Competent reportage photography Or Photography Tips, Part Two

photo report on the theme of tourism.
Sequential shooting at a tourist theme - the richest field of activity where he can prove himself a professional photographer.Especially for a photo essay can be in this case a lot: horse riding, car Tourism, Tourism hiking, cycling, river, road ... Sources have very much.

In this case, removing the photo essay, a professional photographer does not have to, as they say, get hung up on taking pictures of the event only.It is important to display and their environment, in order to more fully demonstrate not only what is happening, but also where the event occurs.If we consider that in the reportage photography on the theme of tourist wealth of species, often simply superb, the professional photographer will not only create an interesting and rich photo spread, but also get a lot of pleasure.

picture story with sports
Shooting sports event - quite labor-intensive and requires a photo essay by professional photographer special care.This is due to the fact that

sports is particularly dynamic and, at times, it is almost impossible to predict - what will happen in the next second.Especially, if the competition is occupied several athletes.

only solution in this case - to shoot sporting event of its photogun the full scheme.This will give you a chance that some of the photos will be made successful.

little easier to shoot sporting event, if it takes place in a single combat.In this case, remove the sporting event more easier as easier to predict - what will happen in the next second.In this case, a large number of athletes competing not coalesce into a single mass.The images are more expressive.

In any case, to photo essay was a success, it is necessary to use all the power of your reportage camera at one hundred percent and never for a moment to relax, constantly holding the camera in the "alert".

Reportage photography corporate and holidays
If you are acting as a photographer at the corporate, the first thing you should have in addition to your wonderful camera, shoot with great speed, this zoom lens (preferably with a constant aperture) and on-camera flash.

This is due to the fact that corporate celebrations, usually held by a relatively poor lighting and no additional light source in the form of flash you simply can not do.The flash, along with a wide aperture lens and a high rate of ISO - the very magic tools that allow you to remove the decent photos.

be understood that reportage photography corporate celebrations or other holiday is often associated with the accumulation of large numbers of people.Therefore, it is a good idea, if you take a high enough position.Especially if a professional photographer working with a deficit of space.To the maximum to avoid the back in the frame, overexposed hands on the photos, be sure to take a high position, standing, for example, on a chair or by another suitable option.

should be understood that the second and third plans - are very important for the picture story or a corporate holiday celebration.Therefore, if you are - a professional photographer on corporate - keep in mind that you do not self photographing people and photographing people in the context of the festival.Therefore, watch out for second and third Lan to prevent people falling out of the situation.

Reportage photography theater
Despite the fact that the theatrical performances are held, as well as corporate celebrations, low-light mode - to use the flash in this case is impossible.This is due to two reasons.The first of them - you run the risk of change sparkle flash theatrical lighting and thereby ruin the atmosphere of the submission.

second reason is that sometimes in the theater used smoke.And to use the flash in the smoke - like death.The photo will look ruined.Therefore, ISO, and oversize work without flash.

Professional photographer with a photo essay of stage, should understand that the pictures in this case, you need to do only in RAW.This is due to the fact that the lights in the theater are performed using various types of spotlights and lamps.Color temperature are different, and constantly adjust the white balance - not always enough time.A RAW image to align the white balance is easy.

Photography: reports of meetings and demonstrations.
Photography: reports various types of meetings and demonstrations is no less complicated than the picture story of sports events, and sometimes even more difficult.

you take a high position for a professional photographer - the number one task.To remove the most convenient height around the fourth floor.It is advisable if a professional photographer will shoot a demonstration at an angle and lateral illumination.

If a professional photographer take pictures of people on the platform, he should not do it at an acute angle from the rostrum.This will distort the shape and proportions of individual speakers.It will be good if a professional photographer, spending reportage photography will be either flush with the speakers on the podium, or be at a distance from them, and will shoot at telephoto.

I hope my some simple tips to help professional photographer, who just preparing to shoot his first photo essay.Sincerely, professional photographer Leonid Starikov.