George Bernard Shaw, "Pygmalion": a summary of the play

consider the play, which was created by George Bernard Shaw ("Pygmalion").Summary it is presented in this article.The action of the play takes place in London.The basis of it was laid the myth of Pygmalion.

Summary begins the following events.One summer evening in heavy rain.Passers-by, trying to escape from him, running towards Covent Gardenskomu market, as well as to the portico of the Cathedral of St.Paul, who had taken refuge at several people, including an elderly lady with her daughter, dressed in evening dresses.They are waiting for the lady's son, Freddy, find a cab and come here for them.All these people, except for a man with a notebook, peering eagerly in torrents of rain.

Freddie gives money flower girl

Freddie appears in the distance.He found a taxi and ran to the porch.However, on the way Freddie swooped randomly on the street flower girl that rushing out of the rain, and kicks from the hands of the girl with a basket of violets.Flower bursts abuse.Located in the portico of the pe

ople something quickly writes in a notebook.She complains that her violets disappeared, and begs to buy a bunch of standing here colonel.He gives her a little thing to get rid, but the color does not take.One passer-by draws attention to the girl, unwashed and sloppily dressed flower, the fact that a person with a notebook, probably scribbling denunciation of it.She starts to whimper.Passers-by, however, says that this person is not from the police, and the surprise of all present that determines with accuracy the origin of each of the pronunciation.

Queen, Freddie's mother sends her son back to the taxi found.Meanwhile, the rain stopped, and she is with her daughter to the bus stop.

meeting with Colonel Henry Higgins Pickering

following events continues Bernard Shaw "Pygmalion."Summary of the meeting with Higgins Pickering presented below.

Colonel interested in abilities of a man who is holding a notebook.That seems Henry Higgins and says that is the author of "universal alphabet Higgins."Colonel himself is the creator of the book entitled "Spoken Sanskrit".His name is Pickering.This man lived a long time in India and came to London specifically to meet Higgins.Tom also wanted for a long time to get acquainted with the colonel.These two are going to go to the colonel to the hotel for dinner.

Flower gets a "big state"

But then again begins to flower girl asking to buy her flowers.Higgins in her basket tosses a handful of coins and goes along with the colonel.She says that she has now, in its standards, great condition.When Freddie comes with caught them, finally, taxi, she sits in the car and drives away, noisily slamming the door.

Eliza comes to Professor Higgins

you read the plot description of the product, which is created by George Bernard Shaw ("Pygmalion").Summary - this is just an attempt to identify the main events of the play.

Higgins next morning Colonel shows at home his phonographic equipment.Suddenly, his housekeeper, Mrs. Pearce, Higgins reports that the professor wants to talk to some very simple girl.It appears yesterday florist.She seemed to him like Eliza Doolittle, and says he wants to take lessons from a professor of phonetics, so it can not with her pronunciation of a job.Eliza heard yesterday that Higgins gives these lessons.She was sure that he would agree to work with joy money dropped yesterday, without looking in her shopping bag.

Paris concluded Pickering and Higgins

such amounts to him to speak, of course, ridiculous.But Higgins bets Pickering offers.He incites his show, which could in a few months as he claimed the day before, to turn into a duchess street flower girl.Higgins is a tempting proposal.Besides Colonel ready if he wins, to pay the cost of tuition Eliza.Woman takes Mrs. Pearce to the bathroom to wash.

meeting with the father of Eliza Eliza

Summit with his father continued his work Shaw ("Pygmalion").Summary of the episode follows.For Higgins after a while comes the father of Eliza.This is a simple man, a scavenger.However, it impresses with its eloquence born professor.Higgins asks him for permission to leave at his daughter and it gives him 5 pounds.When Eliza appears in the Japanese kimono, already washed, Doolittle at first she did not recognize her.

success of Mrs. Eliza Higgins Higgins

a few months leading lady to her mother's house.The professor wants to find out whether it has entered into a secular society.Mrs. Higgins is a guest Eynsford Hill with her son and daughter.These are the people that stood in the portico Higgins in the day, when I saw for the first time Eliza.However, they will not know for a Woman.At first Eliza speaks and behaves like a high society lady.But then she starts talking about his life and at the same time uses a street expression.Higgins is trying to pretend that it's just a new secular jargon and smoothes the way the situation.She leaves the audience, leaving the ecstatic Freddie.

That begins after the meeting to send a letter to Elise 10 pages.Pickering and Higgins after the departure of guests vying tell Mrs. Higgins as they teach Eliza, take out its exhibitions, opera, dress.That is, they treat the girl like a doll.Mrs. Higgins agrees with Mrs. Pearce, I believe that they do not think about anything.

Bets Higgins wins

Both experimenter has taken out a few months later at the grand reception Eliza.The girl has a dizzying success.Everyone thinks it's the duchess.Higgins wins a bet.

Arriving home, the professor enjoys what finally completed the experiment, from which it is already a little tired.He speaks and acts in his usual gruff manner, not paying the slightest attention to Eliza.She looks sad and tired, but still it is blindingly beautiful.As Eliza begins to accumulate irritation.

Eliza runs away from home

Unable to stand, she launches into his shoes professor.She wants to die.The girl does not know how to live, what would happen to her next.After all, it has become a completely different person.Higgins says that everything will be fine.However, it is possible to hurt Eliza.It displays a professor of balance and that a little revenge for himself.

night she runs away from home.On the morning of Pickering and Higgins lost his head, noting that Eliza was gone.They even attracted her to the police wanted list.Higgins without Eliza feels like without hands.He can not find my things, does not know what kind of things he had scheduled for the day.

New Life scavenger Doolittle ("Pygmalion")

Summary of actions devoted to the description of a new life, not only Eliza and her father.Tell us what happened to him.

Mrs. Higgins comes to his son.Then report to Higinsu and the coming of the girl's father.He has changed a lot and looks like a wealthy bourgeois.Doolittle snaps indignantly Higgins, because he had his fault change your lifestyle and become much less a free man.It turned out that a few months ago, Higgins wrote to a millionaire in America, who founded the worldwide branches of the League of moral reform.He said in the letter that a simple scavenger Doolittle, is now the most original moralist in England.American has died, and before his death bequeathed it scavenger share in his trust, provided that he would read in his League of moral reforms to 6 lectures per year.Doolittle laments that he has even marry the one with whom he lived for several years without registering relations, because now he has to look respectable bourgeois.According to Mrs. Higgins, the father can finally take care of his daughter properly.However, Higgins did not want to hear about how to return Eliza Doolittle.

Return Eliza

This play is an allusion (ironic) on the ancient myth "Pygmalion and Galatea."Summary of further developments following.Mrs. Higgins says that she knows where she is.She agreed to return on condition that Higgins she apologize.He does not agree to any to go for it.Eliza appears.She is grateful for the Pickering that he behaved with her as a noble lady.After all, he helped change Eliza, who had to live in the house of ill-mannered, slovenly and rude Higgins.Professor struck.She adds that if Higgins will continue to put pressure on it, it will go to a colleague Higgins Professor Nepean and will have to assistant.Eliza Nepean threatens to tell all the discoveries made by Higgins.Professor finds that her behavior now even decent and better than when she brought him shoes and watched his things.Higgins is confident that they will now be able to live together as the "three amicable old bachelor."

We describe the final product of events "Pygmalion."Summary of the play has been presented above.Girl sent to the wedding of his father.It is, apparently, will still live in the house Higgins as time to become attached to him, and he to her.And they all will continue.

Thus end we are interested in the product, which is made by Bernard Shaw ("Pygmalion").Summary gives an overview of the main developments of the world-famous plays.It consists of five acts.In 1913 he created the Bernard Shaw "Pygmalion."Summary can be found also by looking one of the many performances.There is a musical based on her ("My Fair Lady").

The basis of the story of the play has been taken, the main character - Pygmalion and Galatea (myth).Summary of the story, however, was significantly reworked.In his Galatea Professor Higgins does not see the person.He does not care about what it would be after a woman becomes "the duchess."However, initially otnesshiysya sympathetic to its creator Eliza knows his worth.In Kuhn's book "Myths and Legends of Ancient Greece" You can read the story of "Pygmalion and Galatea."Myth, a summary of which was used as the basis of the play of interest to us, it will help to better understand the work of Bernard Shaw.