An analysis of the poem "The Star of fields."

Nikolai Rubtsov - Russian poet of the second half of the 20th century.He was born in the village, so his work has always been inextricably linked to the theme of nature, with contrasting urban and rural.Sometimes, so you have to feel a kind of alienation, he was faced with problems in life.Hence the motif of loneliness and wandering in his poems.Analysis of the poem N. Rubtsov "Star field" indicates that the poet can be called a philosopher with his concept of seeing the world.

Rubtsov - representative of quiet lyricism

Lyrics Nikolai Rubtsov called quiet.All thanks to a light tone, the elegance of the verse and theme.The main theme of creativity Rubtsov become small homeland, then there is a corner where he was born and grew up.The poet wrote a lot about the country, the beauty of Russian nature.I should say that the tradition continues Rubtsov Russian peasant poet of the early 20th century, in particular Sergey Yesenin when he wrote in the spirit of peasant poetry.You can also find similarities

with the poetry of Lermontov.Nature for Rubtsov, as well as for the above poets is the harmonizing principle.Analysis of the poem, NMRubtsova "Star field" confirms this.

theme and the idea of ​​the poem

central image of the poem - a star.Heavenly bodies always attracted people.Some stars seem cold and indifferent, others are looking at them, feel the heat and the presence of some unknown force that directs human lives.Variations on the theme is the philosophical lyrics.As the analysis of the poem "The Star of the fields," Rubtsov can rightfully be called the poet-philosopher.For him, the star - a source of a warming world, he refers to it in difficult moments of life.This soothing power of the stars is the main theme of the work.

philosophical concept Rubtsov

shows a detailed analysis of the poem "The Star of the fields," Rubtsov produces innovation in the understanding of poets such oppositions as "earth" and "heaven."Rubtsov connects these two areas are inseparable.That is why in the name of the definition, we see no "heaven" and "star field".Just here in this relationship between the earth and the sky appears the similarity between poetry and lyrics Esenina Rubtsov.Only Esenina performed rainbow bridge, tree or any body of water that reflects the sky, while Rubtsov everything easier.The man himself must feel the sense of ownership in all things.No phenomenon of nature can not be alien to man.People always hope for the powers of heaven, and the star is living proof of the fact that these higher powers exist.Immediately comes to mind Mayakovsky's poem "Listen," in which the poet also speaks of the need for the presence of the heavenly bodies.It Vladimir Vladimirovich has reflected the idea that the people - the smallest grain of sand in the vast universe, he is afraid, he is lost.But the star as a reminder of the divine power to help people.

lyrical hero of the poem

Without considering the lyrical impossible to make an analysis of the poem "The Star of the fields."Rubtsov says the product in the first person, so we can identify the author and his lyrical.He feels lonely companion, confused life on the road.He is one of "alarming inhabitants of the earth."It is no wonder that the motif of loneliness occurs in the poem Rubtsov.He lived not very happy life.He was brought up in an orphanage, she faced with injustice, poverty and hunger.He, like many other people in the world, deprived of the faith, the only thing that helps a person to survive.The poet says that tried not to lose sight of his star.And a biographical fact that we can find in the poem.Years later Rubtsov returned to his native village, and there he saw the star, which was brighter than in other cities.The epithet "icy darkness" refers to the fact that the action takes place in the North, where the stars create the illusion of warmth, so necessary to man.

analysis plan

analysis of the poem "Star of Fields" (scarring) of the plan should look like this:

  • theme and idea of ​​the poem,
  • philosophy of the author,
  • lyrical hero,
  • size, rhyme,strofika and means of expression,
  • emotional content.

formal analysis of poems Rubtsov "star field"

size, which elects the poet, was a favorite for its predecessor Lermontov is pentameter.In the poem of four stanzas, each of these cross-rhyme.The poem is replete with means of expression.Rubtsov uses the syntax means as anaphora.Three times repeated the phrase "star field", as the anaphora in two adjacent rows of the third verse ("It burns").Lexical means well represented.The author uses the epithet "icy darkness," "friendly beam".The phrase "icy darkness," is repeated twice in the text, which reinforces the emotional tone, a sense of alienation, of being lost.Also, the text is metonymy: "Dream wrapped homeland", but this line is also a metaphor.Very nice metaphor in the last two lines of the second stanza.Mainly, that allows you to see the analysis of the poem - the star fields.Rubtsov shows how important for him to contemplate this light.The star reminds him of home in a foreign land, it does not shine so bright, but still helps.

emotional content analysis poems by Nikolai Rubtsov "star field" has shown that the author has tried to enhance the effect of using different neighborhood expressiveness.But what he wanted to convey emotions?Firstly, it is a feeling of anxiety for those who are deprived of faith, hope, those who are alone.Secondly, and this emotion prevails, some sense of security.Star fields leads erring man, it protects it lights the way.