Briefly on how to draw anime pencil

If your child feels the need for a daily drawing, consider the possibility of training in art school, where already 10-12 years old children are initiated into the mysteries of creative artists, and give the basics of reading and writing fiction.

To acquire practical skills in pencil drawing or painting, you have to be diligent, careful and purposeful.Sometimes these qualities are valued much higher than innate ability and give more tangible results.A huge amount of new information about the different techniques of drawing, all kinds of materials used for this, the resulting child, should be qualitatively understood by them.After a difficult transition from a flat image to the volume given many difficult and requires additional physical and mental costs.

If your child knows how to draw anime pencil and doing this after watching cartoons appropriate, ask them to go further.Show him the technique of copying the photos with animals.

pencil drawings of cats, you can start with a sketch, which defines

the center of the snout of the animal, and to distinguish between the ears and eyes to the middle of the nose.At the same sketch need a horizontal line between the eyes, through the nose, mouth and chin.Carefully check with cat photo angles of these lines, which will house the future Details: ears, eyes, nose, mouth.Before you draw hair pencil, or individual hairs cat, its mustache and eyebrows, mark the thin curved lines around the eyes and nose, areas with more dense hair, the mouth area.Observe the proportions when making sketches of individual parts: the nose and ears.The figure should be visible over lit areas, and blackout.At this stage, it is necessary to create a sketch to draw the child's attention to the fact that in different parts of the animal's head is different hair length and density, and that the hatch can display these features.Emphasize a child on the way the light falls on the muzzle of a cat, which parts of wool in this connection it is necessary to darken, and what - lighten up.

For those wishing to learn how to draw anime pencil and learn this art, it is recommended daily exercise staged by hand.It will take you about 20 minutes a day.To consolidate the skills begin to draw circles and ellipses clockwise and counterclockwise.It is desirable to place the line connection was inconspicuous.Draw ellipses in different directions and at different angles: it will give you the ability to create designs for the anime figures in dynamics.Draw horizontal and vertical lines in different directions - from yourself and to yourself, try to make them as smooth;experiment, creating a "slow" and "fast" line, "heavy" and "light."All these skills will give you an opportunity to understand the science of anime and learn how to draw anime pencil.One of the most useful exercises is drawing the parallel liny.They can be straight or curved, is a square, circle, ellipse, etc.It is important that the series (inside or outside) you could represent shape with parallel lines.Experiment with slow and fast drawing of different geometric shapes, as well as practice drawing otzerkalennyh (symmetric) items.Try to draw from nature, from memory, from a photo.

Well, if your child will be next to the teacher, who will tell him how to draw anime pencil in accordance with the laws of classical figure (perspktivy, proportions, etc.).But in this case, can not do without daily uoprnyh exercise staged by the hand and the desire to master this aspect of art.After all, in the end, only faith in their own strength and the desire to learn how to enable preodlet most seemingly high frontier and come to the goal.