Family Raskolnikov in the novel "Crime and Punishment" and its history

Fyodor Dostoyevsky - the great man and writer, whose name knows absolutely everyone still at school.One of his most famous novels is "Crime and Punishment."Dostoevsky wrote a story about a student who committed the murder, after which it suffered a terrible punishment, but not legally, but morally.Raskolnikov tormented himself, but from the perfect suffered not only himself.Family Raskolnikov in the novel "Crime and Punishment" also suffered from the action of the protagonist.

meaning of the name of the novel

«Crime and Punishment" - the great novel that won millions of readers and lovers of the classics.It is said that the name has deep meaning and content of the work.

important that from the outset, Dostoevsky wanted to give his novel a different name, and "Crime and Punishment", he came up with when writing the work was nearing completion.I must say that the novel is already impossible to imagine with another name, because it reflects the essence of the current ideas of the great classics.

first crime, and then - punishment.Dostoevsky wanted to emphasize that sometimes a person is not so scary prosecution as a moral punishment.Raskolnikov felt all its fullness and realized how terrible "punish" yourself.

It is said that not only Rodion felt grieved moral punishment.Family Raskolnikov in the novel "Crime and Punishment" and felt how much it can suffer from the actions that make favorite and native people.

Rodion Raskolnikov

Dostoevsky decided to acquaint the reader with the main character of his novel yet from the very first pages of it.The authors describe the appearance of Raskolnikov: "He was a slender, handsome, its growth was above average, and his eyes were big and beautiful."The protagonist of the novel grew up in a family of a poor tradesman.

writer notes that Raskolnikov was always badly dressed, and any other people would prefer such "rags" and does not go out.The father of the hero died, and his family was in a very difficult position.Raskolnikov's sister was forced to get a governess to save make a hard financial situation, and Rodion had to live on money sent by her mother.However, the funds still lacking, and the young man began to give private lessons.Such a difficult financial situation forced Rodion leave school at the University.

family history played in the life of Raskolnikov Rodion huge role.It is said that poverty was the cause of many misfortunes that occurred in the life of the protagonist.However, in spite of everything, Rodion loved his family and was willing to die for her life.

mother Raskolnikov

Pulcheria Alexandrovna - Rodion mother who loved her son with all my heart.It is a simple Russian woman who was not only a good and kind person, but also affectionate and loving mother of their children.The author shows the reader that Pulcheria looked good, despite its age, as well as ugly and untidy clothes.

mother of the protagonist was compliant, and has always been able to agree on many things.However, despite this, she was an honest person and that this feature did not allow her to transcend themselves.

Family Raskolnikov in the novel "Crime and Punishment" appears to the reader a poor but honest.Its members were ready to do anything for each other.

Sister Rodion

Dunya - beloved sister of Raskolnikov.It is said that between her and her brother had long established warm relationship of trust, which can be called friendly.Dunya loved Rodion and his mother, which is why decided to marriage to Luzhin, in order to save the family out of poverty.She wanted to Raskolnikov continued to study at university, and worked with her future husband.

However, Rodion dissuaded his sister from marrying Luzhin, because he was greedy and base master.Soon Dunya married Razumikhin - Raskolnikov's best friend, which became part of a small family.

Family Raskolnikov in the novel "Crime and Punishment" is very friendly.Despite all the hardships and obstacles encountered on the way, each of its members, they stay together and try to help each other.

Father Rodion Raskolnikov

It is said that Dostoevsky decided not to talk much about his father Rodion.It is only known that the head of the family died.After his death, Pulcheria and her young children were forced to earn a living, and it was given to them is not easy.

Communication Raskolnikov with his family.Act Dunya

necessary to repeat that it is very friendly and loving family was Raskolnikov.Characteristics characters makes it clear that each of them was ready for each other all.My mother loved her children, and they loved it.

Raskolnikov anxious attitude to each other can be seen at the very beginning of the novel.When they were in abject poverty after the death of his father, mother, and Dunya, Rodion himself struggling to get the money to provide for his family a little.The sister of the hero went to great sacrifices, deciding on marriage to Luzhin.Dunya wanted to join him in marriage in the first place in order to save his family from poverty.This act says that Raskolnikov was close to his mother and sister so much that they were willing to make great sacrifices.

poor but happy family Raskolnikov.Description Act Rodion

While Rodion was a criminal, Dostoevsky did not deprive his family and loved ones.Proof of this is the family of Raskolnikov.Characteristics of the members of the family shows the reader that, despite the obstacles and hardships, they still remain the closest to each other and the native people.

Communication Rodion with his family confirms a situation where Rodion learned of the impending marriage of Dunya and Luzhin.Raskolnikov's sister wanted to marry this gentleman for the prosperity of his family, but Rodion expressed their protest and frustration about this.Raskolnikov forbade his beloved sister to marry a greedy and generous Luzhin, because he did not want to see his sister will suffer and suffer.This act says that the family and the honor of each of its members - the main thing.

role of the family in the life of Rodion

It is said that Dostoevsky was not for nothing that so much attention paid to the families of Raskolnikov and Marmeladov.The writer wanted to show the meaning of kinship in the lives of everyone.An example of the narrative becomes a family Raskolnikov.Description of actions and characters of each character gives the reader the opportunity to understand the role played by people close to each other's lives.I must say that some family Raskolnikov became complicit in the crime Rodion, because mother and Dounia pinned to the hero all his hopes.That's why he felt for a debt to his family, as well as a great responsibility for the lives of my mother and sisters.

Rodion role of the family in "Crime and Punishment»

Throughout the novel the reader feels no animosity, and sorry for the protagonist works of "Crime and Punishment."Raskolnikov's family was in a difficult position.Dunya, Rodion Pulkheria and constantly had to experience different shocks and complex situation.

fate of Raskolnikov's family is not easy, and therefore makes each reader feel pity and sympathy.Throughout his life, these people had to fight for themselves and their loved ones, take difficult tests, but at the same time to protect his honor and to live justly.Family role of Raskolnikov in the novel is that with its help the author was able to draw attention to how the relationship with relatives can influence human behavior.Nice family, which reigns understanding and love can give peace and true happiness.