Summary of the work "The Lord of the Rings" in order

Perhaps today it is difficult to find anyone who has not heard about the novel-epic fantasy John Ronald Tolkien Rouela and an adaptation of "The Lord of the Rings", which became one of the most ambitious productions of our time.Consider a summary of the work "The Lord of the Rings" in order.

Introduction and history of the One Ring

First, as expected, to be prehistory.Speaking about the book and the film adaptation of the works of "The Lord of the Rings" in order to better understand the history is the history of creation of the main ring.It is believed that in ancient times, when ancient lands inhabited by elves, dwarves, orcs, etc., were forged rings of power, divided between the dwarves and elves.However, unknown to all the dark lord Sauron created another ring, which was named Ring, as it could command all the others.

Sauron was defeated by the people and the ring was forgotten for a long time, until his story is not manifested with renewed vigor, because the spirit of Sauron survived and n

ow searched the ring to subdue the world.

«Fellowship of the Ring»

action of the first part, if we consider the epic "Lord of the Rings" in order, starting in the village of hobbits.We meet with Bilbo Baggins, who as it turns out, has an unfortunate ring.The Wizard Gandalf realizes that this is the One Ring, and persuades Bilbo transfer ring to his nephew Frodo.

Servants of Sauron How many feel at a distance, so Frodo, together with three friends have to leave their village and go on a dangerous journey to the mountain to Mordor to destroy the ring.Along the way, they are introduced to the elves and dwarves.This forms a Fellowship of the Ring.

«The Two Towers»

proceed to the second part of the trilogy.We continue to the retelling of the book "The Lord of the Rings" in order.In the events that are saturated to the limit.As a background to the main events of the battle of the two armies provided that not only the book, but the movie is shown with unprecedented scale.

However, the backbone of this part of the story is the one moment that guide Frodo and his friend Sam on the way to Mordor gets tricky creature named Gollum, who once upon a time was a hobbit, and possess the Ring.Under its influence Gollum is not only mad, but changed its appearance to a disgrace.He brings travelers into the trap of constantly sowing the seed of discord between the hobbits and Sam have to continue the journey alone.After all, he believes that Frodo was killed after the attack of orcs.

«Return of the King»

Finally, the third part leads the Hobbits to the volcano Mount Doom.But Frodo becomes dependent on the One Ring, and finally does not want to destroy it.

From opsianiya of Ring, we know that it has its own will and subjugates its owner wants it or not.Immediately the evil Gollum jumps on hobitta, bites off his finger with a ring, but he falls into the mouth of the volcano.So Sauron comes to an end, in spite of all its power.This is followed by the destruction of the Dark Lord's possessions.

In conclusion, we see that one of his friends the hobbits, Aragorn, King proclaimed that henceforth would rule Gondor, and the four hobbits celebrated as real heroes.After that, they return home, but see their country occupied by bandits, led by Saruman.The people rose in rebellion and casts out the invaders, Frodo and returned to civilian life, and then tells of his adventures in the "Red Book."By the end of the story it turns out that Gandalf, Frodo and Bilbo takes to elves who are leaving Middle-earth, taking with him the imperishable knowledge of magic and sorcery.So in the very ancient lands begins a new era of mortal men.