Optical illusion

What is illusion?

Optical illusion or, as it is called, optical illusion occurs because of an incorrect perception of the visual object.Such errors occur due to incorrect processes of perception of the visual image.Optical illusions often performed works from abstract object such as Salvador Dali, Escher and others.

reasons of fraud

There are two main reasons for for which an illusion (optical illusion): psychological and physiological.That is why they are studied in terms of the psychological perception of the visual image and the physiology of the eye and of the whole person.

Classification of optical illusions

- error color perception .These optical illusions are based on the effect of irradiation.Iewhen the perception of the color of the subject affects the background on which it is represented.Of course you will not notice a radical change in color, but an optical illusion of different tonality, is impressive;

- errors in perception on the basis of contrast;

- pervert optical ill

usions, as well as many others are based on the difference between the background image, because what the brain perceives, for example, absolutely straight and parallel lines - curves and intersecting;

- cheating depth perception;

- ¬ęturncoats," How did you know the name of the perception of these items depends on the direction of, for example, it may be a young girl or an old woman - depending which way you look;

- Ames Room.This optical illusion is named after the author of Adelbert Ames.It became a classic and its effect is to change the items that are inside the room.To be precise resizing an object, depending on its location in the room;

- deception size perception.This illusion is based on erroneous assessments of the geometric size of the object that can be caused by the surrounding background, and other objects placed nearby.A sure way not to be mistaken in this case - to use a ruler.Incorrect assessment of the size of turns may be 25 percent or more;

If you are interested illusion Council Article http://okozorko.ru/obman-zreniya-v-kartinkax-chast-1/, in which I describe each effect and cite examples.A collection of images consists of several dozen images.Welcome!!!