World Digital Photography

Today is the time of digital technology.During the digital special leadership and unshakable place in the genre of digital cameras take picture.Almost anyone can afford to buy even a simple digital camera and start taking pictures.Do not just start taking pictures, and become what is known as an amateur photographer.

You do not need to know any complicated technology, you do not have on today's digital cameras make tens or even hundreds of some manipulation, you do not have to be closed in a dark room and mix some chemicals to manifest made image, just throw the photo on your computer, and if you really want to have something on paper, or print to a digital photo lab, or buy your own photo printer and print as much as you want.

volumes of images at a time, which can be done on a digital camera is not limited to the volumes of the film, they are enormous, provided the use of modern memory cards.You can make a dozen images of the same object, and then choose the best one, is not particularly worrying

for the space consumed.

And we have chosen the best pictures of the ones that we've got and we did not want to show off to others, to demonstrate that we have.So today photographers are grouped together around the Internet resources, where these same photo enthusiasts, and sometimes they are joined and professionals post their work, share experiences, review it, give advice, admire, admiring, ...

One such siteThe site is the author's photographs and drawings - it brings together amateur and professional photographers from all over the country.Its fruits are not only photographs, but people far from the photos, but want to see the beauty of remote regions natural beauty and interesting landscapes of the places where they still should go, browsing look like certain insects, animals, plants, birds, of whichMore personally could not see.

Site author's photographs and drawings - is a whole community of people who share their work, evaluate photos, learn something new by photographs, share and get invaluable experience in photography.