Tale "Exchange" (Trifonov): summary

Yuri V. Trifonov - one of the most famous Soviet writers whose work until now is of interest to the reader.This article will focus on perhaps the most famous of his creation - the story "Sharing."Trifonov, a summary of it will confirm, it was able to display, and very realistic, the complexity of family relationships, understanding of the problems and the agony experienced by the person making the decision under pressure from loved ones.

On the product

What is so unique story "Sharing" (Trifonov), a summary of which we consider?Written work was in 1969 - this time in the literature is characterized by the emergence and flourishing of the "city" of prose.Writers working in this genre, appealed to the moral problems of everyday life of ordinary people.

greatest success in the "city" prose made it Trifonov.His novel "The Exchange" was the finest example of the genre, and marked the beginning of a whole cycle of such products.

«Exchange» (Trifonov): summary of events

story unfolds in Moscow.The

protagonist of the work - thirty engineer Victor G. Dmitriev.His mother, Xenia Feodorovna with cancer, but she is convinced that he suffered from ulcers.She undergoes surgery and sent home, her fate is sealed.But the Xenia Feodorovna sure that is on the mend.

Helena, translator and wife of Victor, soon.his mother was discharged, he decides that it is necessary to move in with her mother in law.Otherwise, you lose the room that will remain after the Profsoyuznaya street.And for this to be exchanged, and she has managed to find a good option.

complex relationship

can be considered a household drama novel "exchange."Trifonov, a summary of it perfectly illustrates tells a story familiar to everyone, because it is based on everyday relationships.The writer speaks of simple things that many of us put a difficult choice.

Even when young Elena and Viktor began to live together, Xenia Fyodorovna wanted to live with them and with Natasha, his granddaughter.But the relationship between her and the daughter got worse, so the idea of ​​moving had to be discarded.

But once-in-law was dying, Lena herself became constantly talking to her husband on the exchange and transfer.Victor does not like this idea, because the mother may guess, the reason it all.But gradually he began to give to his wife, in her words, he sees care about their well-being and the future of Natasha.And if you think the mother suddenly recover, and then she will only get better - a dream come true.As a result, Dmitriev concludes that Lena was right from the start and nothing he lashed out at her.


Heroes, which is easy to recognize themselves, their friends and neighbors, creating Trifonov."Sharing" (summary of the story helps the judge of that) - a product of how life's circumstances can undermine the moral foundations of human and presentation of good and bad.

So, Victor itself becomes the initiator of the exchange, but is convinced that tries not to themselves.Because of his mother's illness he had to abandon a business trip.Meanwhile, Victor needed money - for the treatment of spent a lot of money.He does not know who to turn to for help.However, he was lucky, money offers Tanya, his co-worker and former lover.

rich not only realistic characters and life situations story Trifonova "Exchange."Summary of the novel tells the story of a failed Tatiana and Victor, because of which the heroine's marriage broke up, and she was left alone with her son.This woman still loves Dmitriev, knowing full well that she had no hope of reciprocal feelings.The very same Victor believes that Tatiana could be a better wife than Elena.

Tanya helps Victor, introduces the man who versed in the affairs of the exchange from which the hero gets the broker's phone number.In the evening, after work, Tatiana and Victor go home to a woman for the promised money.Tanja is pleased to have what may be near a loved one.Dmitriev feels it even wants to stay, but he urgently needed to go to the country in Pavlinova where his mother is waiting.


generate interest and empathy in the reader a situation that describes Trifonov ("Exchange").Summary presented here superfluous proof.With cottage Dmitriev linked to many wonderful childhood memories.To begin with, that the house was built by his father, who always dreamed engineer quit his job and sit for writing humorous stories.This good man did not carry the whole life, and death came to him early.Himself Viktor it almost did not remember.

But well he remembered his grandfather, Fyodor, the old revolutionary and a lawyer.He was absent for a long time, and when he returned to Moscow to obtain the room he lived in the country.

Dmitriev and Lukyanova

Summary Trifonova "Exchange" continued.Now, the author tells the story of the relationship of families Victor Dmitriev and Lena, nee Lukyanova.

Lukyanova have always been those that can adapt to any situation and obstryapat any case, they are equally easy to repair solved the problem in the country and the device's granddaughter in an elite English school.They breed the author characterizes as "know how to live."When Dmitriev came to a standstill and concludes that nothing can be done more, Lukyanov instantly solved problems as they know their ways.

In these comparisons of different ways of life of families shows very familiar types of people Yuri Trifonov."Sharing", a summary of which we consider in detail illustrates the two most common, but mutually exclusive, ways of behavior.That is why Dmitriev, but mainly Xenia Fyodorovna, has certain moral principles and accustomed to helping unselfishly concerned with the achievements of Lukyanovs arrogant and disdainful smile.In their submission Lukyanova - devoid of interest and lofty moral principles philistines who care only about their welfare.Dmitriev even appeared the word "olukyanitsya."

very clear accents and openly shows his preference between the two families Trifonov.Tale "Exchange", a summary of the results in many examples, tells the story of how people can morally degraded, following in the wake of their desires.Thus, the reader sees how gradually "olukyanivaetsya" Victor, is increasingly becoming a wimp.Particularly acute is manifested in an attempt to help his former comrades to find a job.Lena managed to find a good place, but she reasoned that her husband is more necessary.So Victor received a new position, and his friend was left with nothing.


Summary Trifonova "Exchange" is coming to an end.At the cottage comes Victor sister Laura, which leads to the astonishment of the talk about the exchange.She believes that a number of the mother Elena is bad, even if she will try to behave kindly.Too much of their hatred.

Xenia Feodorovna condition worsens, it becomes better.Waiting for the next lift, Victor decides to talk with her mother.Here the reader is presented a person who is important to your well-being and comfort of the patient completely indifferent mother.Victor finally "olukyanilsya" - makes it clear Yuri Trifonov.Exchange (summary gradually leads to the issue) is to be made, said Dmitriev.But her mother saw what happened to her son, she refuses to exchange and says that he has made the exchange a long time - changed the conscience at ease.

The next morning, Victor leaves, and two days later the mother calls and says that she agreed to the exchange.They come Ksenia Fyodorovna soon dies.After his mother's death, Victor delivers much older, sedeet.And in place of the former summer residence built a new stadium and a hotel.


quite worldly and simple situation draws Yuri Trifonov ("Exchange").Summary fully conveys the theme of this artless story, which is the moral fall of man.