Types of modern dance

people always loved to dance, it was a unique form of expression of their feelings and demonstrate good physical shape.In the entire history of the dances have undergone numerous changes.

diverse forms of modern dance, but each of them has its own fascinating story.They originated as opposed to dogmatic and traditional ballet, the elements of which are complex and are difficult for untrained people.Strict classic motion requiring multiple training, could not become widespread.Therefore, it became necessary to create a new contemporary dance, mobile and simple.

Its main function was already known compound and the creation of new moves to a new, accessible to all dance.Dancing becomes a manifestation of the freedom of modern society, its new spiral of development and, of course, the result of a new outlook.The new dance was supposed to be the liberation of man from many constraining rules.

Types modern dances are so numerous that to list them all is difficult.For example, a ballroom, a variety of cl

ub dancing, seductive belly dancing, etc.Most modern dance - this is definitely the club.It allocates an array of directions, such as, Tecktonik, Electro, House, Trance.Let us examine them in detail.

direction Tecktonik - it's basically the direction of hip-hop, and more particularly the movement "Kutch".The dance itself consists of rocking back and forth, the techno movement.Also popular modern dance with elements of eroticism: Strip-dance and go-go.They are performed with and without the strip.Very rhythmic dancing with the movable element in the form of non-synchronous jumps, which are executed by electronic music, is: Hakka and jumpstyle.

If you want to stand out especially, learn exciting dance Shuffle.His homeland - Australia.The peculiarity of it is that the dancer performs rhythmic step-jazz movement, but in a modern, more colorful setting.

want to dance DnBstep?Then you will need to learn a particular movement called 'feints' feet.Get ready to work in the alternation of successive movements "sock - heel, toe - heel."Look forward flapping foot forward and to the sides, as well as crossing the legs, turns 360 degrees.This dance is for good physical shape.

types of modern dance, it is also skverdans.In it there is something particularly touching on the old cadres, Cripwalk - dance for a very dexterous human feet.

Popping - a dance that involves the whole body.In it the main thing - proper contraction and relaxation of muscles.It is these actions can cause rhythmic tremors.The dancer moves without stopping, getting clear in the rhythm of the music.

types of modern dance, which in popularity is a special place, it's hip-hop and haste.

Hip Hop - Dance, who was born on the streets of New York.Once it was the dance of protest, and now it has become fashionable to show the components industry.It attracted to him by his vitality and energy of youth, and also the fact that he is not aggressive.Artist jumps and jumps, in general, have fun with all the heart, although there is a rigid attachment to the musical rhythm.

dance to the music of disco hustle - a pleasure.This is the pair dance, here applied the tactics of "reference partner".Due to the arsenal of several movements, each partner can improvise endlessly.Music energetic, but a pleasant and melodic disco-fox, hustle and disco swing.

There are such kinds of modern dance like Latin.They are all full of joie de vivre and the beauty of human bodies.When they are executed, you realize that this is not a dance, but a real performance where the main character - this is love.

This includes types of contemporary dance as bachata, rumba, salsa, CCT, lambada, Pachanga, Flamengo, samba, mambo and others.Each of them deserves attention, all these sun-drenched and passion.

But there is a special Spanish dance, he called the paso doble.His movements are more common with flamenco and fandango.Translation from Spanish name means "double step".The meaning of this dance is clear and simple, because it tells the story of the Spanish temperamental, and more specifically on the bullfight.When the dance floor go the man and woman, the hall fades, because now it is waiting for an exciting theatrical effect.

Chief on the scene - a partner.He is a proud and confident handsome man - bullfighter, and the role of a bright woman performs his cloak.Here, as in bullfighting, always the main man.It will have an important mission - to bring the viewer a sense toreodora: courage, pride and superiority over the danger.The woman in this duet is only represented by a red cloth in the hands of the brave.

auditorium feels the growing tension and latent expression.The man and his "woman" - is a unified whole.Faster this dance there, but there are not major appliances, and drama.Learn to dance the dance of the winner, because it has everything that a real man should be: passionate love, fight and, of course, a clean sweep.