Flying sky lanterns Wish - When the stars are lit!

place of occurrence sky lanterns belongs to East.There's a long time they were very loved by the people.For us Russia is the only fun comes and gaining notoriety.

Tradition tells us that the sky lanterns Zhuge Liang began to be applied to the end of the second and early third centuries in hostilities.It is believed that as a result, is the sense of fear of the enemy.And, in fact, sources confirm this.

Braley made a huge paper bag and set it below the lamp with oil, hot air from the heater to raise the structure made up.Opposing forces regarded is that some some deity on the side of Zhuge Liang, the opponents were filled with fear from the light in the sky.

Discrepancies on stage appearance of sky lanterns have - for example Joseph Needham, says the III century BCInformation sources narrate that the first sky lanterns are used for transmitting signals between the legs of the army, and only later they entered a religious basis.

Made of lightweight wood frame, usually taken the usual bamboo materi

al.In the middle of a bamboo frame is attached burner.A burner consists of a cotton fabric which is impregnated with wax, in some embodiments, used and simply paper, which is impregnated with inflammable liquids.Combustible chemicals - is one of the possible options to obtain a combustible mixture.In the framework prikremlyayut dome, it is mostly made of rice paper, soaked in a special anti-burn solution that allows the paper does not burn, can still be used mulberry tree.The base of the dome and Chinese lanterns can be carried out in various forms, from the common geometric shapes (, ball, ellipse) to the figures of various characters completely different subjects.

sky lanterns is like a balloon, but smaller.The mass of air contained in the inner cavity, the heating burner.Snizhaetsyaego mass due to heating, and accordingly, the density decreases as directly proportional to the mass and inversely proportional to the volume.Therefore taken the force that pulls a flashlight into the sky.The calculation parameters

Chinese Lantern simple.It is easy to determine the temperature under the dome of sky lanterns heart, after assessing the weight and then the density.Markups speaking, you can find and the speed with which we will climb a Chinese lantern.

With a size of about a meter in height and weighs about 150 grams, a flying object climbs where some 800 m for 10-18 minutes.

I would like to note about the rules of safety in the use of Chinese lanterns.It can not be run close to the airport and also very close to the fire hazard facilities.In addition, undesirable to let nubesnye lanterns in windy conditions.