Shukshin , " Vanka Teplyashin " : a summary of the analysis .Image Vanka Teplyashina : characteristic.The theme of the story and the idea of ​​" Roly Teplyashin "

plot of the short story titled "Teplyashin Vanya" at first glance seems straightforward and unpretentious.But for everyday story told by the author, hiding a deep moral sense.However, as always, he wrote V. Shukshin.

Stories Freaks

VM Shukshin was born into a peasant family, and never hid his roots.Already a well-known writer, he has repeatedly appealed to the image of a villager whose simplicity, sincerity, inability to pretend to be familiar to him since childhood.These are the heroes who are endowed with a distinctive character and the best human qualities.In an effort to understand the world and their place in it, they often argue over the questions from the eternal.For example, what is the meaning of human life?How to benefit society?Can I make a really better than it actually is?

Unusual quality "Crank" appear brighter when they find themselves in an unusual environment.This behavior most people seem unusual, and does not meet standards.This is because they never compromise with conscienc

e, always and in all adhere to strict moral standards.That such a man is, according to Shukshin, Vanka Teplyashin - summary and analysis of its stories are given below.Unsophisticated and simple, hates hypocrisy and pretense is always open to dialogue with others, he is remembered for a long time reader.

«Vanka Teplyashin": a summary.Introducing the hero

Swain was hospitalized with a duodenal ulcer.He was initially treated rural doctors.Then, suddenly, came Sergey and after careful examination took Teplyashina himself.The city hospital Vanka everyone called "thematic" t. E. The patient whose diagnosis and treatment to help in the research and writing of scientific work.

The new site is well organized guy.Most often it is lost in the smoking room or talking with other patients.Many interesting things about his life, he told neighbors in the ward.For example, work is vividly described in the story of the drowned car - the hero, her former driver, then barely got to the shore.All were amazed at his words: rich vernacular, yet mesmerizing.Many of the students believed that everything that they told Vanya Teplyashin, writing and nothing more.However, the hero whenever he heard doubts about the veracity of his words, his eyes bulge honest - and everyone becomes clear: to lie, he really does not know how.

Soon Vanya "develop miss" - so it conveys the feeling defeated Shukshin.He stood at the window a long time, watching the bustling city life that turns down and marveled at the fact that there no one is listening.All always somewhere in a hurry, and this incessant running on top of the same people seemed mysterious and useless.From this Roly Teplyashin felt very lonely in a city.

unexpected guests

What was the surprise of the hero, when one day he saw a crowd of people rushing to the hospital, the mother directs.The guy yelled happily for the rest of the room and leaned out the window.Unfeigned feeling of delight from the forthcoming meeting to convey to all who were in the room.Someone advised him to quickly come down, because today was not a visiting day and the woman most likely will not be allowed.

man was on duty, called red-eyed patients.Since it was difficult to negotiate (if only for the money), because he was not very fond of - said Shukshin.Roly Teplyashin - a summary of the subsequent stage allows us to understand the inner world of the hero - he saw his mother, to ask the doorman for a while to put it to his son.But red-eyed was adamant.He mechanically - the author emphasizes this with the words "prokukoval", "tapped" - listed the visiting days.Not convinced him that the woman came out of the village.A mother is justified by that she did not know about the schedule.And I begged: even a little sit down and talk.

Opposition who saw this Roly Teplyashin suddenly felt shame for the humiliation the mother.He went to the red-and tried to politely explain the situation.They just talk briefly.But he continued to stare blankly aside.Then the guy have a mother on a bench behind the janitor and made towards her a few steps.At that moment there was a shout squeamish "back".But as soon as the red-Vanka tried to touch the young man he took his hand firmly aside.Mother knew how to easily get angry son, and he stifles it.But the recruiting cries watchman sitting nearby had jumped Evstigneev.Summary "Vanka Teplyashina" is coming to a head.Hero, who did not want to obey, yet managed to resist two strong men.However, during the defense he touched the chairs and tables - though, tried his best to avoid it.Soon there were sisters and Sergey.But the guy had already decided he was going home.Now.And immediately I felt he was relieved.

conversation with Dr.

Sergey Vanya begged not to get excited and to continue treatment.He invited his mother to live for a while in his apartment, and then the woman will be able to come every day to the hospital.I assure you that if the guy immediately turned to him, there are no problems with the meeting would not have arisen.But Vanya Teplyashin was steadfast and stand firm.He then quickly ran to the room, packed his things.

clothes gave Yevstigneev that a few minutes ago, helped to overcome the red-patient.Now he has decided that Vanya was kicked out of the hospital, and because he expressed his regret.Wachter was enough to give fifty cents, he admitted to his mother - said Evstigneev, confirming previously expressed by some of the words of the Chamber of bribery red-eyed.


Summary "Vanka Teplyashina" character completes a conversation with his mother.On the way to upset the woman blamed her son that because of its nature it can never "to gain a foothold."And Vanya answered only urged her to never again to anyone and do not put down.Soon they boarded the bus and headed home.

theme story "Vanka Teplyashin»

As already noted, despite the simple plot, the product V.Shukshin filled with very deep meaning.Its authors are interested in the relationship, folding between people in everyday life.Therefore, in the story, first of all, attention is drawn to the scene, which describes the meeting and conversations with his mother's son.

One cheer, which is distributed in the House, when Vanka saw a man dear to him, demonstrates his boundless love and tenderness."My dear" - the first thing that comes to mind at this moment the boy.Later, he strongly defends grown old woman forced to grovel before a stranger to her man for the sake of a few minutes to talk with your own child.

relationship between son and mother, and help to understand the incredible anguish that swept Teplyashina in the city hospital.Yes, conditions were created by him are good, but the guy was away from home and people close to him.

main idea of ​​the work

Quite different are the relations of the protagonist with a red-eyed.The latter was not able to cross through red tape and to understand what they feel after a long time close to each other people.The idea of ​​the work, in fact, lies in the words of the protagonist, uttered during a farewell to Evstigneev, "It is necessary to be a man ...".The phrase, which appeared as a response to a comment Vanya that the watchman should pay is directly related to the behavior of red-eyed.However, it can serve as a reminder to everyone: it is the only way remaining man can fight injustice prevailing in the society.

theme and the idea of ​​the story "Vanka Teplyashin" contrast between the protagonist and a janitor make it clear that not everything in life is measured by money and wealth.There are things that can be felt only with the heart.Another important point: never forget about self-esteem.The only way to save the self-respect.That's why a guy tried to convince her mother and never for more than one so do not ask.And still not agreed to the proposal of the doctor, even though it came from the heart.

Feature protagonist

Very interesting image drawn by the author Vanya Teplyashina.To understand its nature it is important to all: the behavior and speech, and the relationship with his mother, as well as those who are around him.

note that Vanka quickly found a common language with its neighbors in the ward, because by nature was a man open and sociable.But even funny conversations are not saved him from depression.For the villager who is used to always be in business, the city seems strange and incomprehensible.Not seen here observant, subtly feeling the world around the hero and understanding between people.Countries have shown him the very life of the townspeople, he tried to understand, standing at the window.It struck the noise, which was a lot, and indifference towards each other.In this regard, it should be noted as Shukshin describes the hero in those moments when he saw his mother - ran down and took the important decision, galloped upstairs to pack.Vanka if alive, to feel connected to their native home.It is also important that the boy cheerfully said goodbye not only with its neighbors in the ward, but with its red-offended.Thus, Vanka Teplyashin, behavior analysis which shows how an honest, sincere and guileless, he was not able to please, to cheat and adapt.He has always remained true to himself.It answers the question of why the hero could never stay long.He just lived in good conscience, which often do not like the others.

Roly Teplyashin: meaning of the name

no secret that writers commonly referred to as their heroes not just.Name - is one of the artistic techniques, since it can tell a lot about a person.Let's start with the names of the protagonist.Teplyashin - once there are clear associations: warm, sincere.And Vanya - the name is quite common in Russian fairy tales.Although often this character, the youngest of three sons, called Ivan the Fool, that he is the most resourceful, hardworking, skilled and achieves anything in life because of their qualities.Besides SHukshin uses diminutive: Vanya, and he immediately gets closer to the reader.

If we turn to the value of the name, you will find that John means "God's grace".Thus, by a combination of "Roly Teplyashin" emphasizes kindness, innocence of the protagonist.

value story V.Shukshin

C. Aitmatov wrote: "If a person ceases to fight against evil, it ceases to be a man."We can assume that these words - another excellent performance Vanka Teplyashina.His confidence in the firmness of moral standards, a willingness to defend their own views and to fight injustice, protest against opportunism in all its a real sympathy in the reader.And let not always acceptable forms of struggle, which selects the main character, the very existence of it and people like him gives us confidence that the victory of good is still possible in our world.