Summary: "Kys".

dystopian genre by the end of the twentieth century has gained unprecedented success that continues to this day.Of particular interest to the authors cause different ways of development of Russia.Such concerns dystopia novel Tatyana Tolstaya.In this article, we will consider in detail its summary."Kys" - a work not only tells about the sad future, but also imbued with irony and sarcasm to the present.


novel product written for fourteen years, from 1986 to 2000-th.According to the writer of the four of those years she did not write at all.

examining summary "Kys", the reader will be able to make sure that this dystopian novel, describing the post-apocalyptic future of Russia.The work is steeped in sarcasm and irony.Often the world of the novel is seen as a metaphor to describe the post-Soviet chaos of the 90s.However, the original author's intent was to satire of the Soviet system, which was based on the archaism of consciousness of people and relationships, the cult of the leader, the state


novel structure Consider the structure of the product before describing his summary."Kys" - a novel divided into chapters, each of which is entitled Old Russian letter of the alphabet.Thus, the product is divided into 33 parts, which begin "Azom" and end with "Izhitsa."

World Order artistic space

very interested in the world that produces thick."Kys" (summary will be given below) describes Moscow, survived the explosion at the end of the twentieth century.Since then, it took nearly two hundred years.The capital now called Fedor Kuzmichsk named head of the city and the largest Murza.Simple duckies are very grateful to Fyodor Kuzmich, who invented the wheel, the letters, the rocker arm, catching a mouse.

those born after the explosion there are consequences: body covered with ears, fingers more or less than that is laid, "udder", "half a person."After the explosion, remained the same, born before him.These do not grow old, and lived for the third hundred years.These include the mother of Benedict, who died "ease", Chief Stoker Nikita Ivanovich.There reincarnation, too, with old-time remaining, but they are used as sled cattle.They themselves constantly swear and carry on his hands and feet boots, "you do not understand, whether they are people, or not: the face like as a person, the body is covered with hair, and run on all fours.And on each leg of felt boots ... ".

T. Thick "Kys": summary

Benedict woke up this morning, put on his boots and went to work.From childhood he dreamed of becoming a fireman, he was respected by all, and dust-free operation.But my mother insisted on studying the letters - three generations in the family of intellectuals was to "oneversetetskim abrazavaniem."While his mother was alive, Benedict often wondered why there was explosion, what got the answer that people with "aruzhyem" Got Game.

Most duckies Kysi fear that lives in the woods and the man can "on the neck in the back: Hop!and mainline teeth: hrus!- And a claw main zhilochki discover and perervёt, and the whole of the human mind and will. "After that, my dear nothing he can not do, the body lives, and the reason it has not.But Nikita Ivanovich argues that there Kysi, all fiction.

Working hut

very ironic novel "Kys" Tatyana Tolstaya, a summary of the experience makes it fully.

The Working Cabin committed to rewrite that wrote Fyodor Kuzmich, for example, about Ryaba and Bun, poems, "Schopenhauer."It illustrates the book "Olenka - darling", "beauty beloved" from a noble family.

preserved and old books that were printed before the metro attacks, but they can be disease.Once the medics learn that Ducky has a book, so come for him at Red Sleigh, caught with the book and taken away.And after a person has no one sees.At Benedikt Mother was such a book, but his father, he learned there and then burned.

over bumps Mallets comes lunch.Duckies have sent the soup of the mice in Table hut.Together with Benedict sits Barbara Lukinishna, all covered with rooster combs - "is a consequence."She talks about who the "horse", Benedict believes that this is just a big mouse.

Fyodor Kuzmich

events continue to develop novel "Kys" (Tatyana Tolstaya).Summary of the story of the arrival of Fyodor Kuzmich Working in house.Very expressive description greatest Murza: small, Benedict knee, frail, his words all reverently heed, but his language is completely different from the rest of the darlings of speech, despite the "written" their books.Suddenly, the fire goes out in the house, comes Nikita Ivanovich, fueling the fire and did not show any respect for Fyodor Kuzmich.Benedict wants to become more stoker.


Many allusions to reality makes in his novel T. Thick ("Kys").Summary talks about the festival, which has decided to celebrate Fyodor Kuzmich March 1 - New Year.

Benedict was well prepared for it: has caught mice, exchange them for different specialties.But he can not enjoy shopping.At home, in the house, Benedict seems that Kys him creeps.At this time just comes Nikita Ivanovich.Benedict rushes up to him and asks for help.

week our hero lay in a fever, missed all the holidays, and they nakuplennyh together at this time and ate.Benedict starts thinking about getting married, to have someone to look after him if anything, for the economy to follow.

So the new decree - to celebrate the new "Babskii Holiday" 8 March.Benedict, as he was told, congratulates all women on the job, including Olenka.He asks for her hand and gets back agreement.

Varvara Lukinishna

ironic events that portrays the novel "Kys".Summary draws hike Benedict to his co-worker combs in Barbara Lukinishna.The protagonist believes that the woman has a liking for him.But she had other plans, she invited Benedict to talk about books and recognizes that it has a black-letter.Barbara Lukinishna says no books on the disease, but Benedict does not believe, and runs in fear.

Nikita Ivanovich laying on Benedict hopes, since his mother was educated, asking for help to cut out an article from a tree Pushkin.After Pushkin is our everything.Benedict imbued with the idea, however, does not understand these former with their incomprehensible words and actions.In any case, it carves a statue of Benny six fingers - suddenly something goes wrong, and then once you can always cut off.


no longer have to Benedict terrible Kys.Summary of the chapters do not rife appearance of this mythical creature.The life of the hero, by contrast, is a quiet channel.It is quietly working on a monument, he is going to marry.But this peace is broken.It turns out that the tail that has always been at the Benedict - the consequences, and must be cut off.

Benya is acquainted with his parents Olenka.It turns out that her father - chief nurse.Benedict afraid, and the father in law said that he is not one of "our".But Olenka intercedes for him.

After the wedding took place, Benedict moved to tower his wife's parents.Quit going to work, I was interested in reading.It turned out that the father in law is a huge library with early printed books.But the book ends - Benedict realizes in horror that I have read everything.It covers the longing.


action comes to a climax in the novel "Kys".Read a summary of the description of how Benedict is the first time in the ranks of sanitation, very exciting.Now our hero among the very people who are afraid of everything, and he is going to withdraw the book.In the desire to take possession of another a rarity, he accidentally kills ducky.Father-soothing Benya, he gradually begins to go back to look for the book.Come and Nikita Ivanovich, but he does not give him anything.

Father-in-law begins to curl a little on the revolution - Fyodor Kuzmich books a lot, and he no one is divided.As a result, they kill greatest Murza.Tests become general sanitation, and the city now will be named in his honor.

Nearing the end of the novel, who wrote Tolstoy ("Kys").Summary of chapters ends with the fact that the chief nurse makes the decision to execute the Chief Stoker unnecessary.Father-of Beni produces a beam from his eyes, which gives spark that lights attached to Pushkin Nikita Ivanovich.

But Stoker himself spewing flames and burned the city.Ben manages to escape from the fire in the pit.When the flames subsided, he comes out and sees live Nikita Ivanovitch and his companion, also of the same.He asks why they did not burn, what Stoker says: "The reluctance."And the former holding hands, raised to the sky.

Conclusion So ends summary."Kys", as can be seen from the above, not only the anti-utopia, but a novel based on the post-modern techniques, which is quite natural, given the time it was written.Image characters who only partially resemble full-blooded people, surrealistic story.A special feature of postmodern intertextuality appeared in receptions - in a lot of work, both direct and indirect references to the classic Russian works.And the image of Pushkin takes just symbolic, representing the forgotten spirituality.