Make Emotional Gift - Sky lanterns

Sky lanterns , or girlfriend magnified Chinese balls desires, brought their traditions to the west of the country of the rising sun, in the countries they are particularly popular.In Russia, such paper flying glowing design only become known.
now talk as if the books of chronicles, it was found that for the first time used the sky lanterns Zhuge Liang armed forces during his military campaigns, and in this kind of method they instilled a sense of fear of the enemy.It was a time of about 180-234 years.
Chzhuge Liang in his command used virtually the same basic circuit assembly as now: non-flammable package burner used lamp oil.Enemy forces were covered by the horror they imagined that some divine power on his side.
According to other accounts, the celestial lights appeared even earlier, around the third century BC, what brings us Joseph Needham.First, the desire to use the balls of the Chinese army to send orders, and later it turned into a religious basis.

One reason for the mass appearance in the pa

st few years, sky lanterns, not only in Asian countries but also the European part of since 2006, was the beginning of an event in the town on the beach in Thailand Khao Lak.It took place in 2005 and was the memory of the victims of the horrific earthquake in the Indian Ocean in 2004. Then the photographer Zhou Xin and Gandzhou Daly filmed grand spectacle of five thousand sky lanterns, which was started in memory.And in this way, a journalist-photographer secured almost the first position in the influential Journal of World Press.

Traditionally, the basic design of the product or a frame made of non-severe tree - bamboo, in addition to the frame structure set own propulsion device throughout this design, or just the burner.There are at least two versions of its production, either of thick paper, well impregnated combustibles or cotton cloth soaked in wax substances.

flammable compounds - another manufacturing option of burning material.On the frame is put on the dome, which is usually made of rice paper is impregnated with a special non-flammable agent can also be added to the mulberry tree.The shape of the dome and the frame can be made completely different - as the simplest version of the spherical and cylindrical, so various other.

principle on which sky lanterns shoots up is extremely simple.The burner heats the box under the dome of sky lanterns air mass to temperatures above 100 degrees Celsius.Implemented by the increase in the volume occupied by air, for this reason part of it goes outside, the inside of the air density begins to decrease, and that's get a soaring sky lanterns.

The calculation parameters of Chinese lanterns is simple enough.It is not difficult to determine the temperature under the dome of sky lanterns, then calculate the mass and density of the finally has.So, you can measure, and the speed with which the ball will go up our desires.
sky lanterns usually have a weight of about 130 g, with approximately 1 meter in height.Flight time is about 10-15 minutes, it suffices to a height of a thousand meters.
would like to mention about the rules of safe use of Chinese lanterns.It can not be used close to the airport and also very close to the fire hazard facilities.In addition, undesirable to let nubesny flashlight in windy conditions.