Do you want to express themselves - find out how to learn to draw graffiti

These bright and bold drawings and inscriptions on the walls and walls of houses, garages and transformer boxes have long been recognized as art.With the help of graffiti artist can express their beliefs, declaration of love, or just a fun image to beautify the world.And some even manage to gain by drawing on the walls.It is no wonder that more and more young people are asking themselves the question - how to learn to paint graffiti.

First of all, do not go into the yard with a bunch of cans of paint and only one thought, "I want to graffiti."We need to imagine a future in detail a masterpiece.It is best to not regret time and jot down a lot of options on paper.Start small: for example, with his nickname.Give the volume of letters, think about how you can beat the nickname, adding the image additional meaning.Transferring a sketch on the wall, do not be afraid to experiment, mixing paint, invent new detali.Vash pattern can be confusing and frustrating - and thus attract everyone's attention.

How to learn to draw graffiti?Try, try and try, while adhering to some simple rules.
Carefully evaluate the surface on which are going to draw.Porous rocks fine absorb paint and image applied to such a surface, instantly fade.If there is no choice and you have decided to draw on the failure surface is facing the start of her prime.
Always start drawing a sketch drawing.Then, with the same color paint over the background.Only then contrasting paint applied contours.If you do not comply with this sequence, graffiti will look like Figure amateur.Do not forget to add a tag.Ideally, the image tag must take a few seconds.

Over time, you will have a little experience and a lot of ideas for new paintings.Sure about what you know how to learn to paint graffiti, you will begin to work without interruption.You will learn to understand the marks of colors and styles of wall paintings, and start to try myself in each of them.This will cause a transition to the next stage - an understanding of how to learn to paint graffiti using stencils.Most often, you will be limited in time, and work with previously established stencil can save precious minutes.Later, you will create a collection of cliches - for circles, for straight or broken lines with schematic pictures of celebrities ... Stencil will not create a picture for you, but it will be very helpful in their work.

graffiti depicting people long enough, usually use special equipment.First of all, a ladder and a lantern - to work most often at night.Do not skimp on the respirator - it will save your lungs from getting into them is extremely harmful aerosol fumes - and gloves (choose the best health care, they can of paint will not slip).Bullets and vandalayzery useful for applying the tag and rendering of individual parts.
most difficult to understand and accept the art of graffiti, if you - the parent, and your child says firmly: I want to draw graffiti.Perhaps, in this situation it is better to try to help him buy a high-quality paint, dust mask and gloves, thereby taking care of his health.Treat graffiti as an art.At proshtudiruyte regulations, find out where you can draw and look for suitable locations in the vicinity.

This will not only help your child in its quest for self-expression, calling him our sincere gratitude, but also will save him from the dangers and may give the world a new hudozhnika.Pust its energy will be directed to a constructive and positive manner.