"Rose of the World", Daniel Andreev.

book, which will be discussed at the same time and obscurity, and is famous for: esoterically educated public is familiar with it;readers just far from mysticism and other fine fabrics, could not even hear of this work - the book "Rose of the World."Daniel Andreev summary, the quintessence of his convictions is set out in it.

Daniel Andreev: crazy or a prophet?

son of the famous writer-emigrant Leonid Andreyev was no less talented than his father.Already in his youth, Daniel discovers the ability to see inomaterialnye plans being, transphysical reality and subtle worlds.

Birthplace of the poet, writer and visionary in 1906.From an early age he began to write poetry, and later - and prose.By the age of 35 was the legacy of Daniel Andreev number of cycles and poetic novel "Wanderers night."

However, his work has been interpreted as an anti-Soviet Stalinists.According to the laws of the time, he was arrested not only the author of the novel, and his wife Alla Andreeva, but many of their range, whi

ch Daniel evenings reading his works.The guardians of the totalitarian regime trampled the fate of innocent prisoners and destroyed almost all the manuscripts Andreeva, considering them dangerous to the prevailing doctrine of Stalinism.

writer spent 10 years in prison, who dedicated the restoration of their works, and most importantly, the creation of the most famous of his books - "Rose of the World."

legend of the miraculous birth of the book

admirers of the writer believe in extraterrestrial origin product "Rose of the World."Daniil Andreev, a summary of the creation which will be described later, in the preface told how he managed to hide the manuscript mysteriously from jailers and searches.He had no doubt that he was helped not only people but also "not people" - the essence of the Supreme Light of the World.

book year after year, was born on scraps of paper, which managed to get in jail.When in 1957 the writer came from the dungeons, his main work was almost ready.

Andreev was already hopelessly ill and he knew it.The remaining two, he put in order their spiritual heritage, poetry and manuscript of "Rose of the World."His wife and ally Alla Andreeva records kept secret until 1991, when the book was published.Dream come true writer: he was able to share their insights with the world.

world picture of Daniel Andreeva

Everyone has their point of view on what is happening in the world.Beyond the usual and customary release of pictures he had seen Daniel Andreev - "Rose of the World."All text is permeated with spiritual insights and guesses, if adopted in a part of the soul of the author.

He believed in the eternal confrontation between good and evil, but do not rule out the possibility of evolution for the dark worlds and beings.His mind's eye appeared as mnogomire, some vertical hierarchy of versatile spaces.Each soul is eternal, going beyond the earthly life, in his opinion, fall into the world of corresponding human deeds during his lifetime.

worldview of the author are not restricted to the spiritual precepts: he was convinced of the harmfulness of any dictatorship and violent nature of any state.All this came to life in the pages of the book "The Rose of the World" by Daniel Andreev summary of their views stated in the main his brainchild.

Roza Mira he called the era of the Golden Age - inevitably comes (according to some predictions of the Indian Brahmins, which has already begun) the period of freedom and prosperity of the individual.

"Rose of the World" (Daniel Andreev): summary

The work includes 12 books, all of which can be estimated as the completed literary, philosophical and esoteric work.This is sort of textbook alternative worldview that includes both theoretical and practical chapters.

  • The first two books - is, in fact, the introduction of methods and knowledge of being.
  • following four books describe the structure of the earthly plane of existence, as well as the worlds of light and dark with the fabulous-sounding names, and the hierarchy of the laws of existence.
  • Books from 5 to 11 - an attempt to rethink the major milestones in our history.Texts are more subjective spiritual outlook of the author and not included in the alternative history.
  • twelfth book is different from the previous ones, as is predictive in nature.Here the author reserves to mankind an alternative choice, clearly showing the most favorable option - spiritual rebirth.

greatest work that wrote Daniel Andreev - "Rose of the World."The content of the book is a belief in a better future for the whole of the Earth, the evolution and the inevitable rise of each embodied soul.Anyone who cares about the conservation of world harmony, spiritual evolution and self-improvement, it makes sense to read this unique work.

Reviews of the book "The Rose of the World" by Daniel Andreev

Of course, they are ambiguous, and what our materialistic age can be views on religious and mystical, never seen before product?

Some people think writing a book unscientific dreamer or frankly dangerous for the psyche of a surrogate.Fortunately, these - the minority, dominated respectful and positive feedback.Some estimate the book as high philosophical tale;others perceive it as a deep esoteric treatise;there are those who share the views of the writer and considers himself to his followers.

Whatever it was, Daniel Andreev continues to live in his work, as befits a great thinker and a bright spirit.