Mosaicodigitale - the digital revolution, Mosaic interior and exterior!

MosaicoDigitale - This digital image is implemented in a mosaic, which can be performed completely in any color, have any shape and size, we are able to implement any of your idea in the mosaic, be it pictorial or photographic image.

Digital Mosaic continues to produce a revolution in the world of decorative materials by technological evolution of traditional mosaic.Based on digital image on the mosaic paintings of resinous materials, digital mosaic covers the space its unique image.It is easy and simple in applying the material that transmits the reproduction of digital images on the walls, floor coverings, as well as on any surface in the external or internal finishing, Digital Mosaic is born unique works, is an expression of creativity and the imagination in the design.The winning formula of this product lies in the flexibility of the mosaic of the material, which makes it possible to realize himself under any terms and conditions.

is no coincidence that at the moment it received the blessing of

author Mosaic as the last line, which is increasingly used in factories, in the constant search for solutions in the world of art and architecture.

during the 12th International Architecture Exhibition in Venice (which was held from 29 August to 21 November 2010; Opening Day took place on 26, 27 and 29 August) was first shown the infinite potential of the new project Pepe & amp; Con.

As a result of the natural evolution of Digital Mosaic, author Mosaic, appeared before the world in the most prestigious positions in the Gardens, which is the traditional venue of the Biennale since 1895, as several items are very easy sculptural furniture, ideas, inspired by streetartists, and performance artist, designers and architects with the "Italian point of view."

for Kazuyo Sejm, who is director of the Biennale this year, the exhibition this year "gives the opportunity to experiment with the many opportunities offered by the architecture, as well as a huge number of possible approaches.Each area shows the opportunity to turn life in a new way. "Author mosaic has earned a lot of praise, and the firm intention of the Japanese architect to develop its own line of innovation and development in the design of incentives.

The Author's Mosaic honored artists, designers and architects realize their vision of Digital Mosaics from the free spirit of innovation, giving a wave of life and a special mood engineering solutions for a variety of clients and premises: hotels, restaurants, Lange studios, as well as train stations, subway stationsand airports, fountains, facades and other decisions of urban decor.

According Salvatore Pepe, which is just what we needed was the founder of this new venture, author Mosaic - a very important goal for the Digital Mosaic: it justifies the essence of the philosophy of Digital Mosaic, giving new life to a new, unique work of art, which are joined in a common - uniqueof its kind, and the context of the favorites.

With the advent of the Author's Mosaic digital art becomes a physical and tangible;Culture compounds unique details acquires a new perspective.Go into the world of Author Mosaic opens a special gallery of digital art, which gives the opportunity to display creativity and setting up experiments.

different points of contact in the view of the mosaic allows the artist to feel the subtlety of ideas, feelings and emotions cause, give rise to various interpretations and assumptions expressed confidence the ideals and values.Infinite potential incarnations of images and materials allows us to give form and content completely new solutions, such an energetic and multi-faceted, sending us on an emotional journey through the world of Author mosaics.


Author Mosaic is the highest level, as, no doubt, the result of the evolution in the concept of art.The artist is exempt from physical barriers, as it comes out of the framework of the workplace, he is in constant search of self-expression, limited only by the world of his imagination.At the same time, it is the creation of a work of art outside the traditional framework, crossing the border of the physical typical frescoes or other works that come to mind.

for Pepe talking about a huge step on the way to a true creative freedom, truly dynamic and not how it is limited.The artist will be able to put his autograph on your own work of art, one and only thanks to the Author's mosaic.