Dance style.

Do you often think about how useful for us to dance?It's not just a burden on the entire body.Not just a moral satisfaction.Dancing - it is something that unites all together, dizzy, becomes dependent.Beautiful dancing can learn on their own, but to make it quite difficult, especially when you consider the correct technique and at least a basic knowledge.

So, how many in your city dance schools?Most likely, a lot.A nightclub?Probably more.But if the ability to move gracefully nature does not put you in the beginning, all can learn.Dance school - chic incentive to become better, stronger not only physically, but also mentally.The chance to educate themselves, to teach discipline, work on your body.And to win, that will not keep you waiting.

dance style - that's what should think.Yes, this is not the main thing in life, but if you came to a difficult choice in that direction - one can only sympathize, because a lot of styles, but you need something to start with.

So, let's look at the styles of danc


1. These modern dance.What is it?It prsto mix from a variety of areas, united together.It would be the best choice for those who do not like to bind themselves to anything specific and limited (conditionally limited, of course).

Classes modern dance, you will not just be learning various movements, but also the art of combining them, united in a chic dance.If you like modern music, love yourself and your body - welcome to modern dance styles.

2. Oriental dance.This can talk endlessly, because their imprint here imposes a special culture of the East.Smooth graceful movement, stretching and incredible unique property every inch of your body - that's what the oriental dance.

Many are accustomed to the fact that the east dancing girls who performed a belly dance.Of course, this is one of the elements of dance, but how many of them all - it's hard to count.Oriental dance - now a sacrament for those who feels it, knows what dances and given entirely to music.

3. Strip plastic.The dance, which requires special physical preparation.There will not bungle, cheat.This is a real dance of eroticism and passion, you need to feed yourself.Do not hesitate, do not pinch, do not make unnatural movements.At first glance, it seems incredibly difficult, but once you do, believe me!

Yes, need to first set of studies to bring myself back to normal, but later, dancing for a loved one or friend (and, perhaps, for the audience on the stage), you will see that not in vain studied, sought,broke themselves and their unnecessary stereotypes.Show people the passion and they are open to you something new.

4. break dance.Do you still think this is an exclusively male dance?Oh, you're wrong.The girl who dances this style can be attractive and sexy.Many styles of dance provoke girls to be feminine and enticing, but she can be bold and straightforward.And dance.The break-dance everyone can find themselves, their character and may change.Do not become another, but to become stronger, better.

5. Modern dance styles include a dance and how tectonics.Looking at some of these dancers in a TV show, it seems to us that this is just a silly misunderstanding, a joke and fun entertainment.

course, every dance implies a fun, but do not be dogmatic.Tecktonik - is not just awkward movements under the strange music, no.This is the style of life of many young people, their way of emancipation and development.Elektrodens (also known as the tectonics) has a right to live and to occupy a niche in an area such as styles of dance.

They, of course, still a great many, but we looked at a few popular now among young people.To make the right choices for themselves, just watch some videos, go to a few shows, try to repeat some movement.And, most importantly, at this time to listen to yourself!All out!