Wedding Photographer Or that shot at the wedding

Despite the undeniable fact that the wedding - a very dynamic event and, at times, very unpredictable, there are a number of issues inherent in any wedding.Many of these moments of the first family holiday newlyweds (referred to as the wedding) are key and wedding photographer , which had barely begun his career and because of little experience did not have time to feel the wedding party to and from, and has no idea about these moments can podcherpnut fromof this article: what to shoot at the wedding feast.

So let's go through those moments of a wedding celebration, a wedding photographer who needs to capture mandatory, so that photographing wedding looked full.

first moment.Gathering of the bride.
Fees bride - a very sensitive and important point.In the present moment absolutely all important details, from first to last.But what exactly can shoot a wedding photographer at this stage of the magical wedding?Believe me, five minutes will have to shoot very, very much.Moments of miraculous events a

re about:
- bride doing make-up magic and wonderful hair;
- beautiful bride girlfriend dresses in the unwritten beauty wedding dress;
- the bride dress one of their most important attributes - the veil;
- the bride makes a gesture full of femininity - puts the garter;
- awaits his beloved bride groom at the window, waiting photos;
- experiences of parents, friends, relatives, friends.

second moment.Charges groom.
Often, wedding photographer takes not only charges the bride, groom and fees.At this point there is also an important moment, required to take a picture:
- Groom buttons his shirt;
- the bride dress cufflinks, straightens his tie;
- the groom with his friends sits in motor vehicles, referred to as a car.

Moment third.Preparing for redemption.
Simultaneously with the charges of the bride, often friends and relatives decorate porch or house in which he lives a beautiful bride adorn the car with ribbons and balls.

Moment fourth.Redemption of the bride and future wife.
Bride price is also very eventful.At the very moment when the redemption proceeds lovely bride, the wedding photographer is unable to influence the course of events, and when will be held ransom, the photographer can only act only as a reportage photographer, as each buy is like another.However, there are moments that are very similar, namely:
- the bride out of the car and goes to the place of redemption;
- after bridegroom coming to ransom his bride;
- the blessing of young parents or parents' parting words before the journey to the registrar.

Moment fifth.Registrar.
in a solemn hall registrar, when is the wedding ceremony, there are a lot of very important things that a wedding photographer will have to reveal using photos most clearly and in detail, because the marriage ceremony is honored to be one of the key events of the wedding:
- solemnthe appearance of the newlyweds in the hall;
- solemn signature of the groom;
- solemn signature of the bride;
- couple exchanging wedding rings;
- presentation of the newlyweds their first family document - marriage certificate;
- full thrill kiss the bride and groom as a token of their feelings;
- greeting the young guests;
- the grand tour of the newlyweds wedding hall;
- groom gently and with trembling hands brings to its narrowing of the registrar;
- guests, friends, girlfriends, family and all the like newlyweds sprinkled petals and seeds.

professional photographer should be fully prepared and have time of their capture.

Moment sixth.Wedding walk.
Miracle and indescribable moments that will be able to shoot a wedding photographer on the walk of Brac, is entirely dependent on its programs and the beauty of the place in which the young will have the honor to spend their wedding promenage.

Moment seventh.The celebration at the restaurant.
full of magic and wonders of the holiday in the restaurant wedding photographer must shoot in the style of reportage, as often all that happens there, often depends on conducting wedding toastmaster or the wishes of the newlyweds.Therefore, wedding photographer , for the sake of the success of photography, should clearly monitor what is happening, but there are a number of points, similar to many weddings:
- solemn appearance of the young in the restaurant;
- meeting young bread and salt;
- held a husband and wife (in the recent past - the bride and groom) beat glasses happiness;
- the lighting of the hearth;
- young working together to split into pieces of wedding cake;
- the bride throws the bouquet to unmarried ladies, bachelors and groom throws the garter of the bride, after removing it from the feet of the bride.

This is the minimum set of points that should be in all the splendor of the wedding photographer to capture and good luck to you in photography.Sincerely professional photographer for a wedding Leonid Starikov.