Reportage photography or fundamentals of the genre, Part One

good photo essay - akin to the documentary.Professional photographer with photo report, must be able, without setting and without embellishment display this or that event.Therefore, reportage photography - an art, requiring the photographer complete dedication and considerable skill.

This article aims to show the novice photographer to shoot in the genre of reportage photography, on which aspects of this genre of photography is necessary to pay attention to and how to properly shoot a photo spread.

Speaking of photography.
Regardless of what genre category photographer working: he removes sporting events or acts as a photographer at the corporate, to create a photo essay requires a special photographic technique.In short, to ensure that product quality came out, one of the most important factors - quality tools.

basic requirements to the photographic technique, which should have a professional photographer with photo essay, lies in the fact that at first: The camera must be sufficiently high-vel

ocity.The camera should produce a large series of shots in the shortest possible period of time.This will give you a chance to not miss a single moment to shoot the event.

of the camera can shoot a series of photos big enough for a very short period of time, however, lowering the resolution of images to one megapixel.I do not think should be explained that this resolution is not enough, not only to view, but also for printing.Even in the format of 10 to 15. Therefore, choosing a camera, a professional photographer should always pay attention to this feature.

Secondly, you need to pick up fast enough memory card.It should be understood that the pictures taken from the high speed must be maintained with no less speed.Otherwise, from the rate of the camera will be no good.Therefore, carat must have high speed recording.

Third, you need a number of lenses, which have a good zoom and aperture.From fixed-wing special lenses will not, despite all quality rendering images that they allow.Professional photographer, reportage photography and fixed lens - just incompatible.

This is due to the fact that often a professional photographer with photo essay, is bound to be very mobile.Not to be less mobile and a camera, especially in cases where a professional photographer or constrained in their movements can quickly change position and close to the subject of photography.In this case - you need to forget about the fixed lens and create photos to zoom lenses as well as lenses with a wide viewing angle.

Fourthly, it is necessary to choose a camera with a fairly high speed focus, both in bright and insufficient.

Photography: reports, in some cases carried out in low-light conditions, therefore, the presence of on-camera flash is necessary, as well as a sufficiently high ISO camera operation.

Features reportage photography
As I mentioned above, a good reportage photography based on the principle of documentary cinema.Therefore, everyone should have a photo essay thoughtful story, photos, showing the beginning of the story, its plot, the culmination and end.In this case, the photo essay will look finished and will be viewed with interest from beginning to end.

should be understood that a professional photographer with photo report, to be literally - the invisible man.He must see everything, and it should not be seen.This is due to the fact that people involved in a particular event, often seeing them removed, the start pose.And this be in any case should not.

task of the professional photographer and his special art - to see and shoot everything and remain unnoticed, creating beautiful pictures in them, they say, natural form.

also to be understood that their images depends on the expression of what is happening.If the event of affliction, and the images, in principle, be the same.

to most effectively remove the photo essay, can be represented like a man, just sitting on the side of the road and that, thanks to sulfur and inconspicuous clothes remain invisible to all but sees and remembers everything that happens around, absolutely not interfering in what is happening.This is the key to successful photography photo essay.

One of the main arts, which should have a professional photographer with photo report it immediately to assess the situation and to be in the right place at the right time, without delay, assessing needs and plan view.Good points are very fond of disappearing in an instant, without waiting for them is engraved, so the camera the photographer should be on alert.

In the following article I will discuss features of the most common photographic reportage of events from which very often is the photo essay.Sincerely, professional photographer Leonid Starikov.