Competent professional photographer or tips for beginners

This article is intended to protect the photographer from possible errors in the beginning of his career, regardless of who the reader of this article - a professional photographer or keen amateur photographer.To make it easier, the article is divided into specific advice.

Council first.The more practice, the better.
first thing a beginner should learn a professional photographer, is the fact that to improve their skills - you need to take pictures, take pictures and take pictures again.And the more the better.The more the photographer will take up the practice, the faster he will achieve success.

Council second.Training - the key to success.
Despite the fact that you need to take pictures a lot, it does not mean that doing it mindlessly.In this case - success in the field of photography you can not see.In short, if photographed a lot, then this should be done in the literal sense - the mind.

to take pictures with the mind, a professional photographer should determine the subjects of photograp

hy: studio photographer, wedding photographer or photographer for corporate.This will allow you to achieve considerable success in the chosen category, and not rashly take pictures.

Depending on the chosen theme of photography, you should acquire the necessary photographic equipment and attributes to it.For example, if you intend to be a reportage photographer or photographer on corporate, then you need a camera and a series of rapid-aperture lenses with zoom and a wide viewing angle, as well as on-camera flash.If you are planning to engage in photography landscape, the lens with a wide viewing angle is a must, together with polarization filter or gradient.

Tip Three.Less fuss.
Vanity - the scourge, which usually suffers almost every aspiring professional photographer.Once a bustling photographer sees an interesting plan for a photograph, it at the speed of a jet engine pushes the shutter release button, and then include afterburner and rushes in search of the next interesting shots.

And that is the worst thing a bustling new to the field of photography absolutely does not care about the well-chosen point of photography and photographic setting.The result - of the frame, and puff.Therefore, in order to create truly worthy and beautiful pictures, do not fuss.

However, the newcomer is psychologically difficult to work without haste.I want to create, create, and do again as soon as possible.However, regroup and start shooting in another way - no rush - just.There is a quite magical and miraculous tool that allows you to rush to remove and plunge into reflection on the shutter speed, aperture and shooting point.

This magical tool is called a tripod.Novice, if possible, it should be used even if this is not absolutely required.This will change the rhythm of a jet taking pictures.

Tip Four.Copy the art of photography.
very good way to improve your photos is a tool taken from the painting.This tool is to try to copy the work of the author.I mean, the author takes a picture of the master and trying to repeat it on their own.Afterward the procedure it carries out the analysis - why is it different from the masterpiece of masterpieces.The same technique can be applied to photos.Very effective.

Tip Five.The analysis - the key to success.
analysis of captured images - the success of the novice professional photographer.If an aspiring professional photographer heed the advice of the first, the analysis of the photos will be much easier.

modern digital camera, creating a picture, it leaves all the metadata information on the camera settings at the time of photography.Therefore, spread out in front of a picture and knowing the characteristics of each photo shooting can be carried out quite successful analysis of the images and improve their skills.

Hopefully, these tips will help a novice in photography.Sincerely, professional photographer Leonid Starikov.