Landscapes Nature Watercolor

What could be more reassuring for all of us than to look at the stunning scenery of nature watercolor.It's no secret that the work performed in pencil, gouache, crayons, and other tools - are no less admiration.But not always pretentiousness of drawings in pencil or gouache watercolors compared easily.Nature pencil drawings written by several authors certainly deserve attention, but in turn the nature of watercolor landscapes leave a lasting impression in the memory for a very long time!Watercolor create a complete picture, involuntarily forcing admire her for hours.

Long gone are the days when landscape was given little attention.Today, the landscape of nature - this is what we see around us, it is our world!The immense beauty of his native land, foreign dikovennye spaces, or a raging ocean playful sea - all this vast natural landscapes.But how to paint landscapes, passing along all their mystery and splendor?

Mysterious promptness colors and smooth transitions watercolors allow more accurately co

nvey what he saw human eyes on the canvas.Nature landscapes executed in watercolor create a feeling of lightness and airiness.The unity of form and content, allows to plunge into the waves of the sea, go for a run in the thoughts of golden field and enjoy all the warmth and tenderness of rising above the birch grove, the sun.Perpetuating using canvas, brushes and watercolors rays of the autumn sun, playing in the fallen leaves, prone to water the old woman-willow, pass all the inspiration to fly away to warmer climes birds, do not focus on all the forest clearing, and a large pine tree, skryuchevsheysya of lived centuries- that's the highest level of art!

course, any picture can ruin her naivety or kichnost performance, but creating masterpieces bolshinsto great artists put into their work is not only the hidden meaning of the sublime, but the whole spiritual beauty, which were full of themselves.That is why, at first glance unpretentious landscapes of nature, when we look at the particles reveal the mysterious world of the living and the world of the human soul, the soul hudonikov!Landscapes in watercolor - it's not just pictures to decorate our everyday life, but also an indispensable attribute of spiritual perfection and unity with nature!

Landscape photos

Not so long ago came to us this kind of art as landscape photography.The pictures showed various corners of the world, from the most famous monuments of nature to the most hidden corners of the planet.We must pay tribute to contemporary art and to say that high-quality images of nature to fully transfer all its splendor and precision molds.But in any case, even the best quality picture can not be compared with the performance of watercolor painting!And let the picture be malfunctioning, but the nature of this is brought before us, which we will not see it in everyday life!You can argue and say that the photographer, as well as the artist sees nature in its landscapes and it is true!But who is not an artist transfers to the canvas not only authentic splendor, but also a state of mind, a view of the common man to the great creation of the world ?!

In summary we can say that each of us has the right to choose the s an art form that he most liked, whether photographs, pencil drawing or watercolor painting.But in any case, before we talk about simplicity and plainness picture painted using watercolor, you plunge into the world of the artist and try to see what he wanted to express and convey to you in his creation.