Photography Lessons

portrait - is a special genre of photography, which in addition to the artist's self-expression implies also the transfer of the nature of man, his inner world and emotional state.

important in portraiture not forget about the man, because he might get bored or even fall asleep while you think about where to place the same strand of hair (when staged shooting).And during the reportage for example for internet television time for reflection does not remain for a second.

Although Richard Avedon said: "My portraits say more about me than about the people I photograph" - and many would agree with the opinion of the master.But at a certain stage of formation of the creative need to find a reasonable balance between the self and the essence of man, which fell under the scope of the lens.

In portrait photography, as well as in any other genre, it is important to remember about the rules of composition, light and shadow drawing, color combinations, dynamic ... About the basic elements and details ... and

hold the head whole ballast of theoretical knowledge, not to forget the most important- the idea of ​​the image without losing the creative impulse and do not miss inspiration.

The simplest situation - on the street you see a man and want to do his portrait.
What should I pay special attention - it is light, not for nothing that the photo is translated not only as "light painting", artists write paints and photographers light.
This image photography light actually posterolateral, painting.This, as you see, allows to model the outline of the face, hands jumping, gives glare in the eyes, the texture of hair, skin and clothing.This type of lighting is possible in the morning or in the evening, during the daytime side light can be created using additional light sources or reflectors.
One of the most important moments - it's human behavior, how he feels at ease in the frame, and in the case of reportage shots (like this one) - how did you manage to go unnoticed.
Looking towards sends a pensive state of the hero, as well as in the frame no artificiality.In fact, look at the frame - also justifies itself welcome, but about it later.
also always useful to remember that you are on the rear of the plane: Do not grow out of a man's head other people, horns out of the bushes, unknown items.
In this portrait was a great opportunity to use trees as a neutral background and nice background blur given aperture.She also allowed to tear the object from the background and make the image volume.
important rules without the need to break it is not necessary: ​​it is necessary to leave more space on the side of the frame, where a person looks.Although, of course, all the rules are to learn how to use them, and then confidently to break :).