"The Don Stories" (summary) Sholokhov.

beginning of the twentieth century was marked by the terrible events in Russia, violated the music life of the people.In particular, which began in 1918, the civil war led to a clash of people living in the same village, the same family that has left its mark on society and the artistic work of writers.Most of them have repeatedly raised the issue of violence and humanism.The way in which the theme was revealed to the people of the terrible war can be traced by reading the summary of the story Sholokhov "Colt."

birth of a new life

In the midst of civil war ringleader Trofim faced with an unpleasant surprise for the whole squad, his mare hotel.Colt unaware of how much time he was not born for the first time looked at the world around him, and feeling the horror of what he saw, and the inescapable sweetness emanating from maternal affection.The very same horse lay on the dunghill thin and haggard, but with genuine pleasure and pride in his eyes.That is the picture and saw a Trofim came to the stable

s.And froze in confusion as anything other than how to get rid of a foal, it was not possible in these turbulent times.This is the beginning of the story.Next, consider its summary.

Sholokhov colt and his fate is no less worried than Trofim.The latter expect a long conversation with the commander of the squadron, which resulted in the firm decision to kill the sucker immediately.Otherwise, on the eve of an offensive against the Whites, he will be a thorough nuisance, and the mare will not succumb to the orders of the owner.Trofim was aware of the gravity of the situation, but did not get up in his hand on the small and innocent animal.Squadron went into position and is allowed to leave things as they are, citing the fact that "... and the commander of the teat sucking, and we sucked, just a custom, and of the Sabbath."So I stay in the unit foal.

Sholokhov, a summary of the episode fight

month later ekadron Trofim came to grips with the Cossack troops.It turned out that the mare did not subject to the instructions of his master, as primarily seeks to protect her cub.Order angry, ringleader sent him a rifle, but the bullet did not cause any injury or death of a descendant of the red mare.After the incident, the commander spoke again with Trofim on the Elimination of foal, as he alone suggests panic in the ranks.However, kill him hand was raised.And the ringleader pulled to the execution of the order.So ends another part of the story (you read her summary) Sholokhov.

«Foal": dangerous crossing

Soon the regiment was forced to swim across the Don, to escape from the Whites.Trofim platoon ordered his mare, and the boat was carrying a saddle.He never for a moment lost sight of his red.Next to it was sailing "the high throwing out of the water, then dipping so that the barely visible nostrils" and her cub.And here the author describes the scene, to make everyone shudder.Here is a brief summary.Sholokhov - foal issued as thin as a thread of the web, and prolonged scream - the behavior of the soldiers struck by the warring parties.

wafting call slashed Trofim heart."I'll kill you!" - That was the first thought that flashed through his mind.She got to grab a rifle and shot at the head of the unfortunate sinking of the animal.Fortunately, the ringleader missed.He strongly jumped into the water and swam to the foal.At this moment, standing on the beach and having seen all the White Guard officer gave the command: "Do not shoot!" Applying monstrous effort Trofim colt pulled ashore, where the latter immediately fell under the protection of his mother's red.

And Trofim, swaying, stood up.But did not go two steps, I felt like a hot shot, suddenly pierced his chest.This is the right bank, with indifference by clicking the shutter, shot White Guard officer.So ends the story (you read its summary) Sholokhov "Colt."