Analysis: "The Captain's Daughter", the story of Alexander Pushkin.

In this article we consider the product that Pushkin wrote in 1836: a brief describe and analyze the content."The Captain's Daughter" by genre - historical novel.Let us briefly recall the content of the work.

It story is on behalf of Peter A. Grinyova, 50-year-old man.He remembers a time when he met Pugachev, the leader of the peasant uprising.

Origin and childhood Peter Grinyova

Peter was born and raised in a family of a poor nobleman.The boy received almost no education - he was only 12 years' using Savelyitch learned to read and write.Peter led to 16 years of life of a typical ignoramus.He played with the boys from the village and dreamed of gay life in St. Petersburg, as was recorded in the Semenov regiment sergeant, even when he was in the womb.

However, his father decided otherwise - he sent Petrusha, 17-year-old young man in the army, but not in St. Petersburg, that he "smelled gunpowder."Saying goodbye, he gave instruction to Peter, who ruled in the epigraph "The Captain's Daughter": "Ta

ke care of the honor of his youth."So Green was in the Orenburg fortress.With Peter went here and Savelich, his tutor.

path to the fortress

Savelich with Peter at the entrance to the town astray, hitting a storm.They saved only help a stranger, who brought the characters on the way to housing.Petrushka in gratitude for their salvation presented this stranger rabbit coat, and gave him wine.

Introducing the Belogorsk fortress

Here comes Peter fortress in Belgorod service.She did not look like a fortified structure.Only a few "disabilities" of the army, its only weapon - a gun.Ivan Kuzmich Mironov controls fortress.This is an honest and kind man, though not different entities.All of the cases leads to the fortress Yegorovna his wife.Grinyov converges fairly close to the family of the commandant.He spends a lot of time with him.

relationship with Grinyova Shvabrin

His friend also becomes first Shvabrin officer who serves in this fortress.Soon, however, they quarrel over what Shvabrin unflattering comments about Masha, the daughter Mironov, who like Grinyov (the image of the captain's daughter will be discussed below).Peter is a duel Shvabrin and injured.Mary, caring for them, says Grinyov that Shvabrin once asked for her hand, but she turned him down.Green decided to marry the girl and her father wrote a letter, asking for his blessing.But he does not agree to such a marriage, as a Dowry captain's daughter.The main characters of the work, so can not get married.Maria does not want to marry without his father's blessing.

Pugachev Belogorsk fortress

In 1773, in October, Mironov receives the letter.It reports on the Pugachev, who pretends to be the victim of Peter III.He has gathered a large army consisting of peasants, was able to capture several forts.Ready to meet Pugacheva and Belogorsk fortress.The commandant is going to send his daughter to Orenburg, but does not have time to do it - Pugachev already here.The villagers greeted with bread and salt invaders.All those who serve in the fortress captured.They have to swear allegiance to Pugachev.However, the commander refuses to take the oath, his hanging.His wife was also killed.But Grinyov is suddenly released.Savelich tells him that Pugachev is the stranger who once gave Grinyov rabbit coat.

fate of Masha after arriving at the fortress Pugacheva

Despite the fact that the main character is openly swear Emelyan, who let him go.Grinyov leaves the castle, but it is the captain's daughter.The main characters, who love each other can not be reunited.The girl is sick and hiding under the guise of a local priest's wife's niece.Shvabrin appointed commandant of the fortress.He swore Pugacheva.It bothers Grinyova.In Orenburg, the main character asks for help, but can not find it.He soon received a letter from Masha.She writes that Shvabrin forces her to marry him.In case of refusal, he promises to tell people Pugacheva, she - the captain's daughter.A description of all these events is given in detail in the product - we have identified only the main points.

Pugachev releases Masha

Belogorsk fortress go green with Savéliitch.But they go on the road captured by Pugachev and meet again with their leader.

Peter honestly told Emelian where he was going and why;and suddenly Grinyova Pugachev decides to help him "to punish the offender orphans."Pugachev in the fortress releases Masha.His story does not stop even Shvabrin about who she is in reality.

Pardon Grinyova Empress

historical novel "The Captain's Daughter" ends the following events.Grinyov drove the girl to her parents.He himself returned to the army.Fails performance Pugacheva, but Grinyova arrested as Shvabrin at the trial says that Peter - Spy Pugacheva.The main character is sentenced to exile in Siberia, and a visit to the Empress, who makes Mary, helps to achieve a pardon Grinyova.But Shvabrin sent to prison.

Themes Artwork "The Captain's Daughter"

problems addressed in the work are numerous.The most important of these, of course, is the problem of honor.In general, the breadth of coverage of reality, the significance of topics, delivered by the author, works of artistic excellence novel "The Captain's Daughter" - vertex achievement, a masterpiece created by Pushkin-realist.It was finished in 3 months before the author's death.Thus, it was the last major work of "The Captain's Daughter."

problems posed by the author in many ways relate to a very important topic for the time - themes of the peasant war, the peasant uprising.Pushkin study of the history of the Pugachev rebellion enabled truthfully and accurately tell the story depicted in the events.The meaning of "The Captain's Daughter" is, inter alia, to show the psychology of its participants.

Father Peter Greene Andrei Petrovich

Grinyov Andrei Petrovich a negative attitude toward dishonest and easy way to make a career at the court.So he did not want to go to St. Petersburg to serve in the Guard, his son Peter.He wished that he "smelled gunpowder" and became a soldier and not an idler.It is he who utters the words delivered in the epigraph "The Captain's Daughter": "Take care of the honor of his youth."

Green's father is not without inherent representative of the time negative traits.Recall, for example, his harsh treatment of uncomplaining and loving wife, mother of Peter, they perpetrated the massacre of French teachers, outrageously rude tone of the letter to the Savelichu, in which he calls his "old dog".We have before us in these episodes presents a typical feudal nobleman.However, there are positive qualities in Grinyova father.This strength of character, straightforwardness, honesty.These features and is a natural and involuntary sympathy to his readers - in this strict to others and to himself a hard man.

Character Peter Grinyova

Character Grinyova Peter, 16-year-old young man, shown by the author in motion the development, which occurred under the influence of living conditions in which he found himself.Petrushka first - flippant and careless landlord son, ignoramus, a loafer, almost Fonvizinskaya Mitrofanushka.He dreams of an easy life full of pleasures Guards officer in the capital.

In Peter Grinevoj united loving, kind heart of his mother with the courage, straightforwardness, honesty inherent in his father.These qualities of Green's father instilled in him a solid parting words to faithfully serve, obey superiors and, most importantly, to protect the honor of his youth.

Kindness protagonist manifested in lavish gifts "little man", show him the way during the storm and will play in the future of the decisive role of the hero.And then, at the risk of all Greene rushed to the rescue Savelichu, captured.The depth of his nature affected in a clean and a great feeling that arose in him to Masha Mironova.

honor in the "Captain's Daughter" - is a very important characteristic of the person.And Peter Grinyov their behavior proved faithful to the precepts of his father, did not change the fact that he considered his honor and his duty.Good inclinations and traits peculiar to it, steeled, strengthened and finally triumphed under the influence of harsh school of life, in which his father gave him, sent to a remote steppe outskirts of St. Petersburg instead.Major events in history, attended by Grinyov not allow him to grief after a personal (not the father agreed to marry Masha) down and lose heart, soul boys reported "strong and good shock."

Shvabrin Alexey

"The Captain's Daughter" - a book in which, among the main characters, and we will find Shvabrin Alexei Ivanovich, Grinyova opponent - the exact opposite of direct and honest Peter.The author and the character does not preclude positive traits.He is observant, intelligent, educated, interesting conversationalist, witty tongue.However, for the sake of personal goals Alex is about to commit a dishonorable act.He slandered Masha Mironov, also casts a shadow on her mother.Shvabrin deals Grinyov treacherous blow in a duel, and writes in addition false denunciation of his father Peter.Alexey not for ideological beliefs over to the side of Pugachev he hopes thereby to save their lives, and if successful, hopes to make a career at Emelyanov.But most importantly, he longs to deal with Grinev and forcibly married to Masha, who does not like it.

Family Mironov and Ivan Ignatievich

briefly get acquainted with the characters, and other characters that are created in the work of Pushkin, "The Captain's Daughter."Heroes, which will be discussed, the officers belong to the ordinary as Shvabrin.They are closely related to the mass of the soldiers.We are talking about Ivan Ignatievich, distorting garrison lieutenant and the captain Mironov, who originally was not even a gentleman - he came out of the soldiers' children at the officers.And Yegorovna, his wife and himself a captain, a lieutenant and a curve of prizvedeniya "The Captain's Daughter" - these heroes were uneducated people with limited horizon, do not give them the opportunity to understand the purpose of and reasons for popular revolt.

They were not without drawbacks, typical of the time.Let us recall the "justice" Marechale.She says she can not tell who is right and who is wrong - or Ustinja Prokhorov.It should punish both.However, Mironov was good and simple people, faithful to duty, fearlessly ready to die for the "sanctuary of his conscience."

image Masha Mironova

continue the analysis.The Captain's Daughter (in whose honor and was named the product of interest to us) - a very bright character.Pushkin with great warmth and affection creates an image of Masha Mironova.In it are hidden under the external appearance of tenderness and strength of resistance is disclosed in love Grinyov, resistance Shvabrin, her trip to St. Petersburg to the Empress in order to save her fiance.This is in the product, which creates Pushkin, The Captain's Daughter.Analyzing the behavior of the protagonist, Alexander it is sympathetic.

Savelich, uncle Grinyova

author shows very truthful way Savelyitch, guys Grinyova, a serf.His devotion to the Lord is far from a simple slave supplies as our analysis shows."The Captain's Daughter" - a story in which Savelich shown not as degrading to the Lord's servant.So, in response to the unjust and harsh rebukes Grinyova father in his letter, he called himself "your faithful servant," "slave", as was customary at the time by reference to the masters of the serfs.However, the tone of the letter is imbued with a sense of the character of human dignity.Spiritual wealth, inner nobility of his character fully revealed in a deeply human and totally disinterested affection of a lonely, the poor old man to his pet.

image of Pugachev in the product

Pushkin ("The Captain's Daughter") analyzed the image of Pugachev.In 1830 years he intensively studied the history of his rebellion.Image Yemelyan created a work of interest to us, it is very different from the previous image of Pugachev.Without embellishment Pushkin showed the leader of the popular revolt.His image is given throughout the harsh reality is sometimes cruel.

The author Yemelyan different image "sharpness" - a free and rebellious spirit, clarity of mind, heroic boldness and composure, breadth of nature.It tells the tale of Grinyov crow and the eagle.Its meaning is that the moment a bright and free life best years vegetating.Pugachev says of himself that his habit - "execute well executed, so gracious mercy."

composite parallelism

Alexander called the story "The Captain's Daughter."We are in the last chapter of the product are transported back to the noble estate Grinevs in the same situation.Such parallelism beginning and end of the story gives the completeness of the composition and harmony.However, Pushkin adds new touches to the description of the situation.Thus, Green's father absently leafing through your calendar, the mother does not cook this time honey jam and jersey knits for Petrusha, which should be exiled to perpetual exile in Siberia.Heavy family drama replaced family idyll.

Language features

language, which is written work, a remarkable side of the story.Each character gives special language Pushkin manner that corresponds to the level of its development, mental outlook, character, social status.Therefore, replicas of the characters, their statements to the reader having an unusually vivid and prominent human images.They summarized the characteristic aspects of the life of Russian society at the time.

This concludes the analysis."The Captain's Daughter" - a work of writing which can be very long.It is put Gogol characterizes "purity and artlessness" erected in a degree that it does seem ludicrous and artificial front of him.Gogol said that all Russian novels and stories seem to just "cloying weakling" to work "Captain's Daughter", the disclosure of which has been presented in this article.