Wedding photos or history of Wedding Photography

history of wedding photography has more than a decade and has its origins from the very moment when the picture was born, as a fact.What does it mean?This means that the development of the wedding photography began simultaneously with the photos as a whole.

But when there was this wonderful moment of origin of wedding photography?It happened approximately in the middle of the nineteenth century for a long time past.Each (or, perhaps, almost every) young couple mid-nineteenth century, wanted to leave a commemorative photo and a professional wedding photographer bygone nineteenth century, the instruments in the walls of the studio premises, enjoyed quite popular.

truthfully it should be said that in those days wedding photographer not chosen outside studio as the quality of the photographic technique was far from perfect.Also, the wedding photographer of the forties, frequently asked newlyweds pose for the camera for a long time.It was caused by the same technical imperfection of the camera at the


term "snapshot" does not exist at the time.Wedding Photographer transfer pictures to their customers on a plate made of tin, copper or glass.

This technological breakthrough in the industry taking photographs occurred at the beginning of the twentieth century, when was invented color photography.A wonderful and truly magical invention, called "color image" was a technological marvel and the miracle is perceived as a miracle.However, a professional wedding photographer the first half of the twentieth century was in no hurry to use this magical product of technological progress.This unfortunate fact was not groundless whim and conservative adherence to old traditions: colored photographs taken at the time, quickly faded, lost paint, turned into a pun on the color photographic paper.And, despite all the miraculous wonders of technological progress, wedding photographer used a long enough time, miraculous possibilities of black and white photos, which did not suffer any of the above drawbacks, it was a very strong argument.

In the future, advances in photographic technique began to gain serious enough momentum.We began to appear new types of film, and together with them, which is typical, and new methods for their treatment.But what is remarkable wedding photographer early and mid-twentieth century had a big enough conservatism, which has been preserved in their minds until the end of the Second World War.

When World War II ended, people began to gradually return to a peaceful existence.People began to actively get married and create a family and a wedding photographer was big enough opportunity to practice and career.Wedding photographer after the war picked up a portable folding camera, flash and small roller film and vigorous steps moved to places where the celebrated weddings in the sincere hope to sell the couple a product of his work.

The truth is that the wedding photographer of the postwar period with a portable photographic equipment often is not really professional in the field of photography, and also before picked up a camera - had extensive practice and experience.The most important thing is the person with the camera has the knowledge and practice only at the amateur level.Really serious skills in photography were given only those people who during the war had the opportunity to serve as a military photojournalist.

But there was quite an interesting paradox: even with the trend that the wedding photographer amateur level received no advance neither technical nor any other opportunities to remove wedding really high quality, photographic services enjoyed his crazy demand.In fact, people without experience, knowledge and practices can earn quite well.This fact has caused quite a lot of worry and frustration wedding photographers, who had the honor of wearing a sonorous, proud and highly significant title, "professional photographer".Obeying the laws of time and of all things, they were just forced to get along with her, even if it is very high quality, but very cumbersome equipment, beyond the narrow confines of the walls studio, in order to defend their place under the sun and in the niche of photography.

However, truth it should be noted that in spite of the presence or absence of skills and experience ,null, wedding photographer could photograph the entire wedding celebration from the beginning to the end.This was due to the high cost and complexity of the film frame processing.And therefore, professional photographer mid-twentieth century wielded a certain amount of waste poses.

Subsequently, with the development of photographic equipment, a new genre was born in photographing weddings - reportage photography.Wedding photographer got their hands on a good opportunity to reflect on the media reportage wedding photo shoot and professional photographers began to emerge in the genre of documentary photography.

However, in the early twenty-first century picture again felt a serious upheaval: there were digital cameras.Again entered the market amateur photographers, armed with very affordable cameras.And in the middle of the XX century, the current professional photographer again forced to defend his good name.

Thank you.Sincerely, wedding photographer Leonid Starikov.