Through the history of China - Chinese Flying Lanterns

place of occurrence sky lanterns belongs to East.There they izdrevne were very loved by the people.For us Russia is the only fun comes and finds fame.
Annals say, because, in fact, appeared for the first time Chinese lanterns used in 180-234 years., During the armed campaigns of General Zhuge Liang, he used them for fear of invasion enemies.How
in ancient times these things work?Using lamp oil and comprising a huge paper package.Design hovered up and this terrible enemy boyalisiz the fact that the thought of divine beings on the side of the general.
Other historical evidences tell that some ancient scholar Joseph Needham says that they still belong to an earlier time -.Sources mention that the paramount sky lanterns intended for broadcasting important messages between the different regiments of the army, and only later they began to be used in religious activities.

writer and photographer of Zhou Xun in 2005 Went on a fairly high line in the Journal of the Arts and Entertainment in the competition he

ld for journalists World Press, for having filmed the presentation of one of the coastlines of Thailand five thousand Chinese lanterns above the horizonin honor of the memory of the victims of the earthquake in the Indian Ocean.Thus began the public increasing the number of balls will after that moment, to be specific - since 2006 in Europe.

Traditionally supporting structure or frame products (lanterns) is made of a non-severe bamboo, in addition to the lower part of the structure set important element - the "engine" of the entire structure or combustible material.Often at least two variants of its performance: a heavy paper impregnated with special fuels, in another case, it is a cotton fabric that is impregnated with wax.

One of the existing methods, from which the combustible matter delaegsya - a combustible polymers.Dome, worn on the frame, is made of technologically nevoslamenyayuscheysya light from rice paper with the addition of a mulberry tree, in turn koi impregnated specially designed for this substance.Make the shape of a Chinese lantern is completely completely different: from simple cylinders, ending the most incredible.

Calculating parameters of Chinese lanterns is easy enough.It is easy to determine the temperature under the dome of white sky lanterns, then calculate the mass and density then.For example, you can define and speed with which we will climb a Chinese lantern.
With a size of about a meter in height and weighs about 150 grams, a flying object is climbing about 800 m for 10-18 minutes.
The same must be said about the rules of safety in the use of balls desires.It can not be used closer than 5 kilometers to airports and fire facilities.Accordingly, desirable to carry out the launch in windy conditions.