Photos for Corporate or harmful Tips for photographers

main trouble photographer shooting corporate celebrations, is that many corporate photographers rounded eyes zero and count banknotes, forgetting to take care of the really high-quality photography celebration, which is quite a serious impact on the image and awareness of the photographer.

The main reason for this behavior lies in the fact that the one-time profit rises on corporate photographer for the first place, and to improve and develop, seriously prepare for the upcoming photography - prevents impossibly magnified ego.

Many corporate photographers, acquiring a good photo equipment, a year of practice begin to feel great professionals, completely forgetting about self-improvement and to prepare for taking pictures.However, the truly successful photographer for corporate learning and improving constantly and, more importantly, is seriously preparing for kazhoy photography.

ego development prevents many corporate photographers to not only improve but also to take advice.Therefore, trying to gi

ve advice on the current corporate photographer, in order to direct it in the right direction, I decided to build this article in the style of bad advice in the style of Grigory Oster.I hope this article will help to build a corporate photographer to present a new level of photography.

bad advice №1.Personal meeting with the customer to hell.
you, as the most successful, competent and ingenious photographer for corporate over the last three hundred years, and so you know, what are the main requirements of the customer to the future of photography corporate celebrations.And therefore, why waste your valuable time for a personal meeting?You will film and so corporate, in such a way that the customer will just squeak with delight.

Especially when you consider that your name at the customer is the thrill of awe, he did not doubt for a moment that you will film an ideal corporate celebration even without a personal meeting with you.

bad advice №2.The program of corporate party?What it is?
Why do you need a program of the upcoming corporate celebrations?You as a photographer for corporate with a global expertise in photography corporate celebrations, know exactly how each built a corporate celebration.Therefore, having taken what is happening at corporate complete their wisdom, talent and experience, vzgyad you understand exactly - what you shoot, from which a corporate party event is of particular importance.

Especially when you consider that you - a brilliant photographer for corporate, are capable of telepathy and the ability to instantly teleport from one place to another, the program triumph you just do not need - you will always be in the place that you want to remove and do not for a momentlate.And, most importantly, do not miss any important moent corporate celebrations.

bad advice №3.Clothing - a reflection of the soul of corporate photographer.
you - a successful and long-standing practice in the corporate professional photographer.Accordingly, you - very creative and easily vulnerable nature, which can not cram into a rigid framework.Including clothing.

If you come to take pictures of corporate celebrations in crumpled T-shirt and torn jeans, it means that you have mood today, proper to such type of clothing.

Customer and all at once the triumph of corporate guests will understand and will know exactly - you will film the triumph of perfect, even though on crumpled T-shirt and torn jeans.And therefore, the photos will only smile.Everyone will be happy.

bad advice №4.Preparing to take pictures - this is for wimps.
You, as the most experienced and successful photographer for corporate in the whole world, are ready for any photography.Your experience - this is the most important thing.And therefore, what to charge the batteries for the flash and the camera - they have had just as much to take your photography and sit with only the last click of the shutter of your camera.

Why resets the camera to its original position?Your camera - a modern machine with built-in artificial intelligence module and telepathy - he will reset all the settings, and when your appearance at the venue of the corporate celebration - will make the necessary adjustment.

And why you, in general, on-camera flash?Thanks to you, no doubt the largest, experience in photography corporate celebrations, you can create stunning photos without flash.

bad advice №5.Contact with the leading corporate party you do not need.
have already mentioned that you - an experienced photographer for corporate, has telepathic abilities.And on this basis, with masterly precision you feel any change in the program of corporate celebrations, as well as accurately guessed it - what will happen at each stage of the corporate celebration.Therefore, to keep contact with the leading corporate celebration - beneath your dignity successful corporate photographer.

bad advice №6.Alcohol increases the efficiency of photography.
you - the photographer on corporate and then you shoot a holiday.Based on this, you - has the full right to drink.This will allow you to be on the same wavelength with the guests of the celebration, and the photos will only improve.Moreover, the more you drink, the effect of improving the shots will be higher.

Hope photographer for corporate reading this article, heed my advice and will improve the quality of your photos by the day.Sincerely, a professional photographer on corporate Leonid Starikov.