Wedding photos or wedding ceremony

wedding ceremony - a short but very important moment in any wedding.And, this time, in spite of their transience, very eventful, and the slightest mistake will lead to the fact that wedding photographer will not be able to capture a particular moment of the wedding ceremony.But what is most interesting, most of the errors does not a wedding photographer, and newlyweds.This is due to feelings of excitement and experiencing betrothed to such an important ceremony, and they can understand.However, too many errors can be avoided, even more so they are always identical.And if they will not allow the couple, the wedding photographer can capture such an exciting moment for all hundred percent.

But about any mistakes newlyweds in question and did them at all can be assumed in such a short moment of time?Believe me - maybe a lot.Let's analyze them.

error first.With the speed of sound.
first mistake often allow the couple at the beginning of the wedding ceremony.Let's look at how the wedding ceremony begin

s and what mistakes of youth.

Often, guests, friends, girlfriends and relatives in the ceremonial hall run first.Wedding photographer is included with the guests and takes its place to take pictures.Then close the door on Brac and they are full of thrill and excitement for a few moments left alone with their experiences, awaiting the solemn moments of the wedding.

Pass of seconds that seem like an eternity, and that from there comes the magic moment, the music starts, the door opens letting young, wedding photographer raises his camera, and the young are in the hall and at once, just instantly admit his first mistake notHe entered the room, and just having flown into it.

the video fast entrance hall of the newlyweds in the normal capture possible, but in the photo - is problematic, no matter how professional photographer this time did not take off.Yield: betrothed must enter the hall slowly, slowly and solemnly, then wedding photographer will be able to remove the currently good.

Still, upon entering the room, the couple must pay its full of joy and experiences look at the registry office employee who exactly will gesture young, where they stop.Do not just fly to the table with an ardent desire to sign.Remember another thing: the story of the creation of a young family, and about the issue of consent to enter into the bark, which is done before painting.

After the young invited to sign, it must be done as slowly and solemnly.

second error.The ring, which is burning the hands.
After painting, the young as a token of love must exchange wedding rings.But my God, what is happening to young persons at the time.Often, it seems to me that the wedding rings insanely hot, heavy and smelly.And all this is reflected in the faces of the newlyweds.Lord newlyweds.As a wedding photographer, filmed a wedding is not personally ask you: watch your faces when the exchange of rings.

third error.Kiss passionately - a sign of love
Many newlyweds exchange rings after hearing the phrase: "And now, the couple - congratulate each other" come to a screeching halt, not realizing that they need to do next.Make no mistake: this means kiss.Just do not do it passionately, believing that it is a sign of love.In a solemn hall registrar it looks ugly.I tell you, as a professional photographer.

Also, a kiss has a clear guide for the bride: the bride not to turn on the camera and the guests, keeping a male reflex.The groom has to understand that the kiss should be seen in this case.

fourth error.Fugitive guests.
When young married, exchanged rings and kissed, it was time for congratulations to the newlyweds guests.But the trouble is that guests tend to congratulate the young crowd all at once.And wedding photographer leaves frames elbows, head and neck.

will be correct if the guests congratulate the newlyweds, or by one or in pairs.And congratulations to approach only when the previous couple congratulating departed.Then the wedding photographer will be able to work out perfectly.

These simple tips will ensure the fact that a professional photographer to shoot the wedding, will work perfectly, and the couple will have expressive pictures.

Lord newlyweds.Know that by your actions depends not only your future happiness, but also high-quality photos from the wedding.I am sure that your wedding will be the best and the brightest.Sincerely, professional wedding photographer Leonid Starikov.