this time was near Kazangap constantly helps.Gradually, and their families became friends, became like family.


heavy and oppressive pellet leave the events described in the work "The Day Lasts More Than a Hundred Years."Summary it tells the story of how Yedigei, returning home after the change, reflects on the upcoming funeral best friend.And then a hero feels like shaken the earth under his feet.It is at the Baikonur just raised a fiery tail rocket.

rise was due to the fact that during the last twelve hours to communicate stopped its American station "Parity", so it was necessary to find out what happened.

Yedigei persuades the family to bury Kazangap a friend at the old cemetery Ana Beyit that appeared during the time of mankurts.


refers not only to the present but also to the past in his work of Chingiz Aitmatov."The Day Lasts More Than a Hundred Years" - a novel, full of historical accents.So the reader learns about mankurt.Once in these places zhuanzhuany hosted that very skillfully deprived of the memory of their prisoners.On his head he wore Shiri - a hat made of leather.Initially, the skin was rawhide.In the sun as it gradually dried up and clutched his head miserably.After this procedure, a person deprived of memory and called mankurt.Such slaves were obtained docile and weak-willed.

One day a woman named Ana Najman, whose son drove away as slaves, found their child, but he had already done mankurt.He herded cattle when his mother came to him, begging her to remember, but the memory is not returned.

woman noticed, but she managed to escape.Then zhuanzhuany servant said that this stranger has come to "to steam his head" (there was no threat to mankurts worse).Before leaving, they left arrows and a bow.

mother back again, wanting to convince her son.But she did not have time to get it as received a mortal wound in the chest with an arrow.White handkerchief Nyman Ana turned into a snow-white bird that was supposed to tell his son the truth.


By the morning preparing for the funeral Kazangap ended.The body was twisted tightly in cloth and laid in a cart hitched to the tractor.From the description of the rite of burial we can conclude that a lot of attention paid to the traditions of the steppe peoples Aitmatov ("The Day Lasts More Than a Hundred Years" - a very reliable product).

's a long way to the cemetery - thirty kilometers.Yedigei rode ahead of the process and showed the way.At the head of the protagonist is constantly surfaced memories of the past, work with Kazangap.The current generation of elderly people have not valued the merits (and why only the health wasted?), But the Yedigei nothing to regret.

new planet

not shun the unknown and appeals to a fantastic Aitmatov."The Day Lasts More Than a Hundred Years" goes back to the theme of space and the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations.

begins examination of "parity", it turns out that astronauts are former disappeared.But the left post, which referred to contacts with the inhabitants of the planet Forest Chest.Aliens offered astronauts visit their planet, they agreed, but nobody was not informed.

Returned crew of "parity", the astronauts tell us how to live another, more technically advanced civilization.On their planet has never been wars, its inhabitants themselves are extremely friendly.Lesnogrudtsy asked permission to visit the land and built on it the interplanetary station that Earthlings are not yet able to establish themselves.

This offer was reported to a special commission, which should give an answer.

old story

returns to life Edigei narrative of the novel "The Day Lasts More Than a Hundred Years."A summary goes on to describe memories of the old man.Now he comes to mind another old story told Kazangap.

was in 1951, on the patrol arrived family with two children - two boys.Head of the family name Abutalip Kuttybaev, he was the same age as Edigei and arrived in these places is not a good life.Abutalip during the war, was captured by the Germans, then, in the forty-third, he managed to escape, and then he arrived at the Yugoslav partisans.He returned home, but no one knew about the time that a man held in the camp.Then political relations with Yugoslavia began to deteriorate, someone spoke about his past, and Abutalip forced to resign.

author strives to show not only the harsh realities of Soviet life in his novel "The Day Lasts More Than a Hundred Years," the problem of a philosophical nature excites him a lot more.So, the question is raised about the restlessness, insecurity and loneliness.Nowhere is there a shelter for the traitor (it was believed that if he was captured, then resigned).And that brought him and his family to the traveling Boranly-bit.Here it was hard: the climate is not one farm there.Yedigei pitied more than all Zaripov.But thanks to the help of local family Kuttybaev caught.A Abutalip not only worked and studied the house, and began to write his memoirs, which recalled life in Yugoslavia.

A year later, on patrol came auditor, began to inquire about what the Abutalip.And after a while I stopped at Burannyi passenger train that never stops here.The station went down three, they arrested Kuttybaev.Two months later it became clear that he was first under investigation, and after a while he died.

daily awaited the return of his father's sons, myself plagued Zaripa.Yedigei could not bear to look at it and also suffered, because the woman was not indifferent to him.


main action, binding the novel "The Day Lasts More Than a Hundred Years" - the path of the funeral procession to the cemetery.It is moving forward all Yedigei and recalls his terrible anger when left Zaripa.Then he lost his temper, beat up his camel, had a row with Kazangap.But I Save prudence and gave him wise advice to go and bow and Zaripa Ukubale for what saved him from harm.

And now the wise man lies motionless, and they were going to bury him.But suddenly stumbles upon a procession of barbed-wire fence.Nearby is a soldier and explains that the pass can only those who have a pass.A cemetery Ana Beyit going to demolish and build in its place a new neighborhood.Yedigei persuaded to let go, but it did nothing.Therefore Kazangap buried near the cemetery, just at the spot where she died Naiman-Ana.


Nearing the end of work "The Day Lasts More Than a Hundred Years."Summary judgment is about commissions.After several meetings, it was agreed with the astronauts "parity" not to let the Earth, the aliens are not invited, and the near-Earth space intrusion hoop of the missiles.

Yedigei from the funeral sent to the authorities to explain to them that it is impossible to destroy the cemetery where were buried several generations of ancestors.It almost comes to the destination, when the sky rocket takes off.It is designed to combat and destroy everything that is approaching the Earth.During the first take off the second, and behind it - the third, and so a few dozen missiles, forming a protective ring around the planet.

Yedigei in a cloud of smoke and dust runs away, but the next day again wants to return.

Aitmatov, "The Day Lasts More Than a Hundred Years": analysis

main carrier of all ideas and plans of the author became the protagonist - Yedigei people lived in the desert for almost forty years.But it is valuable experience, which incorporates all the troubles and sorrows, brought the twentieth century, and human sorrow: the Second World War, the difficulties in the postwar years, the bitter unrequited love.But the most difficult for him was the memory test.

memory and conscience embodied in Yedigei became the ideological basis of the novel "The Day Lasts More Than a Hundred Years."Text analysis indicates the abundance of metaphors in the work of carrying the philosophical sense.Thus, the theme of loneliness, responsibility, memory, fear, moral principles raises Aitmatov with his usual ease and brevity.