Chinese sky lanterns Wish - what is their mysterious?

Sky lanterns desires, or other known Chinese balls desires come to us from the East, where they are required.In Western countries, these glowing paper soaring construction is about to begin gaining popularity.

Annals Glace, which, in fact, the most-the very first sky lanterns used in 180-234 years., During the military campaigns of General Zhuge Liang, who used them to cause fear of the enemy.

They took a huge paper bag and put it below the lamp on the oil at high temperature air from the heating lamps made to climb up the design.The opposing forces were, if it were a divine power helps the Zhuge Liang, a word opponents were greatly frightened by the light in the sky.

According to other sources, desires balls were used even earlier, about the III century BC, he tells about Joseph Needham.Initially used to alert the Chinese troops, balls desires over time began to acquire some importance in religious sacraments in the Eastern countries.

Chinese lanterns frame is usually made of the lightweight woo

d species - such as bamboo tree.In order that the ball took off, the burners used cotton fabric, which is well ppromachivaetsya flammable wax.This piece of tissue clings to the cross frame.Also, there is another - is used in the production of combustible polymers.Spherical dome attached to the frame, it is made of non-flammable light technology of rice paper with the addition of a mulberry tree, in turn koi impregnant.The base and the dome of sky lanterns can be of various shapes, from the common geometric shapes (sphere, ellipse) to shapes even quite unusual.

Act under which sky lanterns rises very simple.Special cotton fabric impregnated with special fuels, warms up under the dome of sky lanterns to air temperatures over a hundred degrees Celsius.There is expansion of the air, so it is often displaced to the outside, the density is less than the inside out, and that's get a soaring Chinese lantern.

density of the air inside the lantern is calculated by a simple formula of school physics.

Chinese lantern usually weighs about 130 grams and about a meter in height.Flight time is approximately torch 10-15 minutes, it's enough to climb to a height of a thousand meters.These things

entertainment has its precautions.In general: not allowed to let them close to the airports (less than 5 kilometers), the following items it just should not be in close proximity of flammable objects or buildings.And it is desirable that the wind was weak.